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Dental Implant by Dentist Countryside Dr


Enhance your appearance and function of your teeth with Dental Implant treatment. Dental implants are artificial teeth to give a natural dentition. To know more about how dental implant treatment is beneficial for you Check out the PPT by the Dentist in Brampton. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dental Implant by Dentist Countryside Dr

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What is a dental implant? The dental implants are
artificial teeth to give a natural dentition. The
implants can replace one or more missing teeth.
It is possible, in patients with full dentures,
to recreate the lost dentition in a single
day.  Dental Implant treatment by Dentist
Countryside Dr, helps to replaces missing teeth
artificially but in a very natural way since all
materials are biocompatible.  Replacement teeth,
therefore, have an appearance and solidity
similar to natural teeth. The dental implants
restore and improve chewing as well as speech and
pronunciation.  A beautiful dentition increases
a person's confidence since the teeth do not move
and look very much like real teeth. They
eliminate the pain of the gums caused by the
pressure of conventional prostheses and help to
slow or stop the melting or atrophy of the gums.
Why choose a dental implant? Tooth replacement If
you have lost a single tooth, it can be easily
replaced with a dental implant.  Your new tooth
will look and work likes your other natural
teeth. You will not have to do any special
maintenance and forget that this is a replacement
tooth.   Replacement of several teeth Teeth are
missing, it is also possible to replace them with
implants. Implant anchors are up to 5 times
stronger than the roots of natural teeth.  Their
installation, therefore, makes it possible to
strengthen the dentition and to avoid premature
degradation of the remaining natural
teeth.    Replacement of all teeth Patients who
need to restore all their teeth - upper and lower
teeth can now get implants and their new fixed
prosthesis in one day.  For an experience without
discomfort or pain, it is possible to perform the
treatment under anesthesia and sedation.   Implant
s treatment option Removable partial
denture Fixed partial dentur
Treatment and surgery You will be followed,
throughout the process, by the same team of
professionals and specialists in dental implant
logy.    The first step by Best Dentist in
Brampton contains clinical examination and taking
a 3D X-ray to get the framework is sufficient to
receive dental implants. Which is most of the
time the case?   The area to be treated is numbed
to remove any pain during the procedure. It is
also possible to be asleep or semi-asleep during
the placement of the implants. This option is
much appreciated when several dental implants
have to be placed.
  • Who is a good candidate for implant placement?
  • Most of the persons are suitable for dental
    implants, but according to age. Only certain
    serious health problems can contraindicate dental
    implants. Certain conditions according to Dentist
    Countryside Dr can, however, affect the
    durability of replacement teeth such as
  • Gum disease
  • Severe tooth grinding problems 
  • Smoking (frequency and duration)
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    information on why dental Implant is important.
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