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Medical Power Supply Devices


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Title: Medical Power Supply Devices

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Market Overview
  • Power supply devices, in general, are electronic
    or electric equipment, which changes power source
    into the desired form to ensure compatibility
    with the equipment being used. Medical power
    supply devices find applications in a plethora of
    medical activities including PET scanners, MRI,
    CT scan, X-ray, blood analyzers, DNA equipment,
    patient monitor, dental equipment, robotic
    surgical devices, etc. Selecting a specific power
    supply device is a major task for healthcare
    organizations, especially due to frequent changes
    in safety and environmental norms for medical
    equipment. For instance, electromagnetic
    interference (EMI) generates significant
    distortion to operation of equipment. Since
    medical equipment is more sensitive to EMI than
    industrial equipment, it is crucial to have
    compliance with efficient performance.

  • The Global Medical Power Supply Devices
    Market, By Product Type (Standard Medical Power
    Supply Device and Configurable Power Supply
    Devices), By Function (AC-DC Power Supply Devices
    and DC-DC Converters), By End User (Hospitals,
    Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Clinics, Long term
    Care Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Diagnostic
    Centers and Home Care Settings) and by Region
    (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin
    America, Middle East and Africa) - Global
    Forecast to 2027, is expected to be valued at
    US 2015.3 million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of
    4.6 during the forecast period (2019-2027), as
    highlighted in a report published by Coherent
    Market Insights.

Market Dynamics- Drivers
  • Increasing geriatric population worldwide is
    expected to drive growth of the global medical
    power supply devices market during the forecast
  • Rising geriatric population across the globe is
    increasing the demand for biotechnology,
    pharmaceutical, and medical device products.
    Since the geriatric population requires more
    assistance and medical care, the demand for a
    wide range of medical devices ranging from simple
    disposable supplies to patient-treatment and
    monitoring instruments are expected to increase
    significantly. According to the World Health
    Organization (WHO), the global geriatric
    population is expected to account for around 22
    of global population by 2050. According to the
    same source, in Europe, the number of people aged
    85 years and above is expected to increase from
    14 million to 19 million by 2020, and increase to
    40 million by 2050. Furthermore, power supply
    device manufacturers are focused on introducing
    non-invasive, responsive, and user-friendly
    medical devices particularly focused on geriatric
    population. Hence, these factors are expected to
    boost the market growth in the near future.

  • Growing expenditure on healthcare and healthcare
    facilities is expected to propel the global
    medical power supply devices market growth over
    the forecast period
  • Private as well as public expenditure on
    healthcare has increased significantly in the
    recent past. This is owing to increasing
    population and prevalence of various diseases.
    Furthermore, rapidly changing lifestyle is
    driving the demand for advanced healthcare
    solutions, thereby accelerating the demand for
    medical power supplies globally. According to the
    World Bank, public and private health expenditure
    collectively in the U.S. accounted for 17 and
    17.2 of the overall GDP of the country in 2012
    and 2013 respectively whereas, in Germany, it
    accounted for 11.3 of the countrys GDP in 2013.
    Increased expenditure on healthcare has led to
    high adoption of wireless technologies,
    implantable medical devices, and high preference
    for alternative healthcare institutions. Thus,
    rise in healthcare expenditure is expected to
    propel the global medical power supply devices
    market growth over the forecast period. APAC
    region dominated the global medical power supply
    devices market in 2019, accounting for 40.3
    share in terms of value, followed by Europe,
    North America, Latin America, and Middle East
    Africa respectively.

Growing expenditure on healthcare and healthcare
facilities is expected to propel the global
medical power supply devices market growth over
the forecast period
Market Dynamics- Restraints
  • Rising emergence of multi-functional equipment is
    expected to restrain growth of the global medical
    power supply devices market over the forecast
  • Sudden emergence of multi-functional medical
    equipment has hindered the demand for
    application-specific equipment, thereby hampering
    sales of medical power supply devices. Many
    manufacturers are actively offering medical
    devices with multiple functions and features. For
    instance, Chinese manufacturers offer
    multifunctional Anesthesia machine with
    in-built ventilator systems. Moreover, companies
    such as DRE Medical, Inc. offer hospital-grade
    patient monitors for applications such as ECG
    monitoring and Capnography.

  • Frequent product recalls is expected to hamper
    the global medical power supply devices market
    growth during the forecast period
  • Product failures and constantly changing
    regulatory policies and certifications of medical
    devices have led to increase in product recalls.
    As a result of this, original equipment
    manufacturers (OEMs) are facing increased
    inventory, operational, and logistics costs,
    thereby leading to significant revenue losses.
    For instance, in March 2016, the U.S. Food and
    Drug Administration (FDA) recalled Drägerwerk AG
    Co.s ventilators between June 1, 2011, and
    December 1, 2015. The product was recalled due to
    power supplies causing a ventilator to shut down
    unexpectedly, which could potentially lead to
    patient injury or death.

