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What Are Web Standards And Why You Need To Follow Them?


When you plan to build a brand new website, you prepare a checklist to ensure its quality. Why? Because you want to make sure that everything your website contains, be it content, features, or graphics, happens to be useful and impactful. But do you even care for web standards? Or, is it the part of your web design process? Maybe or maybe not you would be used to it, but let me tell you it plays a key role in making your website easily accessible for users. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Are Web Standards And Why You Need To Follow Them?

What Are Web Standards And Why You Need To
Follow Them?
When you plan to build a brand new website, you
prepare a checklist to ensure its
quality. Why? Because you want to make sure
that everything your website contains, be it
content, features, or graphics, happens to be
useful and impactful.
But do you even care for web standards? Or, is
it the part of your web design process? Maybe or
maybe not you would be used to it, but let me
tell you it plays a key role in making your
website easily accessible for users. In laymans
terms, you can understand web standards as a set
of formal specifications that are there to be
adopted by website administrators to make their
site more approachable. Needless to say, not
abiding by the set web standards is definitely
going to limit the access of your site on
different platforms. To make it easy to digest
for you, I have explained what web standards
actually are in the next section of this
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complete, lets spend some time understanding
what are web standards. What Are Web Standards?
This can be defined as the protocols and
technologies created to use the web to its
maximum potential by developing a standardized
system of rules and guidelines. Now, for the web
to reach its maximum potential, it is necessary
that widely popular web technologies be
compatible with each other and any software and
hardware can access the web to work
collaboratively. This objective is particularly
referred to as Web interoperability by W3C
(World Wide Web Consortium). Now you must be
curious to know what W3C is and how it is
correlated with web standards. Of course, I
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rest. Here, you can have a look at what W3C is
all about - What is W3C? The W3C or World Wide
Web Consortium is simply an international
community occupied with members of the
organization, staff, and the general public who
are tasked to build web standards. The group at
W3C is
led by the inventor of the web Tim Berners-Lee
and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe to complete a mission of
using the web to its full potential. Who
Participates In the Web Standards Development At
W3C? Over 400 organizations across the world
including big hardware and software companies,
research centers, universities, and all who are
members of W3C participate in web standards
creation. In addition to this figure, the W3C
team itself, some chief experts, and any random
user of the web who wants to share his thoughts
are also made part of the discussion. Are you
wondering about the outcomes? Well, they have
successfully developed 110 technologies since
1996. What Is The Objective of Web
Standards? The whole and sole purpose of making
web standards is to create an easy to use and
accessible website that delivers a pleasant user
experience everywhere. Whats nice about the
developed technologies is that they are open,
free to use, and focused on avoiding the
fragmentation of the web as well as enhancing
the overall infrastructure. The end goal is to
make the web a place where information can be
organized in the best possible manner. Just in
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  • Now the question arises -
  • Why Do You Need To Adopt Web Standards?
  • Have you ever visited a website where content is
    not displayed correctly?
  • Do you use multiple browsers like Mozilla
    Firefox, Safari, or Opera and see that the
    elements of the site don't render well?
  • Do you have issues with the vision still cant
    change the font size because the pages don't
    look good?
  • If you have ever experienced these things while
    browsing the internet you know how annoying it
    feels. Now imagine how would you feel if you
    visit your own website only? Does it offer a
    great viewing experience or it just doesnt look
  • To be frank, if you are not happy with your
    website experience yourself, congrats you have
    just lost a potential client who may not visit
    your website again. And do you know whats the
    worst part? Being a visitor to your site you
    have not even explored the services offered by
    your site due to bad UX.

