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8 Tips from Cardiology Billing Experts on Increasing Your Billing Efficiency


Frustrated with cardiology medical billing? With the help of these tips, get paid faster with fewer rejected claims and ensure rapid payment of claims to boost cash flow and profits. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 8 Tips from Cardiology Billing Experts on Increasing Your Billing Efficiency

8 Tips from Cardiology Billing Experts on
Increasing Your Billing Efficiency
  • Cardiology billing is said to be the grim affair
    unlike handling other specialty.
  • Cardiology billing includes various procedures,
    which makes the billing service intricate as it
    requires the coders to check out the various
    procedures handled and coding the billable
    services depending upon the place of service. 
  • Cardiology billing and coding requires the most
    experienced and skilled staff who are current
    with the recent updates of cardiology billing
    guidelines, code specific rules and compliance
  • Even the slightest mar might result in claim
    denials and loss of revenue. Let us  have a look
    on the tips from Cardiology billing experts on
    increasing your billing efficiency.

Stay Current with the Billing and Coding Changes
  • The foremost step towards an efficient
    Cardiology billing is to ensure your team is
    current with the ongoing changes in the
    cardiology billing and coding rules and
  • Due to its complex nature, the rules and
    guidelines for cardiology related procedures and
    medical billing guidelines often goes through
    various updates and changes.
  • It is essential that your team handling
    cardiology billing has  excellent knowledge and
    skill to keep themselves contemporary.

Complete and Accurate documentation
  • Cardiology billing can be tricky, any gap in
    documentation may result in missing billable
    codes, which will indirectly slow down your
    practice revenue.
  • Accurate and complete documentation of the exact
    procedure is essential to ensure quality billing
    and coding services and to reduce claim denials.
  • Processing claims with incomplete and inaccurate
    documentation can be time-consuming and lead to
    delay in each scope of services.

Code diagnosis Instead of Symptoms
  • In cardiology billing, it is vital to analyze
    the medical reports and code the confirmed
    diagnosis instead of reporting symptoms unless
    there are client specific instructions to code
    the symptoms.
  • Similarly coding additional symptoms associated
    with the disease is to be avoided unless noted

Usage of Combo Codes when appropriate
  •  Cardiology coders need to be aware and follow
    various coding instructions such as Code also,
    Use additional codes, Code first, etc.
  • It is essential to use the combo codes when
    appropriate to avoid claims denials, delays and
  • Missing combo codes indirectly means missing on
    the your due payment.

Coding Comorbidities
  •  Comorbidities are relevant conditions documented
    by the provider.
  • Coding comorbidities will entitle the physician
    for higher reimbursement.
  • Coding comorbidities does not only gets you
    higher reimbursement it also let  the payer be
    informed about the additional cost.

Regular Audit of your Medical billing and coding
  • Because of the intricate nature of cardiology
    billing, errors in coding and billing might seem
  • Planning regular audits can help control the
    error percentage, at the same time it also helps
    to analyze the common cause for errors and ensure
    quality measures are taken to curb repeated
  • Audit also enables you to understand your team
    and provide them additional or retraining as and
    when required to keep them abreast.

Updated Billing System and software
  • Leveraging on the right billing system that
    suits your requirement is quintessential to keep
    up your billing pace enhanced in todays
    competitive and fast moving business trend.
  • Investing and adopting to a suitable EMR and PMS
    will help increase your productivity, quality and
    Turnaround Time (TAT).

Offshore Outsourcing
  • It is viable to outsource your cardiology
    billing to an offshore based medical billing
    partner to avail  quality billing and coding
  • An offshore based Medical billing company works
    to reduce your turnaround time, over-head cost on
    hiring, staffing etc.
  • An offshore based cardiology billing team is
    regularly trained to increase your productivity
    and quality service.

About e-care India
  • e-care India is one of the pioneering
    offshore medical billing companies based in
    India that promises to avoid the risks involved
    with missed Charges.
  • With 20 years of experience in the industry,
    e-cares 3 delivery centers have been providing
    end-to-end medical claims processing services
    seamlessly to its clients.
  • To know more about e-care and its services, log
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