What Are The Best Fashionable Sneakers Right Now For You in 2020? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Are The Best Fashionable Sneakers Right Now For You in 2020?


Sneakers have become the norm in streetwear and high fashion. Here is a list of the best fashionable sneakers of recent times. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Are The Best Fashionable Sneakers Right Now For You in 2020?

What Are The Best Fashionable Sneakers Right Now
For You in 2020?
August 19, 2020
Sneakers and fashion are closely related to each
other nowadays. The culture around sneakers has
influenced fashion for decades now. Youd want to
read this to see which are the Best Fashionable
Sneakers that you should invest in. Sneakers can
complete any lacklustre look with ease. The
impact of fashion sneakers is very significant
over the years. The concept of sneakers started
with sports shoes. People would wear sneakers
primarily for athletic reasons. But eventually,
as time passed, it began to find its place in
daily life. They quickly found themselves deeply
ingrained in streetwear. Even high fashion isnt
unfamiliar with sneakers as their popularity has
helped them find their place in that competitive
sector as well. All of this success is a credit
to the top sneaker brands of the world. Their
innovations in footwear have made sneaker
culture into what it is now. For almost a century
now, some of these companies have been putting
out one successful product after another. They
have even lasted through several calamities along
the way. Industry discussion It is undoubtedly
the dedication towards pushing the industry
forward that has transformed these companies
into the icons and legends they are right now. As
mentioned earlier, sneakers started with sports.
Since then, they have branched out quite a lot.
Consequently, gaining more popularity. Turning
into luxury sneaker brands
  • is no mean feat.
  • Luxury brands face a lot of scrutiny from high
    society customers. These people are quite snobby
    about what they wear. As such, the major sneaker
    brands role is crucial to the industry.
  • Moreover, the move into fashion was due to
    peoples excitement. These sneakers caught the
    eyes of everyone. No one was safe. Celebrities
    and the general population, both found
    themselves attracted towards the new and exciting
  • The brands were successful in building a
    reputation upon their success. With new
    technology coming out seemingly every day, it was
  • These new features, coupled with unique looks,
    created a whole new fad. Thats the essence of
  • Soon after their popularity rose, sneakers were
    everywhere from movies to hip-hop. Their
    influence grew exponentially with these
  • All this proved to be a boon for the sneaker
    industry. With heightened fame, came profits.
    The marketing that these ventures provided was
    incredible. It helped the brands to move into
    the fashion sector with ease.
  • All of this was a catalyst for the fashion
    industry to find a new interest. It produced
    several brands dedicated solely on fashion
    sneakers. There was a unique niche in the
    market, and theyd take advantage of it.
  • Premium brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, CQP,
    Common Projects and Saint Laurent found their
    audience. The premium sector was booming along
    with sneaker mainstays like Nike and Adidas.
  • Everyone started making enormous profits. As
    sneakers became the norm in streetwear and high
    fashion, business picked up.
  • In the list below, we take a look at the best
    fashionable sneakers of recent times.
  • List of best fashionable sneakers available on
    the market
  • Nike Air Max 270 Nike is an established player
    in the game. It rarely ever disappoints with its
    shoes. As a result, no one can debate the
    popularity of Nike Air Max 270 in 2020. With the
    brand value behind it, its one of the best. It
    offers comfort and style in balance. The React
    midsole is lightweight. That characteristic sets
    this shoe apart from others. It also has a
    timeless design that anyone would love. It fits
    in seamlessly with many different types of
    outfits. It is the perfect sneakers for a
    sophisticated sporty look.
  • Oliver Cabell Low 1 These white beauties have a
    distinct look to them that just stand out.
    Oliver Cabell has been on a roll with good
    designs throughout the years. The clean,
    minimalist design is sure to catch eyes. But it
    is also very easy to look at. The simplicity
    adds several layers to the already great design.
    Furthermore, knowing the brand that crafts its
    shoes is just a bonus. You cant go wrong with
    shoes like these.
  • Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil What can one
    say that hasnt been said about the Yeezy Boosts
    350 shoes? This variant of the Kanye West shoe
    has a distinct look about it. With the rappers
    outlandish style inspirations, it stands out. The
    unique aesthetic will make any fashion look
    stand out instantly. From the cloth-like material
    to the exclusive colours, this is
    characteristically bold. The famous rapper prides
    over his