So, now you understand why there was a need to
develop web standards? And are you noticing the
change it is bringing to the web design industry?
So, its all about that. Here, let me tell you
one thing that user-friendly websites are the
traffic-oriented sites that are poised to high
visitor engagement. Expert professionals at our
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web design and development, landing page design
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promotion, branding, search engine optimization,
and so on. After so long conversation, it's time
to list out the elements web standards have been
set for. Web Standards For Different Elements of
Sites 1. Programming Languages Poorly written
codes can cause your site to run into problems as
far as the performance factor goes. So, this was
the first thing to be taken into consideration
and dealt with at the earliest. Since
programming languages more so, HTML, CSS, and
JavaScript are the foundation of the web, some
strict standards have been set for it addressing
how they are written and when they are used. In
addition, as different variants of these
languages are included in the web dictionary like
HTML5 and CSS3, strict guidelines are created
for them either.
  • The good thing about coming up with such
    standards is that it makes it possible for
    designers and developers to code with the same
    approach and for every browser or software to
    nicely perceive them.
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    business to streamline your internal processes,
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    many more.
  • Graphics
  • This is an important element for web designers on
    this list for which strict standards have been
    made as well. However, its not as strict as some
    of the best practices you might come across on
    the web for using graphics.
  • Say for an example, W3C recommends the following
    for its use
  • PNG format for photos
  • SVG for visualizing data
  • CSS for improving HTML
  • Canvas API for designing gradients, shapes, and
    other effects.
  • WebCGM for your vector graphics
  • If you want your website to run smoothly and
    efficiently, its necessary to bring these
    recommendations into effect as quickly as you
  • Mobile Friendliness

  • With the spread of smartphones across the globe
    and extreme variation in the types of available
    devices, its become crucial to have a set of
    standards for mobile sites as well. In connection
    to this, head bodies havent just standardized
    the responsive web design, they have also
    outlined the best practices webmasters can follow
    to create mobile-optimized websites.
  • Here, you can take a look at an example of the
    mobile web standards W3C have created
  • Whats interesting to know is that guidelines
    arent just given for design or tools but also
    site security, performance, and processing
  • If you are thinking that non-compliance with your
    site with mobile phones is resulting in low
    traffic, its time to improve on the design. Have
    us as your project manager and we will ensure
    that your site gets a flexible design that can
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  • Web Architecture
  • This is all about how we structure the
    information in the backend, so standards have
    been brought into effect for things like
  • URIs and URLs
  • XML
  • HTTP and HTTPS

  • Character sets
  • Encoding
  • By using standards the way we have labeled and
    identified different parts of the web, it can
    become more user-friendly for people worldwide.
  • 5. Accessibility
  • The WAI or Web Accessibility Initiative is part
    of the standardized body W3C (World Wide Web
    Consortium), you remember well.
  • Unlike other web standards mentioned in this
    post, standardizing accessibility is a different
    league altogether. As you can see in the image
    above, its not just about web designers and
    developers but everyone who contributes to
    website development, be it writer, tester,
    project manager, and many others.
  • By having a look at the screenshot above, you
    would have comprehended that there is a lot to
    have command on when it comes to accessibility
    standards. Let me be blunt here - if you are
    building a website that aims to be user-focused,
    then every one of these standards should be
    incorporated in your workflow.
  • However, if you doubt the agency you are about to
    work with will be able to build a highly
    accessible website for you, just get hold of us.
    By implementing proven strategies and testing on
    a variety of channels, we will make sure that
    users can access/view your site through any
    device they want. In the recent past, we have
    worked with several big corporates to achieve
    their site accessibility standard. In a nutshell,
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repairing and maintenance, social media
marketing, digital marketing, SEO, PPC and
others like these. The Endnote On Web
Standards Now that you know the importance of
web standards its time to modify your site
settings based on the same. As far as users go,
one of the biggest benefits they get with web
standards maintenance is being able to use the
site in an expected way. By this, you should not
make a concept that web standards will prevent
you from showing creativity as far as your
designing pattern is concerned. Have in mind
that the impact will be completely different
since it emphasizes how your site functions and
how your visitors can interact with it. And just
so you know thats done to make sure these
elements are consistent with the rest of the web.
The benefit? Users will leverage a more inviting
environment that has no room for struggle and
confusion while using the site. As far as the
web standards topic is concerned, I think thats
been made clear by now. And if you have a
feeling about your site that there is a big
elephant in the room, we would love to talk about
it. Our profession involves building, modifying,
repairing, and maintaining websites that are up
for a purpose. You can have a word with our
client-driven Wordpress w ebsite design company
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whatnot. Contact Details 213-277-9177 l
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