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Head-mounted Display (HMD) Market


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Title: Head-mounted Display (HMD) Market

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Market Overview
  • A head-mounted display is an electronic wearable
    device, mounted on a head that includes a small
    display optic near the eye. The display optic
    projects a virtual environment in front of the
    users eyes. The screens used in the head-mounted
    display are liquid crystal displays (LCDs) since
    they are compact, efficient, and lightweight. HMD
    finds applications in a variety of industries
    including military, gaming, medical, sports,
    training and simulation, engineering, etc. The
    virtual reality headsets used in gaming and other
    applications are HMDs combined with inertial
    measurement unit (IMU). Furthermore, optic
    head-mounted display (OHMD) is a wearable display
    that can reflect projected images and enables the
    user to see through it.

  • The Global Head-mounted Display (HMD)  Market,
    BY Product Type(Helmet Mounted Display, Eye Wear
    Display) by Component (Helmet Mounted Display
    (Micro-Display, Head Tracker, Camera,
    Connectivity, Combined Mirror, Control Unit,
    Helmet and Accessories) Eye Wear Display/Glass
    (Micro-Display, Goggle, Head Tracker, Controller,
    Connectivity, Battery and Accessories)), by
    Application (Defense, Aviation, Military,
    Industrial Sector, Augmented Virtual Reality,
    Research Development, Healthcare, Video Gaming
    Entertainment, Training Simulation and
    Others), and by Geography (North America, Europe,
    Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Middle East
    Africa) - Global Forecast to 2027, is expected
    to be valued at US  125.06 Billion by 2027,
    witnessing a CAGR of 38.6 during the forecast
    period (2019-2027), as highlighted in a report
    published by Coherent Market Insights.

Market Dynamics- Drivers
  • Increasing expenditure on defense equipment and
    personnel are expected to drive growth of the
    global head mounted display (HMD) market during
    the forecast period
  • Many countries around the world including Brazil,
    India, Russia, and China have started investing
    heavily in military and defense infrastructure
    and related products. Moreover, these countries
    are laying emphasis on importing electronic
    products from countries such as France, Germany,
    and the U.S. For instance, in 2014, Brazil
    entered into an agreement with Saab AB to buy its
    JAS-39E/F X2Gripen over Rafael, Super Horne with
    HMD-enabled technology. Furthermore, in 2012, BAE
    Systems received an order for remote eyepiece
    display imagers from the U.S. Army. Hence, high
    expenditure on defense equipment is expected to
    support growth of the market in the near future.

  • Rising consumer preference for sophisticated
    wearable devices is expected to propel the global
    head mounted display (HUD) market growth over the
    forecast period
  • Increasing purchasing power of individuals in
    many developed countries including the U.S.,
    Germany, Canada, and the U.K. combined with
    rising preference of consumers for sophisticated
    high tech wearable devices is expected to boost
    the demand for wearable devices in the near
    future. Moreover, growing awareness among
    consumers regarding benefits of wearable
    electronic devices such as fitness bands and
    other activity trackers is expected to boost the
    global head mounted display (HUD) market growth
    over the forecast period. According to Coherent
    Market Insights analysis, the global wearable
    electronics market is expected to increase at a
    CAGR of over 36 by 2020.

  • North America region dominated the global head
    mounted display (HMD) market in 2019, accounting
    for 33.4 share in terms of value, followed by
    Europe and Asia Pacific, respectively.

Market Dynamics- Restraints
  • High price associated with wearable products is
    expected to hamper the global head mounted
    display (HUD) market growth over the forecast
  • Although HMD wearables offer lucrative features,
    the prices of these devices are significantly
    high and not affordable for consumers from
    emerging economies such as India, China, and
    Brazil. Moreover, head mounted displays are made
    with high-end technologies and delicate
    components such as LCD screen, which increases
    their price significantly. Therefore, high price
    associated with HMDs is expected to hamper the
    market growth over the forecast period.

