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Flash based array market


Read here the latest Market Insights on “Flash based array market” published by CMI research team. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Flash based array market

Coherent market insightsMarket Research and
Business Consulting Services
Market Overview
  • Flash-based array refers to a repository, drive,
    and system, which facilitates storage of
    information/data on conventional disk memory
    devices as well as flash for a long period of
    time. There are two types of products in
    flash-based array namely hybrid flash array and
    all-flash array. All-flash array (AFA) is a
    network-based storage system that utilizes flash
    media to fulfill the requirements of performance
    and capacity of data delivery and storage. AFA is
    developed flash-based and SSD-based architecture.
    Furthermore, hybrid flash array (HFA) is external
    storage that utilizes HDDs and SDDs to fulfill
    the requirements of performance and capacity. HFA
    incorporates flash memory and spinning disk to
    provide cost effective storage systems.

  • The Global Flash-based Array Market, by Product
    Type (All-flash Array, and Hybrid Flash Array),
    and by Enterprise Type (Large Enterprises, and
    SMEs), by Storage Capacity (Less than 100 TB
    (Less than 5 TB, and Between 5 to 100 TB),
    Between 100 to 500 TB, Between 500 TB to 1PB, and
    More than 1 PB), by End-use Vertical (BFSI,
    Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, IT and
    Telecommunication, Retail, Government,
    Manufacturing, and Other) and by Geography (North
    America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and
    Middle East Africa) - Global Forecast to
    2027, is valued at US 27,888.88 million in
    2019, witnessing a CAGR of 18.0 during the
    forecast period (2019-2027), as highlighted in a
    report published by Coherent Market Insights.

Market Dynamics- Drivers
  • Ability to provide high-end performance is
    expected to drive growth of the global
    flash-based array market during the forecast
  • High performance capabilities are one of the
    major reason for boosting the adoption of
    flash-based array. Hybrid flash-based array and
    all-flash array are developed with SSD
    technology, enabling them with relatively higher
    speed data mobility as compare to conventional
    storage devices such as HDD. Furthermore, HDD
    causes unavoidable overhead cost of scanning
    disk. In fact, the fastest 15 RPM HDD may not be
    able to survive with high-traffic environments
    since it would need extra RAM, disk, and caching
    to function properly in high-traffic

  • his, in turn, increases overall hardware costs.
    Since SSD has no physical tracks or sectors and
    thus has no physical seek limits, it facilitates
    faster storage and accessibility of data than HDD
    and also offers high performance capabilities for
    enterprise data storage. According to NetApps
    input/output operations per second (IOPS)
    comparative study, HDD delivers 40180 IOPS
    (Input output per second) and SSD offers 1000
    IOPS. This vast performance difference between
    HDD and SSD is a major factor driving growth of
    the global flash-based array market.

  • Capability flash array of high performance
    transactional workloads is expected to propel the
    global flash-based array market growth over the
    forecast period
  • High performance transactional workloads across
    various sectors such as financial, e-Commerce,
    government sectors, and travel industry need high
    transaction rates with low response times for
    day-to-day business transactions. The
    conventional storage system fails to fulfill
    these requirements and thus, these industries are
    gradually shifting towards flash array storage
    systems for their critical business applications.
    For instance, NetApp EF-Series all flash arrays
    have been installed by Universal-Investment,
    which is a Germany-based investment company.
    After installation, the company has witnessed
    100 performance improvement and has been enabled
    to deliver reliable financial services to

  • North America region dominated the global
    flash-based array market in 2019, accounting
    for 34.3 share in terms of value, followed by
    Europe, and Asia Pacific respectively.

Market Dynamics- Restraints
  • High upfront cost of flash array is expected to
    restrain growth of the global flash-based array
    market during the forecast period
  • Upfront cost of all-flash array is higher than
    cost of traditional storage systems. Initially,
    the enterprises need to invest a minimum of US
    200,000 or more for installation. However, this
    is not suitable for small and medium-sized
    enterprises due to stringent budget constraints.
    This leads into small- and medium-sized
    organizations adopting traditional storage
    system, which in turn, is expected to restrain
    the global flash-based array market over the
    forecast period.

