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Garage Door Spring Repair in Addison


Garage Door Spring Repair in Addison by professional Total Garage Door Services – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Garage Door Spring Repair in Addison

Garage Door Spring Repair in Addison
  • If you notice that your garage door is moving up
    and down, it's time to get a Garage Door Spring
    Repair in Addison by Total Garage Door Services
    technicians. Sometimes these issues will go away
    on their own or with a little bit of TLC. Other
    times, you need to replace the springs yourself
    to get it back in working order. If you're unsure
    which way to go, then we've got you covered with
    a few tips and tricks to help.

  • The first thing to look at is if there is any
    bending or stretching in the garage door. If
    there is, you'll want to inspect the cable hanger
    before cutting it off. If you have a bent spring
    it can be fixed without too much difficulty but
    this means you'll have to go through all the
    wires and make sure everything is fixed before
    you can fix the actual spring.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair in Addison
  • You want to make sure you cut it out so the
    cables aren't exposed. If you damage the springs
    they could end up damaging the door itself and
    that can't be desirable. Before you start you
    should make sure you've already got a good idea
    about how much the damage is going to cost you.
    Once you've checked everything, you can run the
    springs through your home security system and
    make sure it's safe. Make sure it's not only the
    springs but that the cables are OK as well.

  • Now you can set the doors back up and get them
    checked again. The second time you run the
    springs, make sure everything is OK before doing
    anything else. The door needs to be tight enough
    that it won't slide back open on its own. Once
    everything checks out, you can return the doors
    to the store and let them know if anything seems
    wrong. If they aren't properly padded then you
    can always have them repaired by our highly
    qualified experts. We have a lot of experience in
    this area and know the ins and outs of fixing the
    garage door.

Garage Door Safety Spring Repair in Addison
  • There are a few things to keep in mind though
    when doing this type of work. Watch for signs of
    corrosion like rust. Remember that the springs
    aren't just nylon and there can be some hard
    metal to the foam material. If you find rust,
    make sure you deal with it immediately, or else
    it can cause more problems down the road. The
    garage door spring repair is simple enough,
    especially if you follow the steps above. It
    doesn't take long and usually, you'll find
    yourself up and running in no time. As long as
    you do it properly, you should be fine.