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Peeling Basics - Basic Concept of Peeling – Ekseption Peels


There are many ways your skin can benefit from a chemical peel. You can get fabulous results at home rather than visiting a salon. Read our blog and know the basic concept of peeling. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Peeling Basics - Basic Concept of Peeling – Ekseption Peels

Peeling Basics
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  • To some people, the idea of a chemical peel is
    exciting to others, a frightening concept. But
    there are many ways your skin can benefit from a
    chemical peel. And there are a number of ways to
    do it yourself at home rather than visiting a
    salon, and achieve fabulous results. But lets
    start at the beginning.

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What is a chemical peel?
  • Peel literally means remove the outer layer
    or refine the surface of our skin. This process
    of removing the dead cells on the surface of the
    skin can result in an improved texture as well as
    visible appearance. In short, all chemical peels
    will remove the outer layers of the skin (how
    many layers depends on the strength of the peel)
    and consecutive safe superficial peels are very
    effective treatments to reduce wrinkles,
    pigmentation and even the skin tone. After just
    one session they improve the skins texture for a
    glowing complexion.

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Is just one enough?
  • If you are looking to significantly improve your
    skins health, you will require in-clinic
    procedures that address key concerns such as
    wrinkles, laxity, and unwanted discoloration. Our
    KS peeling programs are based on different steps
    activation, peels, repair and remodelling, using
    a new generation of Polyhydroxy acids. These are
    less irritating, are comfortable to use (little
    to no burning sensation that some people may have
    experienced) and better results compared to AHA.
    Outstanding results are achieved by applying
    gentle peels over a longer period of time,
    allowing the skin to heal but not regrow. Peel
    after peel, we remove layers of skin, in a safe
    way, avoiding downtime and minimising side
    effects. You should always prep your skin before
    a chemical peel and continue to use specialised
    products recommended to you by your skin care
    professional once the peel has been performed.

Combining specific at-home skin care with
powerful in-clinic peels
  • We believe in skin programmes long-lasting,
    comprehensive results are achieved by combining
    state of the art in-clinic procedures and
    advanced homecare. For each step, our
    cosmeceuticals optimise the results. The active
    ingredients protect from UV radiations and free
    radicals, reduce pigmentation, normalise the skin
    pH and control the cellular renewal.

Can you use just the at home cleanse and peel?
Are they safe?
  • Absolutely! The Ekseption homecare four step
    program is designed to start the peeling process
    from the comfort of your home. It is completely
    safe. Every day it gently resurfaces the skin
    without causing harm, making it a perfect place
    to start your skin peel program. After two weeks
    of prep on this program you then have two
  • See a professional skin therapist at one of our
    locations for a professional peel. These are
    offered as a one-off treatment or as a course.
    The benefit of professional peels is you will get
    faster results and, in some cases, (like acne
    scaring, skin thickening etc) a better result.
  • Continue your homecare resurfacing program until
    you achieve your desired results.

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Benefits of chemical peels
  • Reduction of pigmentation, blemishes, scars, dry
    or flaky skin, excess oil and skin whitening.
  • Rejuvenation of wrinkles, increasing skin
    firmness and plasticity thanks to a boost in
    collagen production.
  • Improvement in skins visual appearance and
    texture skin will becomesmoother, with a more
    even complexion.
  • Prevention of ageing and photo-ageing

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  • Ready to get started?
  • The four step essential skin renewal pack is the
    prefect program to get you started on your skin
    peeling journey. We also have a skin renewal
    pack designed for combination skin.
  • If you are unsure what products are best for your
  • Book a free online skin analysis with one of our
  • Pop into a clinic or salon close to you.
  • Or email us here at 
    wed love to hear from you.

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