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Interior Design Company in Chennai


ZAD, We are a team of highly adept and proficient interior designers in Chennai. We are on a mission to convert your dream property into reality through our experience and expertise. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Interior Design Company in Chennai

4 Creative Ways to Maximise That Space Under the

Staircases are the most space defying objects
inside a household. While most of the apartments
consider the space surrounding the stairs as
waste, there is n number of possibilities for us
to play with the look of our homes to make it
look modish and functionally efficient. Most
often, we seem to forget that the space under the
stairs can be utilized to add on a new look to
the house. While there are a lot of possibilities
to consider when it comes to the use of space
under the stairs, the most common thing that we
come across is a storage unit. The un-noticed
space under a staircase contains plenty of
potentials and can be transformed into a pleasing
and effective unit in total.
  • The space under the stair is one of the smart
    storage tricks in almost every interior design
    handbook. While there would be an n number of
    designs and ideas to consider, we have come with
    a well-prepared list in consultancy with top
    interior designers in Chennai.
  • Make under stair drawers In one of the most
    prominent designs seen across best interiors in
    Chennai, they utilize the space underneath the
    staircase by integrating drawers and storage

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The integration of drawers and storage rack helps
up with extra storage without any additional
costs. It is a great way to increase storage
without much effort. Moreover, for those who
consider it to be an odd design, perfectly
designed built-in drawers and chests are
attractive and fashionable options to make the
most of the space under the stairs. 2. Hide the
washing machine A rather interesting trick, we
can also use the storage under the stairs to get
rid of the bulky appliances like a washing
These bulky appliances often take up valuable
cupboard space in the kitchen, leading to a loss
in space and adding an improper fashion to the
overall design of the house. With some wiring
work and an electric socket, you can easily st
the bulky machine under your stairs. 3. Design a
work unit A commendable idea for the owners of
a two-story house with access to a staircase,
its possible to reinvent the vacant space under
the stairs as an effective study room or as a
work station, adding the modern look inside the
house. Adding a storage unit will help you save a
lot of space. Lastly, this idea suits best for
homeowners longing to have a private study room.
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Designing the work station under the stair will
also save the costs and space for an additional
room. 4. Build a wine rack An idea for the
wine enthusiast who would love to an entirely new
space to their houses, you can also go with this
unique option of creating a wine rack underneath
the staircase. With a well-designed wine rack,
you can make the most out of the space under the
stairs to good work.
Additionally, the design of such spaces will be
both an attractive decorative element and a
functional element of the home. Furthermore, it
will be the best place to showcase your wine
collection. Out of all the home design
challenges that one might come across, figuring
out how to style that awkward space under the
stairs is arguably the most fun. With the given
ideas, you can go with the best ways to maximize
your space under the stairs.
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