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Salesforce Lightning: The Future of Sales and CRM


Salesforce Lightning was the next upgrade after the Salesforce Classic. Its potential for sales and CRM built it as the future of sales and CRM. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Salesforce Lightning: The Future of Sales and CRM

Salesforce Lightning The Future of Sales and CRM
  • Salesforce Lightning The Future of Sales and
  • Introduction - Salesforce Lightning
  • How Salesforce Lightning affects workflow and
  • Migrate to Salesforce Lightning
  • How Salesforce Lightning benefits different

Introduction - Salesforce Lightning
  • Lightning consists of the Lightning Component
    Framework along with certain useful tools from
    the developer's perspective. The former makes the
    process of building responsive applications a
    breeze. It offers many capabilities non-existent
    in Salesforce Classic. For instance, the former's
    real-time dashboards are in a league of their
    own. Compared to Salesforce Classic the
    dashboards appear crisper as well as
    aesthetically more appealing.
  • In 2019 Salesforces Total Economic Impact Study
    of Salesforce Lightning showed 475 ROI over
    three years. It is enough to understand the
    mind-blowing effect of Salesforce Lightning
    Development Services on sales.

How Salesforce Lightning affects workflow and
  • Salesforce Lightning helps users to work
    efficiently on company workflow and productivity.
    It improves the focus of the sales team on right
    deals, customers and activities.
  • The following lightning highlights will give you
    a clear idea about how it affects CRM Sales.
  • The highlights of Lightning-
  • 1) Sell faster
  • 2) Personalized alerts
  • 3) Interactive assistance
  • 4) Support customers faster
  • 5) Bring knowledge, cases, and support tools
  • Lightning works as its name Fast, Beautiful,
    and Unique.

Migrate to Salesforce Lightning
  • Increasing productivity for the sales team- The
    more convenient homepages for sales teams, the
    more they lead businesses to productivity.
    Salesforce Lightning provides that convenience to
    the sales teams each member in assigned
    overdue tasks and problematic opportunities.
    Other than this, with an activity timeline, sales
    representatives can keep track of planned and
    accomplished leads for specific opportunities or
    sales or accounts.
  • For better analytics and forecasting- Lightning
    experience improved the process of integration
    with Einstein AI. It allows users to understand
    lead quality, behavior and steps to nurturing
    them. Furthermore, it anticipates demands on
    goods and services. To expand customers'
    profiles, Einstein account insights provide a
    personalized experience that enhances revenue.
    For displaying analyzed data, there is improved
    visual reporting, which saves time from building
    and reading reports.

Salesforce Lightning Components helps to Improve
  • Avoid Server Trips If you want to improve the
    Lightning Component Performance the most
    important point or idea we can say is to avoid
    server trips. Suppose you want to know what queue
    ID had been assigned to the owner in the case
    along with that you also had a requirement of
    custom setting information to derive the behavior
    of Lightning Component.
  • Use Storable Action In this approach, the
    lightning component shows the stored result that
    opposed to making the prompt server trip. The
    lightning component will make a server (Apex)
    call in background and the cached result is
    stale, at that point, it would store and revive
    the lightning segment.
  • Use Lightning Data Service Lightning data
    services process is proportional to the standard
    lightning control components. Here you don't have
    to compose Apex test classes for your Lightning
  • Custom Cache If Lightning data service or
    storable action will not able to fulfill the
    requirement in this we can easily build our
    custom cache.
  • Limit Event Handlers It's being preferable for
    all the developers that they try to limit the
    number of event handlers in their Lightning
    component. As multiple event handlers mean your
    component would be busy listening to event
    changes which makes performance overload.

How Salesforce Lightning benefits different
  • Sales users- In the action-oriented environment
    of Lightning, it promotes an efficient sales
    workflow. Whatever context it is, pages focus on
    the most important one first. It makes the sales
    process clear and supports best practice.
  • Service users- With a service cloud of Lightning
    experience, you get a high-productivity workspace
    with a single view of every customer. It saves
    time of service agents from switching between
    multiple apps.
  • Admins- Admins can create and customize pages
    faster without starting from scratch each time,
    as the lightning components are reusable
    throughout the interface. The available setup in
    Lightning experience, frameworks declarative
    tools work like a magic stick for admins.
  • Developers- It makes work simpler for developers,
    as with building blocks developers can create
    fast custom lightning. The framework provides
    many tools to developers such as the Salesforce
    Lightning Design System (a complete styling
    library), so developers dont need to write HTML
    or CSS on their own.

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