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Computer keyboards market


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Title: Computer keyboards market

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Market Overview
  • A computer keyboard is a primary input device
    that is used with a personal computer (PC) or a
    laptop. Similar to a typewriter, keyboard keys
    have characters engraved or printed on them, with
    each corresponding to a single written symbol.
    These keys are marked with alphabetical letters,
    numbers, symbols, and punctuations to perform
    different types of functions. An ergonomic
    computer keyboard is designed with ergonomic
    considerations, in order to minimize muscle
    strain and other concerning problems. Few of the
    keyboards available in the market have a fixed
    layout, whereas others are movable in nature.
    Increasing awareness about musculoskeletal
    disorders (MSDs) and repetitive strain injuries
    (RSIs) has increased the adoption of ergonomic
    computer keyboards among small and medium
    enterprises dealing with several industry
    verticals such as IT, oil gas, energy, and

  • The Global Computer Keyboards Market, By Type
    (Basic Keyboard, Ergonomic Keyboard (Vertical
    Keyboard, Compact Keyboards, Adjustable
    Keyboards, Split Ergonomic keyboards, Others)),
    by Switching Mechanism (Membrane Keyboard
    ((Dome-Switch Keyboard, Scissor-Switch Keyboard,
    Capacitive (Conductive)), Mechanical Switch
    Keyboard), by Size (Standard Size, Laptop Size,
    Thumb Size, Numeric Keyboard), by application
    (Corporate, Personal, Gaming) and by Region
    (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin
    America, and Middle East Africa) - Global
    Forecast to 2027, is expected to exhibit a CAGR
    of 2.3 during the forecast period (2019-2027),
    as highlighted in a report published by Coherent
    Market Insights

Market Dynamics- Drivers
  • Increasing demand for augmented comfort due to
    repetitive task is expected to drive growth of
    the global computer keyboards market during the
    forecast period
  • Different jobs or tasks involved repetitive
    motion or uncomfortable posture or positioning of
    fingers and arms. Such positions and tasks lead
    to certain amount of strain on muscles and can
    cause severe damage in the long term. According
    to research conducted by Kinesis Corporation,
    typing 60 wpm equates to 18,000 repetitive
    keystrokes per hour. Moreover, Results of
    Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) research suggests
    that manual labor, constant use of modern
    services, and office work are the major
    originators of repetitive strain in the modern
    world. According to the same source, in Canada
    alone, around 2.3 million adults are crippled by
    RSIs or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Hence,
    these factors are expected to drive the market
    growth over the forecast period.

  • Advent of low-price high quality products, owing
    to intense competitive is expected to propel the
    global computer keyboards market growth over the
    forecast period
  • Growing demand for ergonomics in the corporate
    sector combined various companies manufacturing
    keyboards focusing on ergonomic keyboards that
    are expected to support the market growth over
    the forecast period. Local vendors are providing
    high-quality, low-price ergonomic products, which
    has compelled international players to provide
    similar products, in order to expand their
    consumer base and gain competitive edge in the
    market. Hence, such availability of low-price and
    high quality products is expected to accelerate
    the market growth in the near future. Some new
    entrants in this industry include Matias
    Corporation, Oyster Ergonomics, and Logitech
    International SA.

  • Asia Pacific region dominated the global computer
    keyboards market in 2019, accounting for 31.3
    share in terms of volume, followed by Western
    Europe and Latin America, respectively.

Market Dynamics- Restraints
  • Rising promotion of healthy typing techniques
    worldwide is expected to restrain growth of the
    global computer keyboards market during the
    forecast period
  • Many organizations involved in promotion of
    healthcare and medical benefits of healthy typing
    practices instead of ergonomically designed
    products. Many experts support perfect postures
    such as deviation (sideways bending at the wrist)
    or pronation (working with palms facing the
    floor). This is typically due to marketing of
    various ergonomic keyboards offered by regional
    providers being the most ideal products. However,
    some ergonomic keyboard manufacturers do not
    offer rebound feature, which affects the users
    health and reduces the life expectancy of the
    products. This, in turn, is expected to restrain
    growth of the global computer keyboards market in
    the near future.

