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“The U.S. Industrial Gas Regulator Market, By Application (Oil & Gas, Chemical , Steel & Metal Processing, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Others) by Gas Type (Inert, Toxic and Corrosive), by Regulator Type (Single Stage and Dual Stage) - Global Forecast to 2027”, is expected to be valued at US$ 3307.4 Million by 2027, witnessing a CAGR of 3.0 % during the forecast period (2019-2027), as highlighted in a report published by Coherent Market Insights. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Market Overview
  • An industrial gas regulator is a control device
    that regulates and maintains the gas pressure, in
    order to ensure safe and effective operations.
    Gas regulators are consist of a separate pressure
    sensor with a controller and flow valve. If the
    flow load is increased, the regulator flow also
    increases. Whereas regulator flow decreases with
    decrease in the load flow, in order to maintain
    controlled pressure. These gas regulators are
    used in various industries including oil
    natural gas, chemicals, gas pipelines, power
    generation, etc. Pressure reducing regulators are
    adopted for maintaining required outlet pressure
    while delivering the necessary gas flow, which
    will satisfy the downstream demand. There three
    main types of gas regulators used in industries
    namely inert, corrosive, and toxic.
  • The U.S. industrial gas regulator market is
    estimated to account for US 2,613.7 Mn in terms
    of value in 2019 and is expected to grow at a
    CAGR of 3.0 over the forecasted period 2019-27.

Market Dynamics- Drivers
  • Rising demand for technologically advanced gas
    regulators is expected to drive growth of the
    U.S. industrial gas regulators market during the
    forecast period
  • Increasing demand for novel products that provide
    enhanced performance and consistency and reduced
    environmental impact are expected to boost the
    demand for new technologies in the near future.
    Constant enhancement in gas regulators is
    expected to set new quality standards in
    performance by replacing diaphragm used in
    conventional regulators with piston. With this,
    regulators can be operated at an increased
    frequency and enhanced pressure stability, which
    in turn, is expected to boost growth of the
    market during the forecast period. For instance,
    in July 2013, Linde Group introduced hybrid
    premium regulators named Smoothflo.
  • Increasing demand for natural gas fuel-based
    equipment is expected to propel the U.S.
    industrial gas regulators market growth over the
    forecast period
  • The use of industrial equipment with natural gas
    fuel is increasing rapidly. Industrial boilers
    and furnaces are some of the major such examples
    that use natural gas as fuel. These boilers are
    used in various industries including paper,
    chemicals, food, refining, chemicals, and
    manufacturing. Industrial gas regulators play a
    major role in maintaining, controlling, and
    monitoring gas flow and pressure in these
    appliances. According to Coherent Market
    Insights analysis, the U.S. food manufacturing
    industry has over 1,000 industrial boilers, of
    which some use natural gas as a fuel. On the
    contrary, the paper industry requires massive
    industrial boilers to burn production waste,
    paper, and pulp. Moreover, according to the same
    source, there are over 300 chemical plants in the
    U.S. Thus, these factors are expected to propel
    the U.S. industrial gas regulators market growth
    over the forecast period.

Market Dynamics- Restraints
  • Strict regulatory policies involved in industrial
    gas regulators manufacturing are expected to
    hamper the U.S. industrial gas regulators market
    growth over the forecast period
  • Since industrial gas regulators have diverse
    applications, as it has been used in a plethora
    of industries including automotive, oil gas,
    aerospace, food processing industries. These gas
    regulators are provided with varying levels of
    pressure handling capacities associated with the
    nature of the substances they hold. Thus,
    fabrication of gas regulators needs a set of
    standards actress industry verticals such as
    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) standards for
    industrial gas regulators. Furthermore, in the
    U.S., the American Gas Association (AGA) monitors
    gas regulators norms under the Accredited
    Standards Committee (ASC). Another similar body
    is the Gas Piping Technology Committee (GPTC),
    which is responsible for publishing the ANSI
    Z380.1, Guide for Gas Transmission, Distribution
    and Gathering Piping Systems that regulates gas
    equipments standards including regulators.
    Therefore, these factors are expected to hamper
    the market growth in the near future.
  • Vibrant political scenarios across the globe are
    expected to hinder the U.S. industrial gas
    regulators market growth over the forecast period
  • The industrial gas regulators are classified into
    auxiliary goods category that aid primary goods
    manufacturing. They are used in primary goods
    manufacturing such as food processing materials,
    automobiles, oil gas composites, and others.
    Constantly changing political scenarios can
    affect consumption of these primary goods,
    thereby hindering the demand for auxiliary goods.
    Furthermore, global economy is witnessing major
    challenges such as regulatory insights, energy
    security, climate change, and other related
    factors. Growing economic uncertainty and energy
    security-related price volatility is expected to
    hamper the demand for industrial gas regulators.