Market Opportunities
  • Increasing shift towards wireless medical devices
    can present lucrative growth opportunities for
    market players
  • Wireless medical device manufacturers require
    flexibility in terms of terms EMC
    (Electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI
    (electromagnetic interference) for power
    supplies, in order to cater to the demand from
    end users. Furthermore, power supply devices
    manufacturers are focused on developing
    compact-sized and energy-efficient medical power
    supplies for wireless test and measurement
    equipment for medical applications. High demand
    for wireless medical devices is expected to boost
    expenditure by OEMs for designing and
    manufacturing medical power supply devices with
    specific equipment requirements.

  • Strategic partnerships between public and private
    sector can provide significant business
  • The government of Indian and China are
    collaborating with OEMs of healthcare equipment
    and service providers in the U.S., in order to
    expand manufacturing facilities and increase
    access to treatments in these countries. Allowing
    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in these
    countries is expected to create major growth
    opportunities for medical device manufacturers.
    For instance, in January 2014, Medtronic Plc., a
    medical devices manufacturer, partnered with the
    Chinese municipal government of Chengdu, China.
    Under this partnership, the company invested in
    its existing medical device manufacturing
    facility. Moreover, in August 2014, Medtronic
    Plc. announced plans to establish a factory for
    portable hemodialysis equipment in China.

  • Strategic partnerships between public and private
    sector can provide significant business

Market Trends
  • Rising demand for energy-efficient power supply
  • The demand for energy-efficient power supply
    devices is increasing significantly benefits
    provided by these devices such as low operational
    cost. The demand is also driven by legislation
    such as the European Unions EcoDesign Directive
    2009/125/EC, which aims to mandate low stand
    operation. OEMs are focused on adopting various
    technologies such as development of magnetic
    component devices and control ICs, in order to
    enhance the energy efficiency of their products
    thereby catering to the rising demand from end
    users. For instance, in October 2015, TDK Lambda
    announced that external power supplies were
    complaint with the U.S. DoE Level VI efficiency
    standards. In January 2016, XP Power introduced
    AC-DC power supplies, complying with the same
    energy efficiency standards.

  • Integration of mains isolation technology in
    medical power supply equipment
  • Medical power supply is not designed to work
    parallel with consumer electronics devices. This
    is due to the fact that power supply equipment in
    consumer electronic devices can negatively affect
    the electrical network of the medical power
    supply equipment. Moreover, medical power supply
    devices are adversely affected by electromagnetic
    interference (EMI), which can result in potential
    risk of electric shocks to the patient.
    Therefore, medical power supply devices are being
    integrated with two Means of Operator Protection
    (MOOP), in order to isolate patients and
    operators using medical devices in case of a wide
    range of applications.

Segment information
  • In global enterprise collaboration service
    market, by Product Type segment, the Standard
    Medical Power Supply dominated the global market
    in 2019, accounting for 61.8 share in terms of
    value, followed by Configurable Medical Power
    Supply respectively.

  • Asia Pacific
  • Medical power supplies imported to Japan need to
    comply with DENAN
  • In Japan, DENAN is a national law administered by
    Japans METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and
    Industry), formerly the Electrical Appliance and
    Material Control Law (DENTORI). DENAN provides
    PSE approval certification which acts as
    compliance of safety standards for medical
  • EK Mark Korea
  • Koreas EK Mark is administered by its Agency for
    Technology and Standards (MOCIE) to demonstrate
    compliance for medical power supply and equipment
    with the Electrical Appliances and Materials
    Safety Control Law.
  • CCC Mark China
  • The CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) Mark on
    any product specifies compliance with Chinese
    laws and regulations. This mark is compulsory for
    any product to be used for commercial purposes in

Competitive Section
  • Key players operating in the global medical power
    supply devices market are Astrodyne TDI, SL Power
    Electronics, Powerbox International AB, TDK
    Lambda Corporation, Artesyn Embedded Technologies
    (Emerson Network Power), GlobTek, Inc.,
    ICCNexergy, FRIWO Geratebau GmbH, Excelsys
    Technology, and Delta Electronics, Inc.

Key Developments
  • Key players in the market are focused on product
    launches, in order to expand product portfolio.
    For instance, in December 2017, Powerbox
    International AB introduced a new series of power
    supplies for medical applications, OBR04.
  • Major companies in the market are involved in
    product launches, in order to enhance the market
    presence. For instance, in November 2018, TDK
    Lambda Corporation introduced CUS1500M series of
    AC-DC power supplies, which certified for medical

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