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IoT Application Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021


Apps developed by IoT solution providers are used for real-time monitoring and disease diagnosis enabling fast recovery for patients. Source Url:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IoT Application Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

IoT Application Development Trends to Watch Out
in 2021
  • IoT, a term that not many businesses were aware
    of a decade ago, has now become a vital
    technology for improving monitoring, enhancing
    security and enabling proactive decision making
    in diverse industries. From Banking and Finance
    to Manufacturing and E-Commerce, businesses have
    successfully established industry-specific IoT
    use cases to make steep progress.
  • With its market size poised to reach the 1.6
    trillion mark by 2025, new and emerging
    businesses have also started to find
    opportunities to scale up with IoT solution
    implementation. It is important to note that IoT
    use cases will continue to expand in the years to
    come, however, in this article we have compiled
    the list of four IoT use cases/trends that are
    being leveraged in by a broad-range of industries.

List of Four IoT Use Cases
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart Metering
  • Asset Tracking
  • IoT in Healthcare

Predictive Maintenance
  • It is important to keep business assets power
    plants, solar panels, quality control machines,
    etc. up and running. However, in cases when the
    specific assets are non-operational or perform
    low, it increases the operational expenditure and
    affects the quality/performance of machines. By
    leveraging predictive maintenance engines
    developed by IoT solution providers, businesses
    address the performance issues much quicker.

Smart Metering
  • Smart meters are internet-enabled devices that
    measure energy, water or power consumption in a
    home or a building. Such IoT Services are
    incorporated by power companies to monitor
    consumer usage and to adjust prices based on the
    power consumption. The data received is used for
    reducing energy theft, enhancing power
    monitoring, improving forecasting, and to manage
    operations remotely. The use of smart meters are
    proving to be a game-changer for power companies
    as they monitor energy utilization levels of

Asset Tracking
  • Asset tracking IoT services are indispensable for
    most shipping businesses and manufacturing firms.
    Efficiently tracking the location of goods and
    fleet in real-time, these asset tracking
    applications are the new normal for shipping
    businesses. By including an asset tracking
    application in business setup, logistics and
    supply chain operations are streamlined as
    delivery is done on time while the inventory
    levels are also maintained with ease.
  • Some shipment companies leverage internet-enabled
    asset tracking software that uses sensors to give
    real-time temperature information of containers.
    Thus with regulated temperature, perishable goods
    are kept fresh for longer durations. However,
    only a small proportion around 15 of those
    businesses actually have a proper asset tracking
    software in place, though the percentage is
    surely going to rise with more IoT solution
    providers raising the levels of their IoT

IoT in Healthcare
  • Before IoT came into picture, patients
    interaction with doctors was limited to physical
    visits, tele and text-based communications. There
    was no way to monitor a patients health for
    continuous periods and give proactive
    recommendations. IoT enabled devices have made
    remote monitoring possible which is used by
    physicians to deliver superlative care to
  • The data collected through IoT devices like
    fitness bands, glucometer and others allows
    physicians to decide the best treatment process
    for an individual.

In a Nutshell
Incorporating an IoT solution in the business
setup enables real-time data access and
performance monitoring for enterprises. Moreover,
with the use of other transforming technologies
including AI and Blockchain with IoT enabled
solutions, organizations experience more accurate
and secure data access in an IoT network.
However, the world of IoT enabled devices
continues to expand as businesses come up with
new industry-specific use cases.
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