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Integrating Blockchain technology in enterprises


Blockchain technology can bring traceability and transparency to enterprises. Know more about this digital-ledger technology with this presentation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Integrating Blockchain technology in enterprises

Why Blockchain is the best solution for
  • A leading blockchain app development company

  • In todays global economy, successful business
    transactions depend upon the organizations
    ability to store and retrieve data. Such
    transactions require computing and digitization.
  • There is hardly any administrative process that
    cant be transformed through Blockchain
  • The main question that arises here is whether
    Blockchain technology is the right solution for
    your business?

What is Blockchain?
  • Blockchain is a time-stamped series of immutable
    records managed by a cluster of computers that
    are not owned by a single entity.
  • Each of these Blocks is secured and is bound to
    cryptographic principles.
  • Following are the features of Blockchain
  • This is not own for a single entity, hence it is
  • The data is cryptographically stored.
  • The Blockchain is immutable, so no one can tamper
    with the data inside Blockchain.
  • The Blockchain is transparent, which makes data
    traceability easy.
  • These features help you to build Blockchain apps
    that bring traceability and transparency to

What is Blockchain as a service?
  • By offering benefits of custom Blockchain-based
    solutions to enterprises , the technology has
    started being offered in the cloud as a service
    business model.
  • Blockchain applications operates as a web host
    that runs on the apps backend.
  • Blockchain as a service acts as a catalyst that
    leads to widespread adoption of Blockchain

Blockchain Use Cases
  • Use Case 1 Smart Contracts
  • Smart contracts help you to exchange money,
    property, shares of anything in a conflict-free
    way while avoiding middlemen. Smart contracts
    provide you the following
  • Trust The encrypted documents are saved on a
    shared ledger. This makes them transparent and
  • Back-up The documents are duplicated many times,
    and each member of the ledger has the node.
  • Safety The encryption of websites keep the
    document safe, and prevents data loss and hacking.

Use Case 2
  • 2. Supply chain communications
  • Blockchain technology integrated with the ability
    to program business logic with the use cases of
    smart contracts enables the following
  • Transparency in the provenance of consumer goods-
    from the source point to end-user.
  • Accurate tracking of assets.
  • Enhanced licensing of services, products, and

Use Case 3
  • 3. Blockchain in Healthcare
  • Blockchain has the potential to transform
    healthcare, placing the patient at the center of
    the healthcare ecosystem. This increases the
    security, privacy, and interoperability of health
  • Blockchain in healthcare provides the following
  • Improved Medical record access With Blockchain
    technology in Healthcare, you can get access to
    the complete medical history of the patient.
  • Efficient Research Health Nexus stores a
    patients information on the Blockchain for all
    the parties to view. It also allows patients to
    sell their data to researchers for profit.
  • Stop counterfeiting of products Thousands of
    people die due to drug counterfeiting, which
    tends to end with more secure supply chains
    Blockchain technology.

Why Debut Infotech?
  • Prepare for the transformational impact of
    SaaS-based Blockchain solutions from a fully
    traceable supply chain to immutable identity
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