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TRADEASIAHow does Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a Bleaching Agent?


Tradeasia International is a leading Hydrogen peroxide suppliers and exporters based in Singapore. Our quality hydrogen peroxide is best suited for preparing disinfectants, food processing, and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: TRADEASIAHow does Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a Bleaching Agent?

How does Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a Bleaching
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - The chemical compound,
    Hydrogen Peroxide is a very pale blue (pure form)
    liquid, which is more viscous than water. The
    chemical formula of Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2,
    where it compounds with Oxygen-(Oxygen single
    bond) and makes one of the simplest peroxides.
    The peroxide compound is used for many purposes
    such as bleaching, Production of organic
    compounds, disinfectant, horticulture,
    aquaculture, and so on.

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What is the Bleaching and Bleaching Agent?
  • Bleaching is a chemical process of removing color
    from something or making it lighter. Whereas,
    bleaching agents are those that formulate the
    process by solubilizing color-producing
    substances or altering their light-absorbing
  • Chlorine-based bleach
  • Peroxide-based bleach

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The Major Two Type of Bleaching Agents
  • Chlorine-based Bleach - The bleaching agent where
    the active agent is-chlorine e.g. Calcium
  • Peroxide-based Bleach - Commonly known as Oxygen
    bleach or color-safe bleach e.g. Sodium
    Percarbonate, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Sodium

  • Peroxide-based bleaching is the highly preferable
    bleaching agent than chlorine-based bleaching
    agents, as they are much safer for the
    environment and humans too.
  • The immense use of Hydrogen Peroxide inspires us
    to become the leading Hydrogen Peroxide
    Suppliers. Additionally, take a glance at the
    industries where Hydrogen Peroxide is utilized.

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The Big Industries of Bleaching
  • Paper
  • Laundry
  • Textile
  • Beauty and Hair
  • Cleaning Products
  • Dental Products

  • Almost 60 of Hydrogen Peroxide is used in
    paper-bleaching or pulp-bleaching. The chemical
    is very often used in the recycling of paper, as
    it removes the stains or ink from used papers and
    lightens the surface for further use.

  • The second most consumer of Hydrogen Peroxide is
    the laundry product production industry, where it
    is used as a mild-bleacher in detergents.

  • The fixed amount of Hydrogen Peroxide, used to
    clean the surfaces of the fibres from impurities
    e.g. jute fibre. Aside from that, the re-cycling
    pulp is one of the most common uses of this
    Peroxide-based bleaching agent.

Beauty and Hair
  • Beauty and hair industry has become a serious
    business nowadays. Hydrogen peroxide is one of
    the tops on the list, because of the oxygen
    present in the chemical makes it safe for use. In
    this highly sensitive industry, for hair

Cleaning Products
  • It is affected enough to kill the bacterias and
    fungi and reduce their odour. Apart from this, it
    is commonly used in the process called
    sterilization, to clean various surfaces such as
    surgical tools. The quality of killing bacteria,
    viruses, yeasts, and bacterial spores make it a
    good choice for a sensitizing agent.

Dental Products
  • Hydrogen Peroxide found in the most whitening
    toothpaste, as the compound is responsible for
    whitening and lightening. The diluted (combined
    with water) form of Hydrogen Peroxide use in
    mouthwashes, as it kills the germs and disinfects
    your mouth.

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