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Choosing The Right Eye Hospital For Your Eye Problems - Arohi Eye Hospital


Eyes being the most crucial sense organ, you should always have the best eye hospital in Mumbai taking care of your condition by offering you the best treatment. Here are some of the most common eye problems you may suffer from. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Choosing The Right Eye Hospital For Your Eye Problems - Arohi Eye Hospital

Choosing The Right Eye Hospital For Your Eye
Problems Arohi Eye Hospital
  • Our eyes, being one of the most important sense
    organs that we possess, any problem in them
    should be immediately diagnosed and treated as
    soon as possible. The importance of sight cannot
    be undermined and even a slight carelessness
    and negligence may result in the harshest of
    conditions like loss of vision! There are a
    number of different types of eye problems, and
    you must be able to identify the problem you
    have so that you can walk into the right eye
    hospital to have your condition treated, without
    wasting any time landing into the wrong place.
    So, let us first understand the various types of
    eye disorders.

Refractive error This is one of the most common
eye problems seen, wherein the sight becomes
blurred, making it difficult to see the sharp
edges of objects, and have difficulty in
reading. Refractive error could be near-sighted
or far-sighted. Then, it may also be astigmatism
or presbyopia. You will generally be prescribed
eye glasses and some comforting eye drops in
such a condition.
Cataracts One very common eye problem seen in the
elderly, and now in young age groups too, is the
cataract, which is the clouding of the eyes
natural lens. One might feel cloudiness in front
of the eyes, which he may try to remove by
rubbing the eyes, but in vain! Cataracts can
cause blurred vision, double vision, blocked
view, and night blindness. There is no other
treatment of cataracts than removing the natural
lens of the eye, and replacing it with an
artificial intraocular lens. Glaucoma This is a
condition that damages the optic nerve, which is
responsible for bringing good vision. It
generally affects people over the age of 60. You
may experience patchy spots on the central or
side vision, along with symptoms like blurred
vision, eye redness, halos around lights,
headache, and nausea, if you are suffering from
glaucoma. Squint Squint is when both the eyes
do not coordinate to perform together. It may
affect one of both eyes. The eye(s) may be
deviated from the center to look inwards,
outwards, upwards, or downwards. It may begin
right from childhood, or may be caused in adults
as a result of a head injury, eye injury, or
trauma. Squint won't help you see anything in
front of you clearly, as both eyes will perceive
different images. Dry Eye The name itself says
that the condition is where the eyes go dry.
This can be caused by environmental issues like
exposure to air pollution, smoke, sun, and other
such conditions. Too much exposure to digital
screens may also cause Dry Eye. The most
common symptoms include dryness of eyes, redness,
itchiness, blurred vision, burning sensation,
excessive tears, and sensitivity to
light. Macular degeneration This is an
age-related eye disorder, wherein one can
progressively lose sight in one or both eyes.
The condition starts at the center field of
vision known as the macula, and spreads across
the eyes with time, if not treated. Smoking can
worsen the condition and although this
condition cannot be completely cured, its
progress can definitely be slowed down by
consulting an appropriate eye doctor for the
right treatment. Diabetic Retinopathy As the
name itself suggests, Diabetic Retinopathy
affects those who are suffering from prolonged
diabetes. It damages the blood vessels in the
eyes, and causes distorted vision. The most
common symptoms include blurred vision, sudden
loss of vision, impairment of coloured vision,
and poor night vision. These are some of the
most common eye disorders seen. So, the next
time you feel that you are having any problems
with your eyes, you can check for the symptoms,
and relate to the possible condition you may be
suffering from. Accordingly, you can approach
the right eye doctor for treatment. Remember, you
always need a specialist to treat your eyes.
Thus, try identifying your possible condition
and approach the relevant specialist. However,
while you do so, also make sure that the
specialist is a reputed and experienced one.
Check for their success stories, and the number
of patients they have effectively treated. You
may also ask friends and relatives for
recommendations, and reviews too if they have
been treated by your selected eye specialist at
some point in their life.
However, if you are not too sure about what kind
of problem you are having, you neednt panic.
There is one solution to your problem. You can
just walk into Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye
hospital in Mumbai, that houses experts from all
eye- related fields, each having years of
experience in treating their very own category
of patients. This is one place where each of the
above eye problems are addressed and treated so
there is no worry about going elsewhere! For
more information, visit http//
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