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Marine Technology Trends 2020


Enterprise Technology Review shares the latest marine technology development trends in the year 2020. It features the various opportunities technology is creating in various fields of marine – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Marine Technology Trends 2020

Marine Technology Trends 2020
Source Enterprise Technology Review
The landscape of marine is moving with the rising
with the evolving technology. Advances in
shipbuilding, smart shipping, advanced materials,
big data and analytics, robotics, sensors and
communications in conjunction with a good more
skilled workforce are all having monumental
shifts in how the maritime industry are
approaching the new challenges and
opportunities. The shipping industry is
consistently being suffering from global trends
and by advancement within the technologies. Here
are the highest 3 trends that completely
illustrate a number of the changes within the
shipping industry and therefore the new
opportunities that these create for the
subsequent sector. Mega Ships The advancements
in ship technology, structure and materials will
drive to even bigger mega- ships, especially
within the container shipping industry.
Manufacturers will lower transportation
costs that these vessels can provide by gearing
their production to form the most efficient use
of this container space. LNG There is
increasing interest within the potential of
Liquefied gas (LNG) as a fuel for commercial
shipping. LNG is believed to assist the operators
in meeting their targets for minimizing
emissions, while also being competitive on price.
CO2 emissions are often reduced up to 25 in
comparison with the diesel engines. While
conventional oil-based fuels will still dominate
within the coming years, theres likely to be
raised within the adoption of LNG for specialist
vessels, which allows the technology to be
proved and developed on a bigger
scale. Robots Three new sorts of robots are
going to be in use by 2030. The initial one are
going to be a learning robot, the second are
going to be a practical robot, and therefore the
third type are going to be a mini-robot, that
are useful for inspections in harsh, dangerous
environments. This robotics will utilize
cognition, versatility, imitation, sense, and
adaptableness. The event of those sorts of
robots is linked to the event of other
technologies, like sensors and remote
controls. These solutions require system response
times of but a couple of milliseconds. Marine
To tackle the longer term crisis of energy, clean
energy providers are continuously putting efforts
to explore new techniques for taking full
advantage of renewable sources. Despite having
access to numerous solutions for generating
clean energy, many sectors still believe fossil
fuels. Today, government institutions and
various corporate giants are trying to find
opportunities to take a position their resources
and a huge amount of capital for the event of
unpolluted energy projects. Consistent with
Science Focus, engineers are developing promising
technology that generates industry-level clean
energy using marine cultivation. Clean energy
providers work with marine biologists to develop
cost and environment??effective renewable
energy technologies. Recently the aquatic plants
or underwater weeds are proved to be one among
the simplest alternatives for fossil fuels which
will proportion the energy production to
industrial levels and maintain environmental
sustainability simultaneously. Marine cultivation
promises numerous advantages just like the
energy-generating techniques or using them as
bio- fuel has lesser emission rates than burning
fossils and reduces the stress for natural
resource. Energy products and services from
marine-based clean energy projects can contribute
to reducing greenhouse emission (GHS) emissions
while lowering the speed of pollutions and
harmful impacts on biodiversity. Giant corporate
and government professionals initiate various
measures to streamline marine-based energy
technology usage across their customer
reach. Including the investment and resource
support to such projects, global leaders and
influencers also participate within the
awareness campaigns and check out to convince
more and more customer-base to use
clean-energy. Clean-energy providers also
receive technologists help for developing
standards energy products at lesser costs. Clean
energy generation techniques from marine
cultivation are already gaining massive
popularity, and yet to explore more success
within the global market of energy. Article
Source Is Marine Cultivation a Solution to
Upscale Clean Energy Production? Top 3 Marine
Trends to Watch Out for in 2020
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