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The embedded system market was dominated by STMicroelectronics, Intel, Renesas, NXP, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung Electronics, and Microchip. These leading players adopted a few major strategies in the market which created a significant impact. The strategies comprised product launches, strategic partnerships, and business agreements along with mergers & acquisitions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Systems are designed by combining microprocessor
computer hardware and software for performing
pre-defined tasks independently or with other
systems. Embedded systems are used in the
healthcare, automotive, aerospace, industrial,
consumer electronics, and communication
verticals. The overall embedded system market is
expected to grow from USD 86.5 billion in 2020 to
USD 116.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.1
during the forecast period. The growth of the
overall embedded system market is driven by
various factors such as increasing number of
research development activities related to
embedded systems, surge in demand for ADAS in EV
and hybrid vehicles, increase in demand for
portable devices equipped with embedded systems,
and rise in demand for multicore processors in
military applications. In 2019, the embedded
system market was dominated by STMicroelectronics,
Intel, Renesas, NXP, Qualcomm, Texas
Instruments, Samsung Electronics, and Microchip.
These leading players adopted a few major
strategies in the market which created a
significant impact. The strategies comprised
product launches, strategic partnerships, and
business agreements along with mergers
acquisitions. Intel (US) manufactures various
products, such as processors, systems and
devices, chipsets, FPGAs, structured ASICs, and
servers. The company caters to applications and
industries, such as automotive, broadcast,
communications, energy, financial services,
industrial, military, and consumer electronics.
Intel adopts both, organic and inorganic
strategies to become a market leader in the
embedded system market. It focuses on various
collaborations and acquisitions along with
product launches to meet the changing needs of
its wide customer base. For example, Intel
acquired Mobileye (Israel) to strengthen its
position in the Embedded Systems market by
combining the vision systems offered by Mobileye
with its own AI capabilities. Similarly, the
company recently acquired Habana Labs (US) to
improve its competitiveness in the Best Embedded
Systems. Renesas Electronics Corporation (Japan),
is one of the leaders in the semiconductor
manufacturing industry. The company provides a
broad range of products, including
microcontrollers and microprocessors, embedded
system memory devices, system-on-chip (SoC), and
a variety of analog and power devices. The
company deals in applications related to
industrial, automotive, healthcare, building
automation (BA), office automation (OA), energy
management system, and information communication
technology. Renesas has taken a consumer-centric
approach to address the high-growth markets, and
has improved its position in the embedded system
market. It partnered with various companies in
the automotive industry, such as Nissan
(Yokohama, Japan), Volkswagen (Wolfsburg,
Germany), and Continental (Hanover, Germany).
These alliances are expected to enhance the usage
of its technologies while jointly developing
new-age auto-mobility solutions. The company also
joined the Autonomous Vehicle Computing
Consortium consisting of players such as Bosch
(Gerlingen, Germany), NXP Semiconductors
(Eindhoven, Netherlands), and ARM (Cambridge, UK)
to speed up its autonomous driving vehicle
development program. STMicroelectronics
(Switzerland) is a global semiconductor solutions
provider. STMicroelectronics offers a variety of
products such as microcontrollers and
microprocessors, power modules and devices,
memories, MEMS and sensors, and analog and
digital ICs. Some of the sectors that the company
is involved in include industrial, automotive,
IoT applications, personal electronics, and
  • STMicroelectronics focuses on product launches
    and development to grow its share in the embedded
    solutions market. The company launched various
    products and solutions for IoT- and IIoT-based
    applications. Its STM32 family of
    microcontrollers gives it the flexibility to
    provide solutions for various industries such as
    automotive, communication, healthcare, IoT. This
    allows the company to offer a broad product
    portfolio to its customers and help in
    cross-selling different products on the same
    platform. As it has a front foot in the low-power
    MCUs, STMicroelectronics can consider increasing
    its collaborations and partnerships activities
    to solidify its position in low-power consumption
    technologies and devices in the IoT network.
  • NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)specializes in
    designing, manufacturing, and marketing
    semiconductor devices. NXP Semiconductors offers
    various products such as ARM processors and MCUs,
    power architecture processors, sensors,
    interface and connectivity, security, and media
    and audio processing. The solutions provided by
    NXP Semiconductors find applications in sectors
    such as automotive, mobile, industrial, smart
    devices, and communication. NXP Semiconductors
    has been able to cater to the changing needs of
    customers and remain one of the leaders in the
    automotive semiconductor industry. This has also
    helped the company maintain a comprehensive
    outlook of the automotive industry, developing
    next-generation ADAS and related security
    solutions. The company could consider using its
    RD findings to increase its market in
    non-automotive industries such as retail
    consumer electronics, which is a significant
    opportunity for its competitors.
  • Top companies in the Embedded Systems market will
    be rated using the following methodology -
  • A highly experienced team of researchers and
    senior analysts conduct extensive research to
    generate a list of vendors (competitors).
  • A patent-pending algorithm is used to collect
    inputs from key stakeholdersindustry experts,
    buyers, vendors, and 360Quadrants analystsbased
    on criteria for Product Maturity and Company
  • Criteria under Product Maturity include breadth
    and depth of product/service offering, product
    features and functionalities, product
    differentiation, and their impact on customer
  • Criteria under Company Maturity include
    geographical footprint, partner ecosystem,
    financial stability, and client coverage or
    sector footprint.
  • Approximately 20 in-depth parameters will be
    considered for research for the Embedded Systems
  • market. These parameters will be updated every
    sixmonths to ensure latest developments are taken
    into consideration.
  • A weight is assigned to each stakeholder based on
    information gathered pertaining to the above
    criteria as well as inputs from stakeholders.
    These inputs follow the order of priority given
  • Buyers
  • Industry Experts
  • 360Quadrants Analysts
  • Vendors (Competitors)
  • The inputs are analyzed, and a final rating is
    assigned to each vendor (competitor).
  • After the finalization of ratings, each vendor is
    placed in the most relevant quadrant based on
    their score.

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