  • bold designs and manages to catch the eye of the
    public and the fashion industry each time. The
    sneaker has already sold out to the point where
    its only available on StockX. People are
    clamouring for this shoe everywhere.
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  • Adidas Originals Superstar Adidas is yet another
    leader of the sneakers industry. Its legacy is
    undeniable. But it still keeps proving the
    doubters wrong with each release. The Adidas
    Originals Superstar is yet another feather in the
    cap of the three stripes brand. With a timeless
    design and the reliability of Adidas, it is a
    legend. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best
    fashionable sneakers of all time. The
    minimalistic design makes it extremely
    versatile. It goes with any outfit without much
    hassle. The timeless design blends in
    effortlessly each time. All the while, it still
    manages to maintain its position as one of the
  • Converse Black Chuck 70 This classic sneaker
    design has been around for decades. But it still
    feels right at home in todays world. The black
    and white combo of the converse brand is iconic,
    to say the least. It manages to carve out a
    different niche for itself even now amongst the
    plethora of new shoes. Its also a staple of
    streetwear fashion. It goes perfectly with
    everyday casual wear.
  • Golden Goose Superstar The Italian luxury
    shoemaker is known to blend luxury materials,
    true craftsmanship, and edgy design into a
    perfect sneaker. The distressed leather look is
    iconic to the brand. Undoubtedly the trendy
    design is the topic of many conversations. The
    timeless design philosophy ensures its longevity.
    The Golden Goose Superstar sets itself apart
    from the overdone designs of the present,
    projecting an aura of brilliance in its
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  • Balmain B-Court This black and white sneaker
    from Balmain is something else. The unique look,
    coupled with premium materials make it stand out
    in a crowd. High- quality leather and the extra
    padding is a bonus for comfort. The premium feel
    of these fashion sneakers is hard to replicate.
    Not to mention the numerous outfit inspiration it
  • Balenciaga Black Speed This is one of the bolder
    looking sneakers on the list. The all-black
    aesthetic, combined with out of the box design
    makes the Balenciaga Black speed a fashion
    sneaker inspiration. The high top stretch-knit
    sneaker comes with comfortable Memory Sole
    technology for the best results. It will
    immediately catch the eyes of bystanders
    whenever its out in public. The design is
    anything but subtle. Even with the all-black
    aesthetic, it will stand out.
  • Nike Air Jordan New Beginnings Is any
    conversation about sneakers complete without the
    Nike Air Jordans? This Nike Air Jordan New
    Beginnings is a modern rendition of the famed
    1985 Air Jordans. Its design is instantly iconic.
    Combine that with Jordans influence this one
    sold like hotcakes. At the moment its only
    available on StockX, further confirming its
    rarity. This shoe goes certainly well with a host
    of casual clothing choices.
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  • Gucci Screener This sneaker from luxury brand
    Gucci is essential for fashion. A retro shoe
    with an old school sports look, it instantly
    makes an impression. It looks straight out of
    the 70s and fits any classic outfit design
    perfectly. This shoe is made in Italy.
  • Tom Ford Midnight Blue Warwick Suede This shoe
    is an underrated beauty. The classic muted look
    adds a lot to the overall presentation. The
    midnight blue suede is one hell of a look. The
    shoe fits in perfectly with a host of outfit
    choices. Whether it be a casual or even business
    casual look, it just works. Add to that the
    premium materials this one contains its a
    bonafide fashion sneaker with almost no
  • Chuck 70 Hi-Top Sneakers Chucks are always in
    style with their iconic design language. This
    high-top sneak is beautiful. It comes in a host
    of great colours to match your colourful
    outfits. They are perfect to wear with jeans and
    a T-shirt. The unique- looking Converse sneaker
    red-hot stands out.
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  • Marc Jacobs The Jogger Sneakers These shoes
    portray the perfect blend of colourful
    aesthetics with excellent design. Marc Jacobs The
    Jogger Sneakers are perfectly retro with a
    twist. The twist the modern colour makes the shoe
    pop. Its sure to catch wandering eyes with its
    splash of colour and goes perfectly with a
    colourful palette of outfits.
  • Veja V-10 Sneakers Endorsed by people like
    Meghan Markle, the Veja V-10 is a sneaker that
    instantly pops out for its retro design. The
    aesthetic is very muted but gives off a
    sophisticated look. It is excellent for a
    relaxed, casual look and incredibly easy to
    adapt your style to accommodate, hence its status
    as one of the best fashionable sneakers today.
  • Balenciaga Track 2 These sneakers are something
    else. The dad sneakers trend has been in full
    effect for a while now. These fit that aesthetic
    incredibly well. Extremely daring to look at,
    the shoes boast excellent material. Nylon and
    mesh come together over a thick rubber sole that
    gives the shoe its identity. These are available
    in combinations of all-black, black and red, and
    black and green. Each of the colour options is a
    bold look of its own, and thats admirable.
  • Final Thoughts
  • Sneakers are an irreplaceable part of fashion at
    this point. The impact they have on the fashion
    industry as a whole is immense. These best
    fashionable sneakers not only shape public
    opinion but will drive business for years.
  • Any person will freely admit that sneakers have
    changed the fashion industry for the better.
    Theyve added a whole new section of fashion that
    was previously undiscovered. Fashion is a form
    of expression, and good looking sneakers have
    been doing that for decades now. The influence
    is so widespread that youd be hard-pressed to
    find anyone who disagrees with this sentiment.
  • Various brands have popped up and established
    themselves on the back of this philosophy. It
    wouldnt be unfair to say that they owe their
    success to the giant entity that is sneaker
  • Furthermore, sneakers are a part of the fabric of
    the current state of pop-culture. That makes
    changes in fashion directly related to these
    fashion sneakers. Their role is vital to

the survival of the industry. The thriving
success that all of it is right now is thanks to
sneakers gaining so much popularity. The
companies in charge of this movement are the real
benefactors of this revolution. It has not only
created an economic boom around it, but their
involvements have birthed the rise of the whole
culture surrounding it all. This culture
solidifies these sneaker brands into history and
keeps their business ticking along for the
foreseeable future. Fashion will forever be
dependent on the favours of the sneaker
industry, especially on these best fashionable
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