Market Opportunities
  • Growing demand from automotive industry is
    expected to present major growth opportunities
  • Gas processing equipment is being increasingly
    used in automotive industry for various
    manufacturing processes including the use of
    Oxyfuel-based cutting and welding in automotive
    fabrication processes. Moreover, rising
    preference for gas-powered automobiles is
    expected to boost the demand for gas regulators
    across the automobile sector including gas
    regulators for the pressure indicators of the
    tanks of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and
    compressed natural gas (CNG) used to power
    automobiles. Furthermore, industrial gas
    regulators can also be used in cyclic automotive
    industry aspects of tire air inflation and
    refilling machinery.
  • High demand from chemical sector can offer
    excellent business opportunities
  • Chemicals sector is another major end-use sector
    that is increasingly adopting industrial gas
    regulators. Different types of gases are used in
    chemicals industry including inert, toxic, and
    corrosive. Monitoring and controlling these gases
    is crucial as leakage of any of them would lead
    to hazardous events. Industrial gas regulators
    can efficiently maintain and control desired gas
    pressure and provide required output whenever
    needed. Key players in the market can gain
    competitive edge by targeting the particular
    sector and providing suitable products.

In The U.S. industrial gas regulator market, by
type segment defense, Inert gas sub-segment
dominated The U.S. industrial gas regulator
market in 2019, accounting for 60.2 share in
terms of value, followed by corrosive and toxic.
Market Trends
  • Increasing oil gas exploration activities
  • High growth of oil gas sector has prompted
    energy-dependent industries such as chemicals and
    power generation, which in turn, has increased
    the demand for pressure control equipment in
    North America. According to the U.S. Energy
    Information Administration, the countrys crude
    oil and lease condensate reserves increased to
    39.9 billion barrels in 2014, an increase of 3.4
    billion barrels (9.3 ) from 2013. Moreover,
    according to the U.S. Energy Information
    Administrations (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook
    2015, natural gas consumption of the industrial
    sector will grow at an annual rate of 0.5
    through 2020. 
  • High demand for brass regulators across the
  • Various industries across the U.S. are preferring
    industrial gas regulators fabricated brass. As
    compared to other materials such as steel,
    brass-based regulators have smoother internal
    finishes and smaller internal volumes, which
    allows maintaining noncorrosive gases with higher
    purity levels.

Competitive Section
  • Key players operating in the U.S. industrial gas
    regulators market are GCE Group, Emerson Electric
    Co., Itron, Inc., The Linde Group, Rotarex S.A.,
    Air Liquide S.A., Honeywell Process Solutions,
    Praxair Technology, Inc., Cavagna Group S.p.A,
    and Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

Key Developments
  • Major companies in the market are focused on
    mergers and acquisitions, in order to enhance the
    market presence. For instance, in July 2019,
    Emerson Electric Co., a U.S.-based company,
    acquired Zedi Inc.s software and automation
    business, in order to help oil and gas producers
    increase production and lower operating costs.
  • Key players in the market are involved in
    contracts and agreements, in order to gain a
    competitive edge in the market. For instance, in
    February 2017, Itron, Inc. entered into an
    agreement with Avangrid Inc. to supply electric
    and gas technology infrastructure upgrades for
    New York State Electric Gas Corp. customers in
    Ithaca, N.Y.

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