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Best Modern kitchen Porcelain Tiles Design


Here ve presenting the best modern kitchen porcelain tiles collection to decorate or renovate your kitchen. Here you can find the best modern kitchen ties designs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Modern kitchen Porcelain Tiles Design

Best Modern Kitchen Porcelain Tile Design
  • Cruso Surface Pvt.Ltd.

  • Unique polished glazed porcelain tile
    manufacturing technology makes this material
    incredibly attractive, practical and durable. Its
    performance properties are significantly superior
    to classic ceramic tiles and are often one step
    higher than natural stone. That is why the use of
    porcelain stoneware in the kitchen is not a
    tribute to a fashion trend, but a deliberate and
    balanced need.

  • Advantages of using porcelain stoneware in the
    kitchenThe tremendous pressure to which the
    mineral mixture is subjected during the
    manufacturing process makes it possible to create
    a unique fine-pored material that is not afraid
    of mechanical damage, high humidity and extreme
    temperatures. These 3 main enemies facing kitchen
    furniture every day significantly interfere with
    the choice of the coating and, as a result, limit
    the possibilities of the interior.Attractive
    and insensitive to external influences, porcelain
    stoneware does not compromise practicality and
    has all the qualities necessary to create a cosy
    and welcoming spaceHigh wear resistance
    provides up to 100 years of service.
  • Staining of the entire ceramic mass, not just its
    top layer, guarantees its original shine and
    protection against darkening or fading.As part
    of glazed porcelain stoneware tiles, exclusively
    safe and ecological natural raw materials are
    used that do not emit harmful substances.Various
    dyeing and polishing technologies solve any
    design problem.
  • Characteristics of choosing porcelain stoneware
    in the kitchen.The modern range of porcelain
    stoneware, on the one hand, expands the
    possibilities of interior design, on the other
    hand, complicates your choice. Despite the
    high-performance characteristics inherent in this
    type of coating in general, its individual
    subspecies may differ slightly from each other,
    which should be taken into account when choosing
    a coatingUntreated matte porcelain stoneware
    has the highest strength and resistance to
    various factors. The moisture-resistant surface
    with good non-slip properties is low maintenance
    and belongs to one of the most affordable
    segments in terms of price.

  • Lapping porcelain stoneware is one of the
    relatively recent innovations in the construction
    world. The material combines small polished areas
    with rough inclusions, which on the one hand,
    provides an attractive shine, on the other hand,
    reduces slippage and increases its wear
    resistance. It belongs to the premium category.
  • The ground appearance denotes special cutting
    processing that reduces the size of the joint,
    which generally does not affect the operation,
    but improves the presence of the finish.
  • A polished and polished surface is used in the
    kitchen only in rare cases, as it is less
    resistant to damage and is not always able to
    provide the proper anti-slip effect.
  • The embossed and textured material, which
    resembles natural stone or wood look porcelain
    tile, as well as a patterned volumetric ornament,
    are slightly more challenging to maintain but
    have high practicality and visual appeal.
  • Porcelain stoneware is versatile and can be used
    for both wall decoration and floor coverings. The
    format of the individual elements depends solely
    on the imagination of the producers. Decent,
    high-quality kitchen fixtures can be found in
    both small-format lines and today's large
    collections that are (and often exceed) 1 meter
    in length.

  • A current collection and combinations wood
    Porcelain stoneware that imitates natural wood
    has become an undeniable classic. In a short
    time, manufacturers have learned how to
    realistically imitate the colour, pattern,
    texture, and format of a wooden board. Porcelain
    tiles that look like wood look good in the
    kitchen space, full of scratches, cracks,
    discoloured stains and other traces of time.

  • A Rock The second most popular option for
    decorating a kitchen space with porcelain
    stoneware will be an imitation stone. Marble
    porcelain slab, travertine, granite, onyx and
    sandstone look great in home interiors. And
    depending on the overall design concept, they can
    play an essential role in accent or become an
    irreplaceable choice for stationery.

  • Brickwork Pig tile has been the undisputed
    leader among ceramic buyers for the past few
    years. Interest in this format has not waned even
    today. However, the popular lightweight masonry
    has been replaced by sand-coloured porcelain
    stoneware as well as imitation aged brick.

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