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Why Is Data Science Such A Hot Career In 2020?


The People who are having the skills and interest to develop then Data science is a very good career option because of the reasons like Soaring Demand Analytics Professionals and there are a lot of job opportunities and meeting the skill gap. A couple of years ago think about Computer Science. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Is Data Science Such A Hot Career In 2020?

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  • Data Science is one of the sassiest jobs of the
    21st century this was the statement mentioned in
    the Harvard Business Review. Research also shows
    that there is going to be a need for around 28
    more data scientists.
  • Demand for data scientists
  • We have some eye-popping data that will give you
    a hint on why there is so much demand for data
    science experts. In 2019, there are 2.9 million
    data science job openings, and this number will
    only increase in 2020. As per a report, in 2020,
    the job requirements for data science and
    analytics are expected to see a boom with a
    demand for 364,000. As per the U.S. Bureau of
    Labor Statistics, by 2026, around 11.5 million
    new jobs will be created. Thus, we can conclude
    that data science developers are going to be in
    higher demand for such professionals.

What is the hottest trend in a Data Science job?
  • If you are planning to pursue Data Scientist as a
    job profile, then data science training is a
    must. After successful completion of this course,
    then you have the following career options
  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistician
  • Data Administrator
  • Data and Analytics Manager

Salary of data scientists
  • One of the reasons individuals are interested in
    pursuing a career as a Data Science expert or
    pursuing data science certification is that they
    get paid well. As per Glassdoor, the average
    salary of a Data Scientist is approximately
    117,345 per annum in the year, and this package
    is higher than other related profiles.
  • In addition to all this, Data Science is finding
    applications in myriads of fields. The autonomous
    vehicle, voice assistant, image recognition are a
    few of the examples where we are finding
    widespread use of data science. It has resulted
    in higher demand for data science certification

What is presently happening in the market?
  • It's not just on the papers that we have so many
    things to talk about when it comes to data
    science. Many companies are using data science
    techniques to strategize their business policies.
    Besides, more data is being generated than
    before. All this has made data science the
    hottest selling techniques.

How can I build my career in data science?
  • The next question that would pop up in your mind
    when it comes to data science on how to form a
    career in data science. We have specific steps
    that will help you make a stable career as a data
    science expert
  • 1. Strong mathematical skills- To become a data
    science expert, you must have strong mathematical
    and statistical skills that will help in quick
    analysis of data. Although several tools in the
    market will help in the right data assessment,
    with a good knowledge of mathematical and
    statistical tools, you can increase the pace of
    assessment. It will also be easier for you to
    decipher whether the tools used are giving the
    right result or not.

  • 2. Learn about new concepts of Machine learning,
    AI, Big Data If you wish to become an expert in
    data science, you must know about allied concepts
    of Machine learning, AI, and Big Data. All these
    technologies solely deal with data and use it in
    some form or the other. Having expertise in this
    field will help you become a more proficient data
    science. Nowadays, companies are looking for
    individuals who have complete knowledge of
    everything related to data.

  • 3. Knowledge of NLP or Natural Language
    Processing- You must know about Natural Language
    Processing. All the tools or software that are
    being developed in recent times are required to
    be more like humans, and here comes the role of
    Natural Language Processing. Knowing this field
    makes you good data scientists.
  • 4. Choosing the right platform- Well, it all
    boils down to the fact that one needs to select
    the right learning platform. There are several
    online portals offering data science
    certification programs. These programs are
    curated to provide complete insight into data
    science and its application. Many such courses
    are available online, and the one who wishes to
    pursue it can do it while staying at home.

  • Data is the base for all the stargaze formulated
    by the companies. It provides the assessment of
    consumer behavior and how they are creating
    towards a particular product or service. It
    becomes essential for companies to invest in data
    analysts, which will help them provide services
    which the customer needs. Here technologies like
    data science play a key role. And hence, we see a
    growing demand for data science professionals.
  • Global Tech Council provides an online data
    science course which aims to bring the best
    knowledge and information related to data science
    and its development. Enroll for the data science
    training and give your career the right boost.

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