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How To Add A Date Picker To Your WordPress Form


Choosing something is better than typing. Isn’t it? Often you realize this when filling a web form on a random site. Either you are required to enter the expiry date of your debit card to make payment or you are supposed to type your date of birth when applying for a credit card online. My question is how would you feel if you are provided with an option there to select the desired date instead of feeding it through input devices? Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Add A Date Picker To Your WordPress Form

How To Add A Date Picker To Your WordPress Form
Choosing something is better than typing. Isnt
it? Often you realize this when filling a web
form on a random site. Either you are required
to enter the expiry date of your debit card to
make payment or you are supposed to type your
date of birth when applying for a credit card
My question is how would you feel if you are
provided with an option there to select the
desired date instead of feeding it through input
devices? Wont that be easier to insert the
information? Considering this, a few authors
developed tiny software named date picker to
make it convenient for people to input the
numbers in web forms. If you are a website
administrator, webmaster, or a designer,
frankly speaking, this blog is quite useful for
you. Here, we have discussed how to create a
WordPress form with a date picker as well as the
best data pickers booking form plugins
available today. Now without letting an extra
minute go, lets see how to do it. Hey! hold on
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WordPress web design, web development, website
maintenance, online marketing, search engine
optimization, pay per click advertising, and a
bunch more. With that brought to an end, lets
get a look at how to include a date picker in
your WordPress form. 3 Simple Steps To Add A
Date Picker To Your WordPress Form Step 1
Install And Activate WP Forms
For this tutorial, we have picked WPForms that is
considered as the best contact form plugin at
present. The nice thing about this plugin is
that it is suitable for creating all manners of
different forms. To proceed, first you need to
install WPForms and then activate it on your
site. Once you have done that, head over WPForms
gt Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Instantly
, the WPForms builder will display on your
screen. There, you need to enter a valid name
for your form. Then, take your mouse pointer to
a template and click on the button to make the
selection. After you have given the command,
WPForms will create a small form for you using
that template automatically. Now you can edit
the form as you like. So, what we will do here
is add a date picker section in the form. On the
screen, you will see all the fields on the right
side that you can include in your form. Scroll
down to the Fancy Fields section and find Date /
Time field. Drag and drop that field where you
want to put it in your form. We have positioned
it right below the Email field. Next, click on
that field to make the changes. Just when you do
that, the Field Options tab will shift on the
left side of the page. You can edit the label of
the field as you like, by default which is set
to Date / Time. Weve changed it to Preferred
Time for Phone Call Another easy way to change
the format of the field is to use the Format
dropdown feature. For example, you might want to
just a date without time for users to enter their
date of birth. Just in case you wish to make
this a mandatory field, all you need to do is
check mark the Required box. This means users
will have to choose a date and time before
finally submitting the form. In addition to the
connection, you can also add other new fields to
your form that you think is important to capture
that particular information. All it takes is to
click the Add Fields tab and then drag and
drop the required field on your form. And, if you
want to edit any field, you know well what to
do. Simply click on it. Do you want to have a
specific type of form on your site? We can
create it for you within the time frame you want.
Just submit us your request through email or
inform us on call. Soon you will have a
form-ready site that will capture essential
information of your visitors. At our Los Angeles
web design company, each head has 5 years of
experience in designing, developing or
copywriting. You can take advantage of them to
their full potential by leveraging services like
responsive web design, web development, custom
software and app development, content writing,
content marketing, PPC, and SEO. Step 2 Use
Advanced Options By default, the date picker
appears to be a calendar that has a time
dropdown next to it. When users have to select a
date, they simply click on a day. Odds are, you
might want to change the default working style of
date picker. Fortunately, thats an easy task to
perform in WPForms. What you need to do for that
is to scroll down to Advanced Options in the
Field Options tab and then click on the little
arrow to expand that section. As you can see,
the default pattern for the date is mm/dd/yy. You
can change it according to your preferences. Not
just this, you can also leverage the options
there to switch from the date picker to a date
dropdown. In this case, the user individually
choose the
month, day, and year from the dropdown list, just
like shown in the picture below Moreover, you
can also change the time picker as per your will.
It defaults to a 12 hour clock which can be
changed to a 24 clock if you like. Whats even
more, you can change the time slot to 15 minutes
or 1 hour instead of 30 minutes. Once you have
set up your form as you wanted it to be, you can
save it by clicking the Save button available at
top right corner. Besides, you may also want to
set up your form to provide users a copy of the
details they have given to you. This would be a
helpful piece of information for your users.
Suppose that if they are scheduling a call to get
in touch with you, they will have an electronic
yet documented record of the call time they have
booked on your site. Emails are always great to
refer to for acquiring date-oriented information
thats important to take note of. In case, you
want to capture candidates information to
finalize their admission in your institution,
better off with WPForms. For your educational
firm, we can design a well-optimized site, create
a simple web form, or redesign your logo
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face. Have in mind, our organization is
approachable for getting services such as
SEO-friendly web design, web development,
website hosting, conversion rate optimization,
website speed optimization, and search engine
optimization. Step 3 Add Form To Your WordPress
When it comes to adding a form to your site, you
can put it on your existing page or post, or you
can create a brand new one. If you want to
create a new page, you need to head to Pages gt
Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Then, you
will need to add a new block on your page. So,
the next second, you should click on the
icon to add the block and then select the WPForms
block available there. Usually, it remains in
the Widgets section, but if you cant locate it
just find it using the search bar. Just after
doing this, you can select your form from the
WPForms dropdown, same as portrayed below So,
this is all that you need to do. Now you can
publish the page and your form will be up on
your WordPress website. One of the most
imperative things you need to keep in mind here
that the form style will depend on the WordPress
theme you choose. And, all forms that you create
with WPForms are mobile-friendly. However,
whats better to know is that WPForms
date-picker tool is mobile-friendly as well and
properly works on devices of all screen
sizes. In the same context, I would like to
outline that testing your form is always a good
idea to make sure it is working the way you
expected. In case, it doesnt function nicely,
you can edit your form by moving to WPForms gt
All Forms. Then, click on your form title or the
Edit link placed just below the title to perform
the change you want. Once you have made the
needed changes, save your form and it will get
updated on your site without doing anything
more. So this was the whole process for adding a
date picker to your WordPress form. I hope you
liked it and will refer to us for more such
information. Are you thinking of launching a
whole new website for your company? Or, want to
give it just a minor update? We can help you
design it with the popular passing trend. All you
have to do is
have a few words with the representative of our
Los Angeles web design company addressing them
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possible time. In addition to professional web
design and development, our team is also good at
search engine optimization, pay per click
advertising, online promotion, email marketing,
and the remaining. With that complete, we will
now shift to the top 3 date picker and booking
form plugins for WordPress websites. 3 Best Date
Picker And Booking Form Plugins To Take In
Use 1. WP Datepicker Probably, choosing the free
WP Datepicker plugin is a good starting point
for a good form creation. Being compatible with
jQuery and having form styles with latest CSS3
properties, this tool can be the best pick for
you. It is also easy to run with frameworks like
Genesis, Thesis, and WooCommerce. What you might
not be knowing about this particular plugin is
that it is packed with a number of different
theme styles that you can use to match with your
layout. The good thing is this date picker field
is inserted right into your form. When users
click on it, the calendar window pops up and
then they can select a day/month/year
altogether. Thats not all, since fields can be
added separately or with the inclusion of codes
in the WordPress editor. But to do that I
recommend you to take a look at the plugin page
and learn more about the process. Seems a tad
difficult? Well, we are well-versed with such
technicalities and can help you overcome your
problem easily. Carrying the tag of most trusted
web design company in Los Angeles for years, we
grew from a single office to many not just
  • in the US but other parts of the world as well.
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    management, SEO, and PPC.
  • Gravity Forms Date
  • Another popular form builder we have on this list
    is Gravity Forms. This premium plugin is much
    talked about among WordPress users.
  • Now you can also have a Gravity Forms datepicker
    at your disposal that can be added to any form
    you want. Its extremely easy to use and fits
    well into the Gravity Forms interface.
  • Whats even better here is you can style the type
    of calendar to display a month or day. As far as
    usability goes, your visitors can choose one
    specific day or a multiple days depending on what
    you want them to do.
  • If this sinks well with your form needs, its
    well and good and if not we are available for
    further customization. Be informed that our Los
    Angeles web design company is the most
    experienced firm thats well-equipped with
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  • WP Booking System

