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A New Chatbot Tries A Little Artificial Empathy


Hi there, The most common technologies that are used in chatbots are Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing). The future chatbots will be equipped with Emotion AI and advanced sentiments analytics to understand the conversations in a more humane way. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A New Chatbot Tries A Little Artificial Empathy

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  • Have you ever tried to speak with a chatbot for a
    real dialogue? Chatbots can speak as naturally as
    a human. Todays chatbots are more enhanced,
    useful, smarter and responsive. Chatbots have
    become exceptionally favored in recent years due
    to substantial advancements in technologies such
    as artificial intelligence and deep learning. A
    chatbot developed by Facebook team aims to make
    discussion with humans more natural, though it
    could allow better fakes.
  • This increasing utilization of chatbot
    programming has led to demand for chatbot
  • It's no wonder chatbots are chatty. But, can
    chatbots convey empathy just like humans? Well
    let's have a look.

What are chatbots?
  • Chabot is basically an application of software
    that mimics spoken or written human words in
    order to interact with a real person. Another
    name of chatbots are conversational agents.
    Chatbots have become the most favourable
    marketing technology. Chatbots like Google
    assistants, Alexa and Siri can even understand
    current facts and events. Chatbots are designed
    to assist and gather data.
  • To get in-depth knowledge of chatbots, you can
    sign up for chatbot training.

Advantages of empathetic AI chatbots
  • Empathetic chatbots enhance your business potion
    in the market. Some of the benefits of chatbots
    with empathy are listed as below
  • Better customer service
  • Product monitoring
  • Customer view tracking
  • Market evaluation
  • Business intelligence

An empathy character of chatbots
  • A chatbot designed by AI at Facebook discloses
    that a combination of training using artificial
    empathy and general facts can result in a good
    chit chat. A new chatbot name facebook blender
    developed with advancements of artificial
    intelligence. Fragments shared by the Facebook
    team show a chatbot chatting with humans online
    about each and everything from food to movies.
    Blender bot still creates feedback using
    statistical machine patterns rather than
    understanding. This new bot consists of new
    methods for deep learning programming.

  • Intelligent bots can be of great use especially
    in the customer service field. Nowadays, it has
    become compulsory for organizations to consider
    feedback from their customers while making
    business strategic decisions. Intelligent
    chatbots with feelings can do several activities
    as compared to simple bots. Some of their
    functions are discussed as below
  • Direct customers to frequently asked questions
    about products
  • Suggestions about recipes, restaurants and
    weather, etc
  • Chatbots can do several activities on behalf of
    the user such as bank assisting, booking of
    tickets and so on
  • Provide a brief overview of what the industry
  • Clear general doubts about the products

How can chatbots implement empathetic character?
  • The models of natural language processing and
    sentiment analytics are used to implement
    empathetic chatbots. The integration of these
    tools in your bot can upgrade the conversation
    user interface of bots. There are three layers of
    implementation within an empathetic character of
    a bot. These layers are chatbot backend, natural
    language processing and sentiment analysis. The
    layer of sentiment analysis basically realizes
    the feelings of your customer regarding something.

  • We hope that this blog helped you to find the
    information you were looking for. Understanding
    the feelings of humans, allows chatbots to convey
    better service. Empathetic chatbots connect us
    with real human feelings. Several organizations
    have already started empathetic artificial
    intelligence technology to enhance their customer
  • To get daily updates about chatbots and to
    explore more about chatbot online courses, you
    can check out the Global Tech Council website.

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