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Project Report Makers For MBA Final Year


India’s Best project preparing report for MBA Final Year writing service which offers to help MBA students. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Project Report Makers For MBA Final Year

MBA In Human Resource
Full Guide On MBA In Human Resource Presented By
Who We Are?
Mbaprojectguide We prepare project report for
MBA, BBA final year students . We have 7 years
of experience. We provide project making
services in subjects like Marketing, Human
resource, Operations, Retail, Banking,
Project, Systems, Business analytics, Finance,
Supply Chain Management etc. Readymade as well
as customized projects. We make MBA projects for
following universities Symbiosis Center For
Distance Learning ,  Indira Gandhi National Open
University, Sikkim Manipal University,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AMITY,
Pondicherry University , IMTCDL, Jawaharlal
Nehru University,  University of Petroleum and
Energy Studies, Institute of Chartered Financial
Analysts of India Etc.
Introduction MBA In Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management is worried about the
dimension of people in management. Since every
company is made up of people obtaining their
services developing their skills prompting them
to achieve a higher level of performance and
ensuring that they continue their dedication in
the company and essential in achieving a firm
goal. This is true regardless of the type of
company government, education, health,
restoration, or direct action. Human Resource
Management is planning, organizing, staffing,
directing, controlling, growth, remuneration,
continuance, and partition of Human Resource to
the end that individual or company and social
goals are mastered. Thus Human Resource
Management refers to a set of programs, purpose,
and activities designed and accomplished to
increase both employees as well as company
effectiveness. Meaning of Human Resource
Management In MBA Human Resource Management is a
Management function that helps the manager to
enlist, select, teach, instruct, and grow members
of the company because human strength acts as the
heart of a company without a human company unable
to accomplish its predetermined target or
objectives. Human Resource Management is a
Management Function bothered with appointing and
prompting people in a company.
Human Resource Management Overview
  • 6 Types of HRM
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Training and Development
  • Employee relations
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Labor laws and legal compliance
  • HRM Techniques
  • Authority. ...
  • Coaching. ...
  • Instruction Atmosphere Appraisal
  • Capability The board/Information
  • Motivating force Frameworks. ...
  • Explanatory and Critical thinking
  • Inward Correspondence.

Importance Of HRM
  • Human Resource in nations welfare
  • Man vs Mechanism
  • HR and common management
  • HR system and middle subsystem
  • Human Resource Accounting
  • Human Resource and market wealth
  • Objective oriented
  • Increase development and growth
  • Improve relationships
  • Helps in team work
  • Identifies person for the future
  • Allocating job to right applicant
  • Improves the economy

Courses Of HRM
  • Strategic Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Human Resource Planning and Development
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management and Competency Mapping
  • Quantitative Techniques in Human Resource
  • Compensation and Reward Management
  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Strategic Human Resource and Management

MBA in HR Management Job Roles and Career
MBA in Human Resource management is needed in
each firm Whatever industry or size. They are the
ones who screen potential applicants. Enlist,
train new employees, and prompt current employees
by offering them competitive remuneration and
other advantages. They frame the firm's Human
resource management policy and make sure all
workers follow it for the interest of a company
like leave policy, encouragement.  HR
Generalist HR generalist is a casual HR manager
who looks into a variety of roles like getting
job applications, assessment resumes, documenting
section process, foreseeing for recruitment
drives, and so on. Their starting salary earnings
are around 2.5 lakhs in India. Staffing
Director The staffing director is a high ranking
HR manager who takes the main decisions regarding
the management of existing workers. He or she
plays a key role in composing promotion policies,
recruitment requirements, transfers, instruction,
etc.      Technical recruiter the technical
recruiter is a middle-level HR manager who is
entrusted with judging the technical knowledge of
prospective applicants and shortlists the ones
who are fine at technical. This holds more
importance for knowledge-based service production
like IT, Banking, etc. the average salary of a
technical recruiter is 2.2 lakhs per annum in
Compensation Manager Compensation managers are
the middle-level Human Resource managers who
plan, examine, and determine the salary of
existing and new workers of the company. He or
she makes sure the remuneration offered adheres
to the minimum wage act and other labor laws. He
or she determines the remuneration composition,
bonus, and other advantages to be offered to the
workers and also plays a critical role in
ensuring workers remain prompt by competitive pay
and regular increases at the same time
maintaining costs on wages.  They are expected to
receive an average salary of Rs 10-16 lakhs per
annum in India. Employees relations manager
employees relations managers are in charge to
maintain a cordial relationship between workers
and firm management. They organize daily meetings
for feedback and suggestions from workers and
trade unions. Address their complaints,
grievances and settle clashes among two or more
workers and firms internally. Director of HR
Training Development Director of HR training
and development is a top-level HR manager in
charge of the design and delivery of training for
new workers as well as existing workers. He or
she makes sure the teaching sessions are fruitful
and productive for the contestant and results in
an advantage for the company by an increase in
the productivity of workers. They are expected to
earn an annual package of 15 lakhs and upwards in
Functions Performed In Human Resource
1.Recruitment/Hiring Hiring is an activity that
brings a pool of prospective applicants who can
help the company achieve its objectives and
allows human resource management to select the
right applicants from the given pool. 2.Job
analysis and design Describing the character of
the job like qualification, skill, work
experience, required for a specific job position
is another important operative job. Whereas job
design includes outlining job duties and
responsibility into a single work unit to
accomplish the objective or target. 3.Performance
appraisal Checking and examining worker
performance is another important function that
human resource management has to
perform. 4.Training Development this function
allows workers to acquire new skills and
knowledge to perform tasks effectively. Training
and development also prepare workers for
higher-level responsibility. 5.Salary
administration The human resource department
also determines salary or remuneration for
different job types. Such as compensation,
incentives, bonus, and rewards with a job
function. 6.Employee Welfare this function
takes care of numerous services advantages and
facilities provided to a worker for their
7.Maintenance reducing worker turnover and
sustaining the best performing workers within the
company is the key. Reducing return on investment
within the human resource department is a key
objective for the human resource management
team.  8.Labor Relations labor relations is
regards to the employees who work within a trade
union. The workforce in such a domain from a
community to voice their conclusion effectively
to the higher management.  9.Personal Research
research is an important part of human resource
management. It is performed to keep a check on
worker opinion about wages, promotions, labor
conditions, welfare activities, leadership,
worker satisfaction, and other issues. 10.Persona
l Record this function includes recording,
maintaining, recovering worker-related
information, involves employment history, work
hours, and salary history.  
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