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The ultimate guide for Screen printing in London


What is Screen printing? Types of Screen Printing Benefits of Screen Printing Disadvantages of Screen Printing – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The ultimate guide for Screen printing in London

The ultimate guide for Screen printing in London
  • What is Screen printing?
  • Types of Screen Printing
  • Benefits of Screen Printing
  • Disadvantages of Screen Printing

What is Screen printing?
  • In Screen printing process, the ink is forced
    through a mesh or stencil to print onto the
    desired material a particular design.
  • Either by cutouts or by an impermeable material,
    the liquid moves only to the areas permitted by
    the screen.
  • Only one colour can be used at a time so it is
    important to create a screen for each.

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Types of Screen PrintingManual Screen Printing
  • This process is complete by hand, as indicated by
    the name.
  • It can be done by only one person, or by two
    people for better performance.
  • One person , for example, uses the squeegee while
    the other person holds the screen.
  • The quality of the clothing is not affected
    whether it is done by hand or by machine, in
    fact, some people may argue that the manual work
    has a better finish as it is done more carefully.

Automatic Screen Printing
  • The automated method is the same as the manual
    one with the only difference being the human
  • Although some aren't fans of the automated
    presses, they've got their benefits.
  • They have reduced production time substantially,
    thanks to
  • Larger displays, which make more space for design
  • Dry Systems
  • Rotatory screens for output continuous

Benefits of Screen Printing
  • Vibrant Designs-
  • Screen printing produces vivid colours which
    other printing techniques are hard to reproduce.
  • Techniques such as direct-to-clothing (DTG) use
    cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) dots to
    replicate their images and although it's nice for
    detail, it typically pales (literally) when
    opposed to screen printing.

  • Speed and Efficiency-
  • The screen printing process is usually the
    fastest of the bunch after the screen has been
  • Big Order Friendly-
  • Some screen printing machines are so effective
    that up to 4600 T-shirts can be printed in one
  • Variety-
  • There are many different types of screen printing
    inks which produce different effects and
  • Some machines have also screened large enough to
    cover a complete T-shirt which leads to

  • Good Quality-
  • Screen prints have been known to maintain their
    vibrancy for years and years because of the thick
  • Long Lasting-
  • Because of the composition and thickness of the
    inks used in screen printing, designs imposed
    with this process can endure much greater stress
    than others without sacrificing the print
  • Screen printing often makes the use of ink than
    other techniques.

  • Versatility-
  • A printing process as flexible as screen-printing
    is hard to find.
  • It can be done on almost any surface, given,
    among many others, it is paper, cloth, wood ,
    plastic and even metal.
  • Straightforward-
  • It is a fundamental process that doesn't change
    irrespective of whether it's automated or done by
  • The tools are not difficult to substitute, and
    will not become outdated as easily as other

Disadvantages of Screen Printing
  • Set Up Costs-
  • As you might have noticed, as opposed to the time
    they spend planning the template and making the
    images, the time people spend actually printing
    is much less.
  • Unfortunately this translates into setting
  • When ordering low amounts that are not
    recommended with screen printing, those costs

  • Unsustainable-
  • While efforts have been made to produce
    eco-friendly inks and displays, the fact that
    screen printing wastes a lot of water is still a
  • Water is used to mix inks and clean the windows,
    which may not seem like much at first, but
    factories produce hundreds of garments a day (if
    not thousands) and it can get overwhelming when
    we start adding up.

  • Costs Add Up-
  • It turns out that having to build a screen can be
    a bit of a hassle for each colour.
  • Colorful designs confuse the process and make it
    more costly, which is why it is easier to keep
    the designs with as few tones as possible for
    screen printing.
  • Relative Complexity-
  • It may sound like a paradox because, depending on
    the design and project, screen printing may be
    very complicated because it requires more steps
    than other methods.

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