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Assisted Living Management Software


Senior Insight’s powerful assisted living management software provides a full array of tools and features designed specifically around providing the highest level of care to your residents. With over 15 years of operation management knowledge in mind, Senior Insight has been built for providers by providers. Assisted Living Software accessible 24/7 on all of your connected devices (computers, tablets, phones) so that you can always be on top of what's happening. We designed MyALSoftware with you, the end user, in mind. Developed from our own experience in operating we ensure our software is intuitive and easy to use. Visit us for more information – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Assisted Living Management Software

Senior Care Software Assisted Living Management
  • Senior Insight, Inc.

Senior Living EHR Solution
The future of Electronic Medical Records or EMR
is one that cannot be assessed without taking a
look at the evolution of searches related to
Assisted Living Facilities. With the growth in
the number of elderly people across the world, it
is no wonder that demands for Assisted Living
Software are at an all-time high. This demand
curve will only increase over time in advanced
and developing countries. Most people who are
in their late 60s now were a part of the baby
boomer generation. Their lifestyles were dictated
by how rapid advances in medical sciences
consistently made Senior Care Software scalable
and achievable.
Assisted Living Facility Software
The fuss over EMR Everything related to a
persons medical data forms the core of an EMR.
It includes demographics, radiology images,
normalized vital signs, and personal statistics.
To accurately glean useful information from the
overload of EMR data, you need a reliable Senior
Care Software. This is where the importance
of Assisted Living Software lies. Many people
believe that such a suite of software is
incomplete without the inclusion of assisted
living documentation software. This is something
that experts agree on too. Over the years, the
search trends for assisted living facilities have
changed significantly. This is an indication that
many older adults are now shunning conventional
care centers and becoming more amenable to using
the software.
  • Google Trends is a reliable indicator of search
    trends. A cursory glance at the graph when one
    searches for patterns in Assisted Living
    Software will reveal the following
  • More and more people are now searching for the
    assisted living. As recently as 2016, the graph
    shows a steep upward curve.
  • The number of people who search for conventional
    care providers like nursing homes is declining
    year after year. It now seems that assisted
    living was standing still even 25 years ago. Now,
    people cannot have enough of it.
  • A steep climb in the number of people searching
    for Senior Living EHR Solution is also indicative
    of a change in stance over such software.

  • What does the data signify?
  • Given below are 3 ways in which this data will
    change the future.
  • Expect more senior citizen friendly cities This
    is already happening in many advanced countries.
    More companies will step into the industry to
    develop technology like self-driving cars,
    commuter-free walkways, etc.
  • Remote healthcare monitoring is here to stay
    Based on current EMR data, it seems that more
    people are now searching for software, apps, and
    wearables which will make remote health
    monitoring easier. More smart clothes, smart
    socks and even smart medicines will become the
    new norm. Some smart socks can even detect if a
    foot ulcer is forming due to diabetes.
  • Make way for Robotics This is an idea straight
    out of a sci-fi novel. Experts suggest that a
    serious boom in Robotics will come in the field
    of Senior Care Software. These are not
    conventional robots, however they are robotic
    innovations like voice-activated technology and
    more holistic delivery services for senior
  • All of these factors will surely help the elderly
    decide on using Assisted Living Management
    Software. Whether this will change the way the
    elderly live around the world is something that
    the next ten years will answer.

Assisted Living Management Software
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