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Addiction and Pregnancy: A Guide For Mothers


| Addiction creates unique risks for pregnant moms and their unborn children. Learn more about how drugs can affect pregnancy and how expecting mothers can get help. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Addiction and Pregnancy: A Guide For Mothers

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  • Drugs can cross the placental barrier, leading to
    various effects.
  • An increased risk of complications include
  • Preterm labor
  • Injury to the fetus
  • Reduced oxygen and/or nutrient supply
  • Low birth weight
  • Abnormal development

  • The baby can be born addicted to drugs, putting
    them at risk from withdrawals (Neonatal
    Abstinence Syndrome or NAS).
  • Can lead to birth defects, even in the case of
    prescription drugs. Approximately 2-3 of birth
    defects are caused by drugs taken to treat a
    symptom or disorder.¹
  • May be life-threatening for both mom and baby.

  • In addition to physical complications of drug
    use, addiction can make it harder to manage
    responsibilities like medical appointments and
    labor planning.
  • Stress can be a trigger for drug or alcohol use.
    Being pregnant and preparing to raise a child can
    put additional pressure on a mother.
  • It can be challenging to find a substance abuse
    rehab program that addresses the addiction as
    well as the unique needs of a pregnant woman.

  • Talk at length with your doctor about what you
    can expect, how your addiction will affect your
    pregnancy, and if they can provide any beneficial
  • Look into rehabilitation options and support
    groups. Women who have had similar experiences
    can provide important insights and advice.
  • Enlist the aid of loved ones (friends, family,
    partner) to help you keep track of appointments,
    prepare your home for a child, etc.

  • A pregnant woman can still go through an
    addiction treatment program, so long as the plan
    considers her needs and involves careful
  • Certain medications and methods may be used to
    assist with rehab, so long as any risks to the
    pregnancy are deemed acceptable by doctors.
  • For example, an opioid-addicted mother may be
    given methadone during pregnancy. The baby will
    likely still be born with NAS, but methadone
    should reduce the intensity of NAS symptoms.

  • Stay vigilant and be extra cautious to avoid
    potentially triggering situations. The emotional
    ups and downs of pregnancy can make you more
  • Continue to do your usual recovery work,
    attending 12-step meetings or counseling
    appointments as usual.
  • Seek support from other moms, including those who
    are also in recovery from addiction.

  • Get excited about the pregnancy just like any
    other (baby shower, nursery prep, other
    traditions)every mother and child deserve to be
  • Help mom find addiction recovery programs or
    continue to encourage her through recovery.
  • Whether the person is still addicted or in
    recovery, remain positive and focused on the
    possibilities of the future, not the missteps of
    the past.

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