Global Octopus Market is Expected to Reach 624,490 Metric Tons by 2025 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Octopus Market is Expected to Reach 624,490 Metric Tons by 2025


The global octopus market is driven by the increasing prevalence of export & import with the biggest Producer of octopus, countries, value chain analysis & forecast. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Global Octopus Market is Expected to Reach 624,490 Metric Tons by 2025

Global Octopus Market
Global Octopus Market
Report Description and Highlights
According to the latest report by Renub Research,
titled "Global Octopus Market Production by
Countries, Import, Export, Value Chain Analysis
Forecast" Nutrients present in Octopus helps
individuals in fighting deadly disease by
preventing heart attacks and suffering from
strokes, it also contains selenium and other
essential minerals which are healthy for
consumers. The market for Octopus is growing year
on year one of the main reasons for this growth
is the rising awareness about nutrition present
in the meat of Octopus. This Octopus meat
contains high value of vitamins, minerals and
healthy fats. Octopus also contains Omega-3 fatty
acids, trace minerals and presence of iron makes
it beneficial for the sound immune system, cell
growth as well as brain development. Due to all
these benefits, the market for Octopus will grow
in upcoming years, according to Renub Research
analysis, the Global Octopus Market will grow
to 624,490 Metric Tons by the year 2025. Octopus
is considered as one of the delicacies in the
Mediterranean food. It has different cooking
methods as compared to other seafood. If standard
cooking methods not used for Octopus, it will be
difficult to eat by consumers. It has a better
taste as well more health benefits as compared to
other seafood items.
Global Octopus Market
Global Octopus Market
There are number health benefits of Octopus few
of them are given below with nutrients present in
this seafood. Omega-3 Fatty Acids It is known
for Omega-3 fatty acids present in abundant
quantity. This nutrient is responsible for
reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It
benefits the cardiovascular system and boosts
cognitive function by consuming. Iron Iron is
present in high quantity in Octopus meat. Only
100 grams of this meat will be sufficient for the
daily requirement as suggested by health care
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Global Octopus Market
Global Octopus Market
Protein 100 gram of Octopus contains 30 grams of
protein. Octopus meat benefits in muscle growth
and regeneration, it is a perfect choice for the
individual wishing muscular body and visits the
gym regularly. Low Fat It contains low
saturated fat which helps in maintaining balanced
weight as it contains low calories. COVID-19
Impact on Global Octopus Market COVID-19 has
affected the market of each item due to lockdown
imposed by governments and breakdown of supply
chain and scarcity of human resources at port
facilities. Besides, restaurants and seafood
outlets are closed in almost every country.
Global Octopus Market
Global Octopus Market
Market Summary By Producing Countries This
research report covers the following Octopus
producing countries Morocco, China, Mexico,
South Korea, Mauritania, Japan, and other
countries. According to Renub Research analysis
China is the biggest producer of Octopus. By
Importing Countries Europe is the biggest
importer of Octopus according to Renub Research
analysis. This research report covers the
following Octopus importing countries United
States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Japan and
Canada. By Exporting Countries Mexico has
significant share as compared to other exporting
countries. This research report covers the
following Octopus exporting countries Mexico,
Spain, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Senegal and
Value Chain Analysis Forecast.
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Global Octopus Market
Global Octopus Market
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Global Octopus Market
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