Another alternative to the above date picker is
WP Booking System Plugin. This is a freemium
tool with loads of features and can be easily
found in the WordPress repository. However, if
you want an added advantage of features, get a
paid version that contains even more. Take note
that, generally the free version of WP Booking
System includes everything you will need to add
a simple data field to your form such as a full
booking management panel to accept or reject the
bookings as they are recorded. Whats good to be
aware of this plugin is that it supports multiple
languages and is also simple to add to your
site. Additionally, it is packed with widgets
for your sidebar and shortcodes for pages that
makes it easier to run anywhere you want. If its
features make sense to you, dont forget to put
it to use but if dont you can consult us for
other suitable plugins. Established as the
client-focused web design company in Los Angeles,
this is the enterprise to work with to suffice
all essential needs of your site. Each of our
professionals has garnered more than 5 years of
experience in the field they enjoy working, be it
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a short time, a good decision would be to reach
out to us for services like eCommerce web
design, web development, website optimization,
search e ngine optimization, social media
marketing, internet marketing and a whole lot
more. The Endnote On Date Picker Thats all
about the method to add a date picker to your
WordPress form and the plugins you can utilize
for the same. We hope you found this article
useful and can easily create a WordPress form
with datepicker now. With so many plugins at
hand, you might feel overwhelming but if you know
why you need
a datepicker, it will be easy to find the best
one for your specific project. To be frank, all
plugins you have just seen are incredible and
each of them has something unique to offer. So,
before reaching a decision, make sure you take a
peek at all of these. Aside from this, if you
think your website needs an overhaul, we would
be happiest to do that. Supplying our services to
600 clients across the globe, we have attained
expertise in every possible skill needed to keep
your website up and running. For better customer
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SFWP Experts is the best s olution-oriented
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