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Snorting Tramadol: Everything You Need To Know


Tramadol is a dangerous opioid drug. Snorting tramadol can bring severe health issues. Here's everything you need to know about snorting tramadol. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Snorting Tramadol: Everything You Need To Know

Snorting Tramadol Everything You Need To Know
What does it mean to snort a prescription tablet
A prescription tablet may be crushed until it is
only powder. The user will then snort the powder
with the idea that it will absorb faster in the
nasal passages. They just are trying to get high
Snorting Tramadol is especially dangerous
Tramadol is an opioid drug. It doesnt get the
same attention as being a dangerous opioid. It
only recently became controlled by the DEA. The
fact is that it is quite dangerous. Tramadol can
cause seizures. Seizures can kill you.
Why is snorting tramadol so bad
  • You will get faster seizure from with snorting
  • You may have a deadly seizure without warning
  • If tramadol makes you crave stronger drugs, that
    effect will be worse with snorting
  • Psychologically, you will associate it with using
    real drugs and chemically

Other alternatives to feel high
  • Do some exercise
  • Listen to music
  • Go to a 12-step recovery meeting
  • Look for a sober living home

Seeing a doctor is an important step
Seeing a doctor can be a good idea. You may have
psychological issues that you will need to
address, such as anxiety or depression. Maybe
your drug use is your way of trying to medicate a
real medical problem.
If you need more information on tramadol. Contact
us (954) 776-6226
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