  • Incompatible with all types of workloads are
    expected to hinder the global flash-based array
    market growth over the forecast period
  • Hybrid flash-based array is not compatible with
    all workloads, as it fails to provide low
    latency. Hybrid arrays offer better performance
    and do not result in lag time for customers
    because the algorithms used for hybrid arrays are
    different for HDD and SSD, and this creates
    latency issue in data delivery. Moreover,
    efficacy level changes whenever application load
    change to additional data is stored to disc.
    Hybrid flash arrays are suitable for some
    workloads, while other workloads require
    traditional storage systems, which in turn, are
    expected to hamper the global flash-based array
    market over the forecast period.
  • .

Market Opportunities
  • Growing requirement for real-time data processing
    is expected to pose lucrative business
  • Increasing incorporation of cloud-computing,
    Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial
    intelligence, mobile devices, and cognitive
    systems are increasing the demand for real-time
    data processing, in order to deliver efficient
    services anytime and anywhere in the shortest
    time possible. Hence, this growing demand for
    real-time data processing is expected to present
    lucrative business opportunities in the near

  • Growing demand for innovative flash solutions for
    unstructured data and big data is expected to
    provide major growth opportunity in the near
  • Increasing penetration of big data and
    unstructured data has increased the demand for
    novel storage systems to store data for extended
    period of time. According to Coherent Market
    Insights analysis, unstructured data and big
    data volumes are expected exhibit a 44 CAGR in
    the near future. Furthermore, requirement of
    competent storage systems for big data and
    unstructured data is providing lucrative business

  •  For instance, in March 2016, Pure Storage
    introduced Flashblade Array to target
    unstructured and big data, file-access workloads,
    where other vendors are yet to offer such

Market Trends
  • Established storage system vendors are gaining
    significant traction in the market
  • The flash array start-ups started gaining
    significant traction initially, owing to
    introducing innovation of new products such as
    flash-based SSD, which is a non-movable drive
    that stores data on sold-state flash memory.
    Furthermore, start-ups delivered innovation in
    terms of technical development, which compelled
    established storage system vendors to include
    flash options in their storage products portfolio
    to sustain their propositions in the market.

  • High competition in data storage market is a
    major trend in the market
  • The global flash-based array market is highly
    competitive where large storage system vendors
    such as Dell, HP, IBM, EMC, NetApp, and more are
    offering competitive solutions. This highly
    competitive environment is prompting continuously
    focus on ease of use, performance, reliability
    and scalability, prices, and global distribution
    channel. As a result, these vendors are
    introducing new features and offerings and
    reducing prices to sustain their position in the

Segment Information
  • Global flash-based array market, by storage
    capacity segment, between 500 TB to 1 PB
    sub-segment was accounted for 25.8 market share
    in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of
    17.5 between 2019 and 2027.

Value Chain Analysis
Competitive Section
  • Key companies operating in the global flash-based
    array market are Tintri, Inc., Hitachi Data
    Systems Corporation, IBM Corporation, Tegile
    Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Kaminario
    Inc., Fujitsu Limited Pure Storage, Inc., Dell
    EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP,
    Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., and NetApp, Inc

Key Developments
  • Key companies in the market are focused on
    product launch, in order to expand their product
    portfolio. For instance, in January 2017, Dell
    EMC introduced a framework called ProDeploy
    Client Suite, which has different service levels,
    training, and certification. It allows customer
    the flexibility to choose specific services
    according to their need.
  • Major market players are involved in product
    launch, in order to gain competitive edge in the
    market. For instance, in July 2018, Tintri, Inc.
    introduced flash-based virtual workflow
    efficiency tool.

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