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Medical Sharps Disposal


Medical sharps or needles should not be left unattended and in reach of children or pets as it may harm them severely. If you have used sharps at home, then it should be disposed of properly as it can seriously injure or hurt someone and can cause infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, etc. Proper procedures and correct practices should be followed for disposal of medical sharps, needles and other pointed objects. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Medical Sharps Disposal

Medical Sharps Disposal
Onsite Waste Technologies
OnSite Waste Technology is a firm located in
Newport Beach, California. We are committed to
lowering the risk, cost, and effects that medical
waste treatment and disposal leave on the
environment. Our current technology TE-5000 is a
processing unit of the size of a desktop but
transforms the waste, including syringes into
disinfected garbage. It lessens the CO2 influence
by lessening waste. Our mission is to reduce the
transportation of waste to any common location.
We are dedicated to presenting greener and
cleaner options for processing the disposal of
medical wastes. We also look forward to assisting
NGOs, first responders, and government agencies
to dispose of large quantities of sharps waste to
minimize the risk for community members, workers,
and others.
Disposing Sharps Safely - A Necessity
First, lets know a little about Sharps. Sharps
is a collective medical term used for pointing or
sharp objects that can easily cut the skin. They
are most primarily use in Hospitals or clinics
for treatment purposes but are nowadays used at
home or work or while travelling also for
treating medical conditions of people or pets
like allergies, diabetes, arthritis, and many
more. It can harm you or your children or pets if
these used objects or sharps are not discarded
properly. It is necessary to use correct
practices for these medical sharps disposal. The
most common being needles, syringes, lancets,
auto-injectors, etc. Safe Sharps Disposal
Significance The used needles and sharps should
be disposed of properly, because they are
dangerous to people and pets as they may injure
your loved ones and spread infections that can be
fatal like, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc.
Safe disposal is important whether you are
anywhere, school, home, work or any other public
Losing needles and other sharps in household
trash or recycle bins, may put sewage workers,
janitors, housekeepers, children and everyone in
reach of it, at risk of getting injured or harm.
Everyone should follow the same procedure of
disposing of sharps that have been used on
anyone, be it persons or pets. Medical Sharps
Disposal The sharps already used should be
disposed of immediately using a sharps disposal
container. Many sharps disposal containers are
available with pharmacies, health care providers
and online. The containers are FDA cleared and
puncture and leak-resistant with a tight-fitting
lid. In case these containers are not available,
then you can use a strong and durable plastic
container like laundry detergent
container. Accidentally Hurt by a Used Needle or
Sharp? In case you accidentally get hurt by
someone elses used needle or sharp, you should
wash the area immediately with soap and use a
skin antiseptic. Once done, call your physician
or a local hospital for prompt medical
TE 5000
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