  • Low consumer awareness in emerging economies is
    expected to hinder to global head mounted display
    (HUD) market growth over the forecast period
  • Lack of consumer awareness regarding various
    features offered by HMDs is different
    applications, especially in emerging regions such
    as Latin America and Middle East Africa is the
    major restraining factor. Moreover, HMDs are
    relatively more popular in military and defense
    applications as compared to consumer electronics.
    Hence, these factors are expected to hinder the
    global head mounted display (HMD) market growth
    over the forecast period.

Market Opportunities
  • Integration with healthcare and fitness devices
    can present lucrative growth opportunities
  • The demand for wearable devices such as bands,
    eyewear, and smart-watches is expected to
    increase significantly in the near future. Key
    players in the market are can integrate head
    mounted displays with wearables and capitalize on
    untapped market potential. For instance, Samsung
    Gear Live is a wearable device that monitors
    heart rate and has attractive appearance.
    Moreover, Samsung Gear Fit is a fitness version
    of Samsung Gear and Integrated Mobile S Health

  • Rising applications in the entertainment sector
    can pose major business opportunities
  • Video gaming and entertainment sectors have
    registered high demand for HMDs in the recent
    past. Increasing consumer interest in
    entertainment is a major factor driving growth of
    the eyewear display market. Moreover, companies
    such as Google, Sony, and Oculus VR have launched
    products for consumer entertainment purposes.

Rising applications in the entertainment sector
can pose major business opportunities
In global head mounted display market, by
application segment defense, aviation, military
sub-segment dominated the global head mounted
display (HMD) market in 2019, accounting for
30.5 share in terms of value, followed by
industrial sector and augmented and virtual
Market Trends
  • North America Trends
  • High presence of key manufacturers
  • The semiconductor and wearable electronics market
    in North America has matured enough so that it
    can drive growth of the regional head mounted
    display market. North American information
    technology, electronics, semiconductor, and
    automation companies are introducing innovative
    HMD technologies in order to maintain a
    competitive edge in the industry. Furthermore,
    some of the major players in the IT industry and
    social networking sites are focused on investing
    in head-mounted displays. For instance, in 2014,
    Facebook acquired Oculus VR to enter the consumer
    electronics segment.

  • Rapid growth of healthcare industry
  • Rapid growth of healthcare industry in North
    America has resulted in increased use of
    head-mounted displays in the region for accurate
    and safe decision-making in medical treatment and
    healthcare. Healthcare professionals in the U.S.
    use Google Glass to track patient health records
    in hospitals. Moreover, Google Glass is expected
    to find applications in treatment for autism and
    various other fields including healthcare and
    medical research.

  • Latin America Trends
  • High growth of electronics industry
  • The consumer electronics industry in Brazil is
    expected to witness high growth in the near
    future, owing to active support from the
    government. Rising demand for navigation-based
    displays in the region is expected to boost the
    regional HMD market. Furthermore, growing
    semiconductor industry in Lain America is
    attracting global players in the semiconductor
    industry to expand their business into the

  • Strong support from government
  • The Brazilian government is actively supporting
    the electronics industry by providing tax
    incentives for domestic production of electronic
    products. Moreover, Brazil governments Padis
    program focuses on supporting technological
    developments in the semiconductor industry and
    advanced technical developments in integrated
    circuits and assembly-related tasks.

Competitive Section
  • Key players operating in the global head mounted
    display (HMD) market are Sensics Corporation,
    Sony Corporation, Recon Instruments, Kopin
    Corporation, Thales Visionix, Inc., Oculus VR,
    Rockwell Collins, Inc., eMagin Corporation,
    Google Inc., Lockheed Martin, Japan Display Inc.,
    and Seiko Epson Corporation.

Key Developments
  • Major companies in the market are focused on
    partnerships and collaborations, in order to
    enhance the market presence. For instance, in
    October 2018, Kopin Corporation partnered with
    Endopodium to develop high resolution wearable
    displays for medical and surgical applications.
  • Key players in the market are involved in
    agreements and contracts, in order to gain
    competitive edge in the market. For instance, in
    September 2019, Lockheed Martin entered into a
    US 352.6 million contract with the U.S.
    Department Defense to sell Generation 3 helmet
    mounted displays for F-35 jets.

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