  • Keyboards with non-standard layouts are expected
    to hinder the global computer keyboards market
    growth over the forecast period
  • Ergonomic keyboards with non-standard layouts can
    be confusing for the user. Keys such as end,
    delete, and home keys are not located at the same
    position as the traditional keyboards. Function
    keys (F1-F12) and escape keys are smaller in size
    as compared to that of conventional keyboards,
    making it confusing for the user. Furthermore,
    testimonials from medical professionals suggest
    that keyboard design is crucial to ensure
    painless and comfortable usage, in order to
    reduce RSIs. Vertical keyboards could cause a
    considerable amount of confusion and discomfort
    and could possibly be lacking in terms of ability
    to support users palms, which is essential while
    attempting to type with hands in the vertical
    position. Moreover, images offered by experts
    related to the ideal hand position contradict
    what is required while typing on vertical
    keyboards. Therefore, these factors are expected
    to hamper the market growth in the near future.

Market Opportunities
  • Growing advertisement and promotional activities
    to create awareness regarding ergonomic keyboards
    is expected to pose lucrative business
  • Promotional activities are required, in order to
    increase awareness regarding ergonomic products.
    In this, the sales of ergonomic products will be
    increased in comparison with conventional
    computer keyboards. Ergonomic keyboards are
    criticized by certain organizations for
    advertising it as a product that can avoid typing
    pain and injuries. According to a study Work A
    Journal of Prevention, Assessment
    Rehabilitation (funded by National Institute for
    Occupational Safety and Health), around 80 of
    participants said that they were pain-free
    irrespective of the keyboard they used. Hence,
    strengthening the significance of the ergonomics
    principle among consumers is expected to pose
    excellent business opportunity for market player
    in the near future.

  • Strengthening presence in untapped markets to
    present major market opportunity during the
    forecast period
  • Various organizations in emerging economies are
    advertising and promoting the use of ergonomic
    keyboards at their workplaces. This is owing to
    decreasing absenteeism and number of complaints
    from employees related to injuries or strain to
    hands, wrists, and fingers. 

  • According Coherent Market Insights analysis,
    Latin America, Asia Pacific and Japan, and Middle
    East Africa are expected to account for 17.6
    of the total ergonomics keyboards market volume
    (in terms of units) by 2025. Hence, such factors
    are expected to provide major market
    opportunities in the near future.

Market Trends
  • Advent of innovative ergonomic solutions to
    accommodate consumer-convenience features is a
    major trend in the market
  • Ergonomic keyboards feature interesting aspects
    such as backlit keys and hot keys. The backlit
    feature facilitate easier typing in low lighting
    environment settings, while hot keys option is
    used to pre-programs or create shortcuts. Many
    manufacturers are focused on incorporating these
    features in keyboards, which in turn, is expected
    to drive the sales of ergonomic keyboards in the
    near future. For instance, in September 2014,
    Adesso Inc. introduced Tru-Form 150 3-Colour
    Illuminated Ergonomic Keyboard. The keyboard
    offers three qualities ergonomic design,
    3-colour illuminated keys and 2X larger letters
    to ensure clarity, and to reduce eye strain when
    ambient lighting is low.

  • Increasing demand for wireless ergonomic
    keyboards is another major trend in the market
  • Demand for wireless keyboards has increased
    significantly in the recent past, especially
    among tech consultants. These keyboards provide
    support to users wrists and hands as well as
    provide relatively better comfort as compared to
    conventional keyboards. For instance, in August
    2013, Microsoft Corporation introduced the Sculpt
    Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard.

Segment Information
  • The basic keyboard computer vertical is accounted
    for 85.3 in 2019 and is expected to grow at a
    CAGR of 10.5 during the forecast period.

Value Chain Analysis
Competitive Section
  • Key companies operating in the global computer
    keyboards market are Logitech International SA,
    Microsoft Corporation, Datadesk Technologies,
    Inc., Fentek Industries Inc., Adesso AG, Shenzhen
    V4 Electronic Co., Ltd., Fellowes Limited,
    Kinesis Corporation, Gold Touch Enterprise Inc.,
    and Posturite UK Ltd.

Key Developments
  • Major market players are focused on product
    launch, in order to expand their product
    portfolio. For instance, in October 2019,
    Logitech International SA launched first Made
    for Google products he Logitech K580 Slim
    Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard, Chrome OS Edition
    and the Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse. 
  • Key companies in the market are involved in
    product launch, in order to gain competitive edge
    in the market. For instance, in October 2019,
    Adesso AG introduced RGB Programmable Mechanical
    Gaming Keyboard with Detachable Magnetic Palm

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