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Keto Breakfast Sandwich


This delicious Keto Breakfast Sandwich can be made in under ten minutes using easy mug bread and simple breakfast ingredients! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Keto Breakfast Sandwich

Keto Breakfast Sandwich
Easy Keto Breakfast Sandwich
  • Breakfast sandwiches are Matts all time favorite
    food. When we first started dating we would make
    them every weekend. We would shop for some fresh
    ingredients on Saturday morning, including some
    freshly baked sourdough bread and make the
    ultimate breakfast sandwiches! Going keto has
    not stopped that tradition for us. We have
    created a simple, yet perfect Keto Breakfast
    Sandwich for you to indulge in this weekend.
  • Low Carb Bread Options
  • Matt loves to start his keto breakfast sandwich
    off with an easy mug bread. Less hassle and clean
    up. However, my preferred route would be baking
    a fresh loaf of keto bread, slicing it up and
    toasting some to get the sandwich ball rolling.
    If you like to do things like me, weve got some
    great low carb breads for you to try
  • Best Keto Bread
  • Cheesy Keto Garlic Bread (Meghas personal fav!)
  • Coconut Flour Keto Bread
  • The best part about baking a loaf is you can
    pre-slice it and store it in the fridge up to one
    week or in the freezer up to one month making
    keto breakfast sandwiches an every meal

Keep It Simple Matt is a simple guy. Nothing
wring with that, just his style. From clothing to
sandwiches hes minimal in how he presents it.
If you want to keep it simple or you could also
say classic all you really need to complete this
delicious keto sandwich is a couple layers of
bacon, egg and cheese. You can even drizzle on
some low carb maple syrup and have yourself a
homemade McDonalds McGriddle minus the carbs and
processed ingredients! Get A Little Wild So this
section is dedicated to my over the top
sandwich lovers, and who better than to write
this than me. As a lover of extra toppings and
fillings I must say going simple just doesnt
make sense to me. So youve got the basics
bacon, egg and cheese, but what if you could
increase flavor, texture and the degree to how
satisfying this sandwich could be, wouldnt you
do it? YES. If you want to get just a little
wild you could opt for some sliced avocado,
tomato and onion. Thats just a little wild, but
I like to go crazy so I would definitely spread
some mayo on my toasted bread and use a couple
different kind of cheese. Now, that is a
Keto Breakfast Sandwich Sunday Club! Join the
club! We make Keto Breakfast Sandwich recipes
every Sunday because there is no better way to
start the day off. You can have all the
ingredients prepped before the rest of the family
  • up and surprise them with a mini breakfast
    sandwich bar. Its a great way to make healthy
    food and cooking a fun part of the day.
  • Let us know what your favorite toppings are for
    this Keto Breakfast Sandwich recipe by tagging us
    on Instagram with you family, and of course, the
  • Looking For More Breakfast Options?
  • Some of our favorite low carb breakfast options
  • Diner Style Pancakes
  • Egg Loaf (great for meal prep!)
  • Keto Coffee Carrot Cake (for the sweet breakfast
    lovers out there)
  • Check out the rest of our recipes on our food
    blog and dont miss out on a new recipe every

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