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IoT: Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer the data automatically over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IoT: Internet of Things

IoT Internet of Things
? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in
which objects or people are provided with unique
identifiers and the ability to transfer the data
automatically over a network without requiring
human-to-human or human-to-computer
interaction. ? To understand the IoT, imagine
each of the object (Light, Fan, Air-conditioned,
Projector, Door, etc.) here in this room, all
wirelessly connected to communicate with each
other ? IoT is a network connecting to physical
world objects same as computers connect with
the Internet now.
What does Thing mean to IoT
? A person with a heart monitor implant. ? A farm
animal with a biochip transponder. ? An
automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the
driver when tire pressure is low. ? So the thing,
in the Internet of Things, can be any natural or
man-made object that can be assigned an IP
address and provided with the ability to transfer
data over a network.
Internet Connection
? Internet Compatible Devices You Own ? ? More
connected devices than people - 2015 ? 10
billion objects connected with the Internet -
2018 ? 24.8 billion internet-connected objects
? 2022 50 Billion Connected Things ? 10.6
objects will be connected with the Internet for
each person. ? IPv6s huge increase in address
space is an important factor in the development
of the Internet of Things.
Survey Future of IoT
? Fast and easy communication of information ?
Live and analyzed data collection
Smart Cities
? Smart Parking Monitoring of parking spaces
availability in the city. ? Structural health
Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions
in buildings, bridges and historical
monuments. ? Noise Urban Maps Sound monitoring
in bar areas and centric zones in real
time. ? Traffic Congestion Monitoring of
vehicles and pedestrian levels to optimize
driving and walking routes. ? Smart Lighting
Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in
street lights. ? Waste Management Detection of
rubbish levels in containers to optimize the
trash collection routes. ? Smart Roads
Intelligent Highways with warning messages and
diversions according to climate conditions and
unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.
Smart Environment
? Forest Fire Detection Monitoring of combustion
gases and preemptive fire conditions to define
alert zones. ? Air Pollution Control of CO2
emissions of factories, pollution emitted by cars
and toxic gases generated in farms. ? Snow Level
Monitoring Snow level measurement to know in
real time the quality of ski tracks and allow
security corps avalanche prevention. ? Landslide
and Avalanche Prevention Monitoring of soil
moisture, vibrations and earth density to detect
dangerous patterns in land conditions. ? Earthquak
e Early Detection Distributed control in
specific places of tremors.
Smart Water
? Potable water monitoring Monitor the quality
of tap water in cities. ? Chemical leakage
detection in rivers Detect leakages and wastes
of factories in rivers. ? Swimming pool remote
measurement Control remotely the swimming
pool conditions. ? Pollution levels in the sea
Control real-time leakages and wastes in the
sea. ? River Floods Monitoring of water level
variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs.
? Monitoring product tracking for traceability
purposes. ? Intelligent Shopping Applications
Getting advices in the point of sale according
to customer habits, preferences, presence of
allergic components for them or expiring
dates. ? Marketing Collect very huge amount of
precise information about buyers and their needs.
? M2M Applications Remotely machine control and
auto-diagnosis for early detection of
problems. ? Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of
oxygen, ozone presence and toxic gas
levels inside chemical plants to ensure workers
and goods safety. ? Temperature Monitoring
Control of temperature inside industrial and
medical fridges with sensitive merchandise.
? Monitoring keep latest information for soil
moisture and fertility. ? Irrigation Selective
irrigation in dry zones to reduce the water
resources required in the green. ? Water
Management Study of weather conditions in fields
to forecast ice formation, rain, drought, snow or
wind changes. ? Accuracy Control the exact
conditions of plants growth to get the highest
efficiency. ? Animal Tracking Location and
identification of animals grazing in open
pastures or location in big stables.
Security Emergencies
? Perimeter Access Control Access control to
restricted areas and detection of people in
non-authorized areas. ? Radiation Levels
Distributed measurement of radiation levels in
nuclear power stations surroundings to generate
leakage alerts.
Daily Life
? Remote Control Appliances Switching on and off
remotely appliances to avoid accidents and save
energy. ? Sensor-Based Furniture It will warn
you for your health cure. e.g. While you seat
for long time on computer desk, it will warn you
to stand-up and walk around for some
distance. ? Energy and Water Use Energy and
water supply consumption monitoring to obtain
advice on how to save cost and resources. ? Care
Assistance for elderly or disabled people living
Future Home with IoT
? Security in terms of Communication ? Data
Privacy ? Out of Law boundaries and Government
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