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Web Design Trends 2020


Every day thousands of new websites are added to intensify the competition. In 2020, Web design in particular is about to experience futurism like never before. Colors, 3D effect, attention-grabbing visuals, intuitiveness, clarity of use, and many more. Here we have collated a list of 10 web design trends for your next project. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Design Trends 2020

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Top 10 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2020
Websites and web-related resources are becoming
an integral part of our daily lives. So as demand
for web design skills increases a lot of us
may still not know what exactly is web design. In
simple words, It is an art of planning and
designing websites from scratch. There are a
number of small aspects that fall under the
wider web development umbrella, such as
website architecture, user interface and user
experience, webpage layout, navigation, colors,
fonts, and overall graphics. With the
combination of all these, web designers are busy
creating masterpieces that absolutely stand out
in the crowd. Some Interesting Fact About Web
Design and Development The number of unique
internet users worldwide is increasing
drastically. According to the Internet live
stats, there are approximately 543 million active
websites on the internet. The website
development sector is flourishing. Hence,
businesses are eager to make their footprints on
the digital platform with the help of a
website. 73 of companies invest in web
designing to differentiate their brand from the
competition. A unique design is what every
company needs. Clients universally appreciate
it. A survey found that 38 of people will stop
visiting a website if its design is sloppy and
unattractive. If consumers have about 15 minutes
or less to spend online, 59 of them choose to
hang out on elegantly designed websites instead
of plain and simple ones. If the company website
is not mobile-friendly, almost 48 of visitors
consider it a sign that the business does not
appear cautious about its customers.
Google considers website speed as one of the
parameters to rank web pages 47 of website
visitors expect the sites to load in 2 seconds or
less. Cutting down the loading time of your
website to 2 seconds can boost the conversion
rate by up to 74. We have begun our run with
2020. This means that it is time for web
development firms to list the latest trends in
web design. Can you guess what will be the next
big thing in web design? Without further delay,
Lets dig right into web design trends 2020.
These trends are the perfect blend of visual
designing and emerging technologies. 1) Use of
Whitespace and Simplistic/Minimalist Design
Its often said that simplicity attracts more
than complexity, The minimalist trend in web
design has become popular today, The best thing
about this design trend is that while it
continuously evolves and looks modern and
classy. Hundreds of people define minimalist
design in a hundred different ways. Still,
generally, it refers to the effective use of
white space in the website, where no single
element distracts attention from the visual
hierarchy. Apple uses minimalist design
elegantly. The simple product image, along with
white background and asymmetrical white space
directly draws the users attention to
content. 2) Dark Theme Design
The dark theme is a buzz word in the market as
many businesses integrate dark mode themes on
their website. This mode of web design not only
looks ultra-modern but also easily attracts
colours and design elements to the eyes. Dark
themes are suitable for OLED screens as they help
in saving
power and increasing screen duration. Dark
frameworks enhance the visibility of other accent
colors and deliver truly dynamic design
experiences. Jack Daniels implements dark themes
better than others using a black background and
gold bold letters, while Davenport uses bold
white text and royal gold for call to action and
other clickable elements. 3) Retro Styled or
Vintage Web Design
The retro era is back, this year, we are going to
experience the early 50s, and 60s inspired
vintage or retro style websites as the latest
trends in web design. Many designers use effects
that remind us of the vintage period, such as
faded colors, black-and-white photos, classic
images, vintage typography, etc. This theme is
mostly influenced by other media forms of those
olden times, like television and magazines of
that pre-internet era. Forefathers Group picks
up nostalgic imagery and mixes them with the
modern style to develop such websites. 4) 3D
elements and motion effects
3D modeling and rendering arent new at all. The
gaming and movie industry has already
acknowledged its potential. Web design is also
not lagging behind! In modern-day usage, 3D
elements have become unavoidable in graphic and
web design. 3D visuals always have enhanced
peoples experience the expensive price tag has
held back this trend. But now technology is in a
place where you can design 3D elements without
high-end equipment. This opens the gates for
more and more enterprises to integrate 3D visuals
on their eCommerce website design. 2020 is
becoming a year of static, animated, or
interactive web designs. Sports ace brand Adidas
has implemented 3D modeling in their product site
Futurecraft it is a 100 recyclable
performance running shoe site. 5) Combination of
Illustration and Photos
We are witnessing another stunning trend in web
design, where photos or images combine with a
simple hand-drawn 2D sketch. Its a well-known
fact that custom illustration is an excellent way
to highlight your brand. Competitors can copy
your graphics and imagery, but not your
illustration style. By following this trend,
illustrations will either replace parts of the
photos or override the image to create a fusion
of two realities. 6) Scroll-Generated Websites
The advancement in technology can help businesses
create more than just web experience they
allow them to create mesmerizing visual voyages
for their visitors. Scroll-generated websites
will enable us to track the users journey as
they scroll down the web page and see content on
a particular section. This kind of website uses
motion power and animated elements to grab user
attention and introduce dynamic user
interactions. Those effects add an extra layer of
user satisfaction and make their website tour
more memorable. 7) Data Visualization in Web
Source Data visualizations look creative,
appealing, useful, and never misleading.
Designers are creators of visuals. Many people
understand visual information better than text
information. Data visualization is an effective
way of quantitative representation data visually.
Depending on their attributes, the data can be
showcased in different ways, such as charts,
graphs, candlesticks, or maps. According to IBM,
every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being
created. 8) Voice User Interface Voice user
interface (VUI) is a trend that is experiencing
rapid growth in adoption. Instead of typing
text-based queries, VUI allows users to interact
with a website through voice-based commands.
Although this trend is not directly related to
design, it has dramatically changed our digital
9) Augmented Reality
We have been hearing about Augmented reality for
a long time, but due to the technology barrier,
it did not get a breakthrough moment. After the
success of Pokemon GO, many entrepreneurs are
showing a keen interest in integration of AR in
their project. Lenskart and Specsavers are
excellent examples of AR. People like their
virtual try-on feature, where customers can
quickly and effortlessly scan their face into a
3D model, then try on different frames to find
out what works for them. 10) Black and White
Web Design
Source 2020 is the year of experimentation. We
will see many designers opting for black and
white themes for their website. Black and white
web designs are classy, evergreen, and always
trendy. This trend usually presents itself to
find each years web design trends list, so well
see some elegant black- and-white websites in
2020, as well. Final Thoughts, After considering
every factor, we can say this year we would
witness some significant development by the web
design companies. The fusion of two or more
technologies will be trending. Designers need to
be open-minded and adopt new changes quickly.
Some mind-blowing trends we are likely to see in
2020 involve 3D elements, Augmented Reality,
animations, illustrations, and typography, data
visualization, and voice interactions.
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