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Top recruitment trends in 2020


What's next for human resources managers in the new decade 2020? Let's have a look. Recruitment trends 2020: Culture, Diversity, AI, Employer Branding, Social Media, Candidate Experience. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top recruitment trends in 2020

Recruitment Trends in 2020
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What is Recruitment?
  • Recruitment refers to the overall process of
    attracting, screening, shortlisting, selecting
    (hiring) and appointing suitable candidates for
    jobs (both permanent temporary) within an
    organization. Depending on the source recruitment
    is classified into types
  • Internal Recruitment
  • External Recruitment

Recruitment Trends
  • Over the last decade recruitment has been
    changing. Talent acquisition is moving away from
    resumes phone screenings towards skill
    assessments video interviews. Recruiting
    managers are continuously looking for best
    strategies to find the best candidates in the
    competitive market. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the
    recruitment process. The following are the latest
    trends in recruitment.

Recruitment Trends 2020
Source Recruitment Trends
  • Company culture
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Diversity Inclusion
  • Employer Branding
  • Candidate Experience

Company Culture
Source Culture fit importance
  • Company culture can be defined as a set of shared
    values, goals, attitudes and practices that
    characterize an organization.
  • The business and its employees merge as one to
    become culturally fit complementing each other
    and augmenting growth and development.
  • Company culture attracts candidates and improves
    retention rate, so you can save your hiring cost.

Artificial Intelligence
Source AI transforming recruitment
  • The single biggest trend shaping recruitment in
    2020 will be the use of artificial intelligence
    (AI) to the source, assess, and screen employees.
  • The power of AI tools make a key change at every
    step of the hiring process. AI can also be used
    to interact with potential candidates and offer
    personalized communication with the latest
    chatbot technology.
  • AI is useful to reduce human bias in recruitment
    process, which helps to find best candidates.

Mobile Recruiting
  • One of the most common ways candidates will
    arrive at company job portals will be through a
    mobile device.
  • Glassdoor research revealed that jobs searched
    through mobiles peaks among Gen Xers with almost
    55 of users making use of mobile devices in
    their job search.
  • companies looking to diversify their workforce
    would benefit much from the mobile job search

Predictive Analytics
Source Predictive Analytics changing recruitment
  • Predictive analytics is playing a major role in
    the recruiting processes of many companies.
  • Predictive analytics allow recruiters to identify
    the best matches for a job based on numerous
    parameters, such as location, past experience,
    education, and relationship networks with
    additional insights.
  • Smart recruiters are using these insights to make
    the appropriate talent decisions and to save
    hiring time cost.

Social Media Recruiting
  • Social media is playing a crucial role in
    recruitment and helping recruiters to find the
    best candidates.
  • Publishing job postings for open positions on
    multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Angellist,
    Glassdoor and more can help recruiters to
    optimize your hiring funnel with versatile
  • According to the latest survey, more than 70 of
    recruiting managers are using social media as
    their preferred recruitment channel than others.

Diversity Inclusion
  • It's been proven that diverse teams perform
    better, so most companies will have recruiters
    dedicated exclusively to increasing diversity.
  • Organizations will focus more on job postings to
    attract more diverse candidates.
  • Many organizations have already started hiring
    dedicated diversity inclusion employees. The
    number of such job openings has increased by 30

Employer Branding
  • Candidates want to work at companies that they
    can be proud of.
  • The most important thing for an employer is to
    build their employer brand and make the vision
    and mission of the company crystal clear.
  • According to a study by CareerArc, 75 of job
    seekers consider an employer's brand before
    applying, so building content around employee
    experience is crucial.

Candidate Experience
  • Candidate experience is the most important factor
    in modern recruitment, it impacts your brand and
    recruitment process.
  • Recruiters have to improve the candidate
    experience by implementing the right steps, which
    will help them to fill their talent pool with the
    best candidates.
  • Clear job descriptions, easy ways to apply,
    regular follow-ups, and company values ethics
    are a few things which help recruiters to improve
    candidate experience.

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