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6 IoT Skills That Will Boost Your Career


Researchers estimate that within two years from now, a whopping 20.4 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be connected. Clearly, a job in IoT can pay well because of the rising demand, but candidates will require a combination of skills to ensure a promising IoT career. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 6 IoT Skills That Will Boost Your Career

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  • Have you ever wondered how to upgrade the
    required skills to become an IoT professional? No
    doubt, the IoT domain has continued to transform
    trends in the world. Hence, upgrading skill sets
    is very crucial for your IoT profession. Many
    organizations are concerned to tap the correct
    talent of iot developer with the updated skills.
    Internet of Things provides a frame for new job
    opportunities that can be acquired with IoT
  • In this article, we have discussed some of the
    IoT skills required in todays ecosystem of
    information technology. If you are exploring the
    IoT profession then you should read and get
    yourself a lead.

What is the Internet of Things?
  • The Internet of things or IoT is a very simple
    concept. The demand for iot expert is expanding
    every day. IoT is a system of interconnected
    digital devices, computer gadgets, objects and
    mechanical devices that has the potential to
    convey information through networks. The IoT
    environment doesnt require any human interaction
    to operate. In simple terms, IoT can be defined
    as taking all things in the world and linking
    them to the internet.
  • IoT skills that will speed up your career
  • You have to keep your skills updated to boost
    your IoT career path. iot training certification
    will give you deep insight into the sector.

Here we will discuss the top six skills that will
speed up your IoT profession.
  • 1. Information Security
  • The internet of things environment is suffering
    from various attacks such as botnet and DDOS. In
    order to keep the data private and safe you
    should be familiar with public key
    infrastructure, vulnerability assessment, ethical
    hacking, network security and much more. A
    specialization in cybersecurity is very
    significant in the IoT environment. The expertise
    and knowledge of data ethics and privacy policy
    will help you to grow your career opportunities
    in IoT and information security.

  • 2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Examining and collecting large sets of data also
    require predictions on outputs. As the internet
    of things is becoming more complicated,
    artificial intelligence technology will help in
    the decision-making process. Hence, AI and
    machine learning techniques will speed up your
    career to the next level.
  • 3. UX/UI Design
  • The design of the interface between user and
    device must be user friendly and effective. This
    skill set is very crucial to make your quality of
    product effective. Some of the skill sets you
    need to gain as a UX/UI designer on the internet
    of things are such as responsive design and
    service design.

  • 4. Networking
  • There are many sensors and applications that can
    be retrieved via smart devices. There are various
    networking tools and techniques that are required
    in order to connect them effectively with the
    apps. IoT professionals require networking
    expertise. The sensors in the internet of things
    environment connect with the ecosystem around
    them. The gathered information is then sent to be
    examined. The communication network must be
    flawless, reliable and secure. Hence, internet
    Protocol networking is one of the essential
    skills sets that you should acquire to make your
    career extension.

  • 5. Hardware Interfacing
  • Hardware is the heart of the IoT environment.
    Hardware engineering and programming is important
    if you desire to evolve yourself into an IoT
    professional. Learning how to interface hardware
    is significant for success. You can develop your
    own internet of things device by acquiring a
    hardware engineer skill set. The engineers who
    can install and develop Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and
    other networking connections are going to be high
    in demand. There are various hardware skills that
    you might want to explore. These hardware skills
    are such as Autocad, quality assurance, Microsoft
    engineering, wireless sensor and much more.

  • 5. Business Intelligence
  • The basic knowledge of business intelligence is
    very important for IoT professionals. The IoT
    problems include all about data storage, data
    analysis and data collection. Understanding the
    value of data is very crucial for making sense of
    it. The skill sets such as Hadoop, data
    management, sensor data examining, NoSQL and
    predictive analytics are very crucial for
    boosting your IoT profession. Hence, business
    intelligence skills are required for making your

  • IoT is transforming the organizations completely.
    The skill sets needed to function in the internet
    of things ecosystem will continue to evolve. The
    above discussed skills are top notch and you have
    to emerge from them if you want to grow more in
    the internet of things field.
  • To get daily updates about IoT and to explore
    more about iot certification online, you can
    check out Global Tech Council.

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