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5 Best Security Plugins That Guarantees No-Data Leakage


When building a professional website for your company, you need to have some effective security strategies in a place other than just for design and promotion. You may employ a robust security tool to protect your data, but sometimes the hackers just won’t spare you. Once your website is up and running, you might be sleeping in peace thinking that the security plugin is taking care of your site. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Best Security Plugins That Guarantees No-Data Leakage

5 Best Security Plugins That Guarantees No-Data
When building a professional website for your
company, you need to have some effective
security strategies in a place other than just
for design and promotion. You may employ a
robust security tool to protect your data, but
sometimes the hackers just wont spare you. Once
your website is up and running, you might be
sleeping in peace thinking that the security
plugin is taking care of your site, but in
reality thats not just enough to keep your site
safe (depending on the features it has).
One thing you must keep in mind always that when
your website is live for your audience, it is
also accessible for hackers. They are looking for
loopholes to gain control over your site and
when they find one, your website isnt yours
anymore. Needless to say, how could they hurt
your business once your website is in their
hand. They can abuse your customers
information, access confidential data of your
business, modify files, or insert nasty commands
or scripts. To prevent websites from getting
into such a situation, authors developed
security plugins that you must install and
activate. If the one you choose to secure your
site has advanced features, its less likely your
website will be hacked. In this blog, we have
collected a bunch of security plugins that you
should use to safeguard your site. But before
you get its glimpse, I would like to let you
know about an innovative w eb design company in
Los Angeles - SFWP Experts. Whether your site
needs a redesign or a light change, they are the
perfect coding partner you can trust for the job.
In a short span of five years they have helped
500 businesses to reach their conversion goals
and overtake their competitors. With that out of
the track, lets come to the top 5 security
plugins to consider for your website
protection. Top 5 Security Plugins You Should
Give It A Go 1. iThemes Security If you are
looking for a reliable security plugin thats
packed with powerful features like brute force
protection, file permission monitoring, and many
more, this is it. iThemes Security is available
in free and premium versions that you can pick
depending on your needs.
Just so you know, it offers over 30 tools to
strengthen the security of your site and make it
inaccessible for malicious actors. Apart from
that whats more interesting about this security
plugin is that it offers features in a modular
fashion. That means you can easily activate or
deactivate them as per your need. Though
iThemes Security comes free of cost, you will
have to pay 80 to get its pro version that will
provide you with some new and latest
features. Alternatively, you can also have a
word with us to secure your WordPress website.
We are a web design company based in Los Angeles
having tremendous experience in dealing with
various aspects of a website including layout,
navigation, and attention-grabbing ability. 2.
Sucuri Security This plugin should be your
primary choice if you want your tool to be able
to monitor the integrity of your files, scan for
malware, track user logins, and do much more.
Not just this, it also has a system in place to
send users the email alerts for important
changes taking place in their site. As far as
its charge of usage goes, there is one free
version for interested users while the other
requires you to pay 9.99 per month to avail
firewall service. Take note that the paid
version comes with a CDN and DDoS protection
that will take your website security to a whole
new level. In case, you want to know which
security plugin will suit your website needs the
best, speak to us, and share your expectations.
Based on the configuration of your site and the
level of protection it needs, experts at our Los
Angeles web design company will suggest a
security plugin that will keep your website out
of reach of hackers.
  • SecuPress
  • On this list, SecuPress is another feature-rich
    plugin that comes in free and premium versions
    both. Why it has garnered everyones attention is
    because it offers a comprehensive approach to
    website security, no matter how big the site is.
    Once you have installed this plugin, you can
    enjoy high-level security features like IP
    blocking, brute force protection, security
    alerts, and the rest.
  • For the pricing part, I should make you informed
    that the free version doesnt ask you for
    anything, but the paid one starts at 65.
  • If you have recently got your website built but
    havent incorporated a security plugin yet, do
    it now. In case you face some sort of technical
    error that prevents you from securing your site,
    convey the same to the representative of our Los
    Angeles web design company. We will take the
    required information from you and then provide
    you with a solid resolution shortly.
  • WP Cerber
  • WP Cerber is one of the best security plugins out
    there that keep your site fully secured from
    hackers, spam, and malware. To provide its
    customers complete peace of mind they offer them
    loads of security tools like live traffic
    inspector, firewall, two-factor authentication,
    and so on.
  • The nice thing about this security tool is that
    it lets you start for free but if you want to
    leverage some extra features you need to grab the
    Pro version starting at 99 per year.

Dont you want to maintain your website yourself?
Do you need a trusted partner to take care of
your website? All you need to do is allow our
Wordpress developer expert team to manage your
site. We will look after every aspect of your
WordPress website whether it is security,
accessibility, or appearance. 5. Wordfence
Security Currently deployed in more than three
million WordPress websites, Wordfence Security
is one of the tried and true website protection
tools you must check out. It protects your
website in more than one way including a
security scanner to check on malware, two-factor
authentication to harden the security of the
login page, and so on. Select And
Install Security is one of the most needed
things for any website running on the internet.
So, you should not ignore the importance of
having a security plugin on your site. Though
having a security plugin alone doesn't guarantee
the protection of your website but not having
even this also can put your website at serious
risk. For additional tips to secure your website,
we recommend you to visit our website and read
the needed blogs. Besides, if you need technical
or non-technical help related to your website
development or maintenance, remember we have got
your back. Additionally, our W ordpress website
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eventually lead to more conversions. Being in
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