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Top 4 Features To Look For In A WordPress Starter Theme


Always living up to clients’ expectations being a developer, I think that’s not a job everyone can do. Fortunately, there are certain tools available to lessen your burden significantly, and more importantly, they are absolutely free. One such resource is the “WordPress starter theme” that you can use to create user-centric and search-engine-optimized themes. Now tell me one thing: have you heard of a “starter theme” before this mention? Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 4 Features To Look For In A WordPress Starter Theme

Top 4 Features To Look For In A WordPress
Starter Theme
Always living up to clients expectations being a
developer, I think thats not a job everyone can
do. Fortunately, there are certain tools
available to lessen your burden significantly,
and more importantly, they are absolutely free.
One such resource is the WordPress starter
theme that you can use to create user-centric
and search-engine-optimized themes.
Now tell me one thing have you heard of a
starter theme before this mention? If you have
a positive answer, you might be already knowing
several points I have elaborated on in this blog.
But, if you are unaware of what a starter theme
really is, let me inform you that it is a kind of
blank theme having minimal design from which
parents' themes (pre-styled and ready-to-use)
are developed. These WordPress starter themes
come with a basic or no layout but they have
codes to perform a variety of activities such as
displaying posts, pages, comments, and many more.
Take note that these themes feature minimum or
no styling at all allowing you to tailor the
design according to your needs. In this blog, we
have compiled a list of features a WordPress
starter theme needs to have. But before you take
a closer look at each of them, I want to let you
know about an award-winning Wordpress website
design company that offers theme design services
on-time and on-budget. Yes, SFWP Experts is a
well-recognized name in the global market that
delivers a whole host of result-oriented
services focused on creating and promoting
impressive websites. So, if your website needs
major or even minor modifications, they are the
one you should give a try. Getting back to the
track, lets have a detailed discussion on
WordPress starter themes and the advantages of
using them. Why Is It Important For Developers
To Use WordPress Starter Themes? The advantages
of utilizing starter themes are many if you work
as a WordPress developer. Firstly, they can save
you from the most intricate task of coding,
secondly, they can provide you with the best tips
and practices to develop awesome themes.
While there are tens of hundreds of free starter
themes at your disposal, you should also know
that there are many premium options to choose
from. However, their costs are not between a
specific range and might be available to you for
purchase at as little as double-digits or as
higher as triple digits. So, if you are looking
to enjoy a wide range of features and
capabilities, investing in premium themes will
make a lot of difference to your outcomes. In
case you are doubtful about how to get started
with WordPress starter themes, getting in touch
with us should provide you a solution. Being a
client-focused web design company in Los Angeles,
we guarantee quality offerings to you, whether
its a virtual product or an actionable
recommendation. With that complete, lets turn
to the features you should check in a WordPress
starter theme before taking it in
use. 4 Features To Check Out In A WordPress Start
er Theme 1. Fast Speed At Base Level The
second you made the decision to create a stunning
WordPress product using a starter theme, its
sure you will get a head start on the development
process. Still, there is one more way to further
speed up your theme development process. Look
for starter themes that have fast base-level
speed, usually indicated by a couple of features
such as WebP support, Lazy load image
components, CSS and JavaScript optimization, and
others. Once you are ready with your choice,
rest assured you will create an excellent theme
that will load faster.
  • However, we recommend you to use a site speed
    testing tool like Pingdom to test the demo
    version of any starter theme you are considering
    for your purpose.
  • Do you want to know how to make your theme search
    engine optimized? Get into a conversation with
    us today and pick the brain of the experts
    deployed at our Los Angeles web design company.
    This isnt all since you can choose us for a
    full range of software and internet marketing
    services as well, specially designed to grow
    your business.
  • Drag And Drop Function
  • Next is the drag and drop functionality you
    should seek in a starter theme to expedite the
    theme development process even more. This feature
    helps you to quickly create a design that you
    have envisioned. All it takes is arranging the
    pre-built modules and blocks in a way that looks
    visually pleasing.
  • For your convenience, I recommend using the
    CyberChimps starter theme that is fully
    responsive and also equipped with drag and drops
  • Though drag and drop function is a good feature
    for creating virtual designs, it is less likely
    to appear different from what others have
    produced. So, if you want to have a perfect
    solution for this, look for an agency that can
    provide you with custom theme designs. Relying on
    our Los Angeles web design company for this job
    would be a good decision if you want to hire
    someone trusted.
  • Style And Layout Collection

This comes in handy when your aim is to create a
customized theme while saving a huge portion of
the time. In short, whatever the style or layout
you might have imagined to bring into shape one
day can be easily found here. That means once
you access a style and collection library you are
enabled to create truly appealing themes that
will stabilize the viewers. Besides, you can
preview how they look and discard anything that
doesnt suit your taste. Mostly starter themes
with style and layout libraries are suitable for
newbies who are still learning about this early
stage of theme development. If you are not sure
whether or not the theme you have created will
resonate well with your target audience, let us
analyze that for you. Being in this industry for
over a decade we have acquired a piece of great
knowledge about the variable preferences of
visitors of different industries. So, if you
want to save your valuable time and take full
advantage of our theme design experience, all
you need to do is connect with the representative
of our Los Angeles web design and describe your
concern. 4. Premium Components This is what
depends majorly on the size of the project you
are working on. Though you may not need every
single resource a WordPress starter theme
offers, having premium components at your
disposal will definitely benefit you when
creating a stunning theme. While some themes come
with a fixed number of resources, then there are
themes like Flynt that take things a bit
ahead. Their offerings are for three categories
of users, comprising different sets of tools and
components. The free version includes basic
components while the rest paid ones have
additional components in common only differing
by type of users it has been designed for.
Summing It All Up So, you just learned the
features your WordPress starter theme needs to
have to speed the development process. I hope you
liked this article since I have covered every
single feature of the starter theme nicely. Trust
me if the theme you have filtered out contains
all the above features, your theme development
activity is going to be a lot easier and faster.
We comprehend well that the job of developers is
a bit cumbersome and that compelled us to layout
these tools to get their work done without
coding. Do you have any questions about the
WordPress starter theme? Ask us through calls or
emails and we will make the best of efforts to
revert back to you shortly. Just so you know, o
ur Los Angeles web design company is chosen by
over 600 clients across the globe to avail of a
number of business development services. Some
that are part of that big list of SFWP Experts
sound like WordPress web design and development,
mobile app and software development, theme
design, logo design, search engine optimization,
and on and on. Read More Articles 21 Best
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