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Market Overview
  • A digital impression is a cutting-edge technology
    that allows dentists to create a virtual,
    computer-generated replica of the soft and hard
    tissues in the mouth with help of optical
    scanning devices and lasers. Digital impression
    system catches clear and highly precise
    impression data in a very short span of time.
    This is done without using conventional
    impression materials that are inconvenient and
    messy to use. Digital impression is highly
    sophisticated and easy technology and offers more
    comfort as traditional materials are avoided.
    After taking the impression, it is transferred to
    a computer and used to create restorations, often
    without using stone models. There are two types
    of digital impression systems available. Type one
    captures images as digital photographs, thereby
    providing dental laboratories and dentists with a
    series of images. Whereas the type two system
    captures images as digital video.

  • The Global Digital Impression Market, By Type
    (Standalone (Plug Play Intraoral Scanner),
    Mobile / Portable System (Intraoral Scanner,
    Tablet / Screens, Cart)), By Compatibility (Third
    Party Compatible, Integrated) and by Region
    (North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC and
    Middle East Africa) - Global Forecast to
    2027, is expected grow at a CAGR of 18.4
    during the forecast period (2019-2027), as
    highlighted in a report published by Coherent
    Market Insights.

Market Dynamics- Drivers
  • Growing adoption of digital impression technology
    in dentistry is expected to drive growth of the
    global digital impression system market during
    the forecast period
  • Digital impression technology has been crucial in
    the dental industry. Major manufacturers in the
    market are focused on research and development
    activities, in order to innovate novel products
    in the field of optics, digitization, and
    CAD/CAM. These devices allow dentists to capture
    a precise digital record of the visible intraoral
    soft and hard tissue components independent of
    labor-intensive elastomeric impression material.
    Previously used elastomeric impression material
    has frequently led to awful experiences for
    patients, making the entire process unpleasant.
    On the contrary, digital impression technology
    helps both patient and dentist to avoid the loss
    of time and money. Digital impression develops an
    accurate replica of the teeth. Digital impression
    systems offer intraoral digital impression
    capabilities, producing an instant 3-dimensional
    (3-D) replica of teeth. For instance, Sirona
    Dental Systems, Inc. offers the CEREC Connect
    portal, which allows a dentist to take a digital
    impression and transmit the data to a dental
    laboratory within Sironas network, which in turn
    makes it easy for the laboratory to create the
    dental restoration and return it to the dentist
    by/during the patients second visit. 

  • Ease of operation and enhanced profitability are
    expected to propel the global digital impression
    system market growth over the forecast period
  • For elastomeric impression, impression tray,
    impression material disinfection, alginate, tray
    adhesive, elastomeric impression material, and
    occlusal registration material are required.
    Furthermore, materials need a specific amount of
    time to set where the process creates toxic
    fumes. An elastomeric impression costs as much as
    US 40 per full arch. However, digital scanning
    costs less for dentists due to less material
    usage and more efficient workflow. Moreover,
    technological advancements have enabled
    manufacturers to produce handy and low-cost
    devices for digital impressions. Dentists and
    dental auxiliaries can easily learn to use these
    digital scanners in around two days with the help
    of manufacturer-guided training, provided as an
    added service with the purchase of the equipment.
    Thus, enhanced operation and profit are expected
    to propel the global digital impression system
    market growth in the near future.

  • Europe region dominated the global digital
    impression market in 2019, accounting for 34.5
    share in terms of value, followed by North
    America, APAC, Latin America, Middle East and
    Africa respectively. 

Market Dynamics- Restraints
  • Technical glitches and cost associated scanners
    are expected to restrain growth of the global
    digital impression system market during the
    forecast period
  • Digital impression systems currently present are
    based on open software architecture, which
    enables dentists to scan tooth impressions in the
    form of a scanned image output their data in .stl
    format for further processing. However, this
    facility is offered at an additional cost of
    around US 20 for each transfer. Furthermore, the
    laboratories that accept these scanned images pay
    the charge fee to manufacturers. In some of these
    digital impression systems, the data-file
    including the scanned image in the .stl format
    from a scanner may not effectively link its data
    to different lab-based milling units. Moreover,
    few companies in the market are facing
    difficulties to communicate with the 3,000
    Ceramill milling units. This, in turn, is
    expected to hamper the market growth over the
    forecast period.

  • Growing need for high technical expertise is
    expected to hinder the global digital impression
    system market growth over the forecast period
  • High technical expertise is required for
    manufacturing of these types of systems. Although
    developed countries host major market players,
    lack of this expertise in emerging economies such
    as China and India are expected to hamper the
    market growth over the forecast period.

Market Opportunities
  • Increasing adoption of mobile/tablet-based
    scanners can present lucrative growth
  • The demand for mobile/tablet-based intraoral
    scanners has increased due to growing adoption of
    the same by orthodontists and oral surgeons.
    These are easy to move and handle at any place
    with optical wands. For instance, in October
    2016, the 3M Company launched a rechargeable
    tablet-based mobile intraoral scanner for
    clinicians and patients to use in their everyday
    lives, allowing mobility between operatories
    without carts or power cords. It helps to reduce
    space clutter and provides supplementary space
    for the assistant and clinician for movement in
    small spaces.

  • High adoption of advanced technology in Asia
    Pacific is expected to provide major business
  • Digital impression technology enhances clinical
    accuracy and minimizes overall process time. On
    the contrary, conventional impression method
    leads to imperfections and inaccuracies and
    overall painful experience for patients. As a
    result of this, digital impression systems have
    started gaining traction in developed as well as
    emerging regions such as Asia Pacific. Moreover,
    rising concerns over dental care and treatment
    combined with increase in geriatric population
    and awareness of advanced dental imaging and
    treatment are expected to provide major business
    opportunities over the forecast period

  • High adoption of advanced technology in Asia
    Pacific is expected to provide major business

Market Trends
  • North America Trend
  • In North America, mobile and portable segment
    holds the dominant position and is expected to
    retain its dominance in the global digital
    impression system market over the forecast
    period. This is owing to flexibility and ease
    that digital impression machines provide to the
    dentist or clinician owners by facilitating 3D
    impression of restorative dentistry which is less
    painful thereby allowing increased patient
    throughput and boosting sales. Moreover,
    increasing adoption of intraoral scanner in the
    healthcare sector is expected to drive the North
    America digital impression system market growth
    over the forecast period.

  • Europe Trend
  • Implementation of integrated compatibility is
    major emerging trend in Europe's digital
    impression system market. According to Coherent
    Market Insights analysis, integrated
    compatibility is expected to witness significant
    demand in 2025 as compared to 2015 from the U.K.,
    Germany, and France. Furthermore, the trend is
    expected to drive the regional market growth in
    the near future.

Segment Information
  • In global digital impression market by training
    type, corporate sub segment dominated the global
    market in 2019, accounting for 56.2 share in
    terms of value.

Value Chain Analysis
  • The prominent players in the digital impression
    system value chain include raw materials
    suppliers, OEMs (digital impression systems),
    digital impression scanner distributors, dental
    clinics/offices, laboratories, milling centers
    and patients. The value chain of the digital
    impression system market is original equipment
    manufacturer (OEM) centric. It is initiated by
    raw material suppliers, which encompasses all
    activities related to supplying raw materials and
    integrated circuits and chips

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Competitive Section
  • Key players operating in the global digital
    impression system market are Densys3D Ltd, Sirona
    Dental Systems, Inc., 3M ESPE (The 3M Company),
    PLANMECA OY, 3Shape A/S, Ormco Corporation, ALIGN
    TECHNOLOGY, INC (intro), Glidewell Laboratories
    (IOS Technologies, Inc.), Carestream Health,
    Inc., and Dental Wings Inc.

Key Developments
  • Key players in the market are focused on product
    launches, in order to expand the product
    portfolio. For instance, in February 2019,
    Dentsply Sirona, a subsidiary of Sirona Dental
    Systems Inc., launched Primescan, a new intraoral
    scanner to take digital impression of the entire
  • Major market players are involved in product
    development, in order to gain competitive
    advantage in the market. For instance, in
    February 2019, 3Shape A/S introduced an intraoral
    scanner TRIOS 3 Basic with core scanning

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