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10 career opportunities in Content writing


10 ways you can choose a prefoessional career in content writing – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 career opportunities in Content writing

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Who is a Content Writer? 
Well, a content writer is obviously a person who
writes, or more specifically, a person who is a
whole package in one from drafting the content
to editing and proofreading it for
publishing.    Content writers generally have a
background of English, Mass communications, or
Journalism degree. But this doesnt mean you
cant be one. Anyone with a basic knowledge of
language and writing could practice to land in a
well paying content writing job .    All you need
is a passion for writing and hard work to achieve
your goals. 
Top 10 content writing career opportunities that
you can aim to achieve.
  • 1. Freelancer 
  • You can go for online, part-time, or full-time
    freelance content writing jobs . Your job would
    depend on the organization that hires you
  • Working as a freelancer you are required to write
    blogs, articles, site content, eBooks and many
    more. The clients demands are divergent and so
    you need to have an edge for substantial
    researching skills. 
  • Freelancing as a content writing career
    opportunity is well known among all digital
  • Most of the work you do would be related to
    publishing on an online website.
  • A brief knowledge about keyword planner and SEO
    (search engine optimization) is necessary to
    approach a better bid for your content. 
  • Some famous freelance websites include Fiverr,
    Upwork, LinkedIn, and RemoteOK.io.

2. Blogger
It ranges from personal blogs to corporate blogs
where you promote an idea or a product or
information related to some news.    Owning a
personal blog with a niche works wonder in case
of blogging as a content writing job An ad in
your blog becomes one of the main sources of your
daily income.    When working for a corporate or
company blog, you follow their idea and promote
their brand through your content. It gives you a
full time blogger job. Such blogs follow a pretty
simple structure so as to not confuse their
customers. Main motives are highlighting the
objective in a transparent way.    In a personal
blog, you can explore and test out various themes
and designs to generate a unique profile. Also,
not to overdo it should always be kept in mind
while crafting your blog.    You can start
blogging as a part time content writing job in
order to gain some confidence and experience. 
3. Copywriter
Copywriting as a content writing job involves a
lot of creativity Your content should be able to
generate attention, attract the interests of the
mass, sow the seeds of desire and finally ask the
reader to take the action.  As a copywriter, you
often write to sell. The whole idea focuses on
marketing and advertising. It requires out of the
box thinking. They aim to improve the sales of
any company. It is written to create an impact
using ATL (above the line) ads.    You can work
it up as a freelance or online content writing
job or even as a part-time content writing job .
The main goal of your content should be to
promote the USP (unique selling proposition) of
any product. 
  • 4. Web Content Writer 

Working as a website writer, you have to combine
blogging, copywriting, freelancing together into
one platform.  They write on large scale
websites. They create various types of contents
like emails, blogs, reports, reviews,
newsletters, information related things and many
more.  The job requires deep knowledge of SEO.
You need to have a committed relationship with
your keywords. Trust me, if you do not make good
use of keyword planner, you would lose the game
even without playing.   Most of the time web
content writing is done in the form of ghost
writing where you produce content for your client
without letting your name out as the author. So
basically nobody knows that you have written
it.  The job requires deep knowledge of SEO. You
need to have a committed relationship with your
keywords. Trust me, if you do not make good use
of keyword planner, you would lose the game even
without playing. 
5. Technical Writer
Technical writers are high in demand in all the
industries and are especially found in technical
sectors.  It does not require technical skills
but if you learn it, it is definitely an
advantage.  These authors indulge in directing
and explaining about a subject. It majorly
encompasses all documentations such as reports,
white papers, handbooks, procedures, data sheets,
proposals, manuals etc.    Firstly, if you have a
technical background, finding freelance content
writing jobs becomes very easy. However, if you
do not have one, it takes some time to get
technical writing skills. I say it because
technical writing needs fluency with digital
tools and one has to be a grammar nerd. 
6. Business Writer 
  • The work of business writers as freelancers
    in online content writing jobs mostly revolve
    around content. Based on the organizations
    objective, they create, review, research, and
    edit the write-ups. 
  • While working for businesses, you will create
    content but also you will have to keep in mind
    various business aspects which play around your
  • Professional business writers often deal with
    business plans, models, project reports,
    proposals, business letters, presentations,
    marketing, campaigns etc. 
  • Resume writing- Writing resumes, cover letters,
    recommendations, or experience letter would also
    fall under the content writing job of business

  • 7. Academic Writer 

This writing is very popular in foreign countries
where students are graded largely based on their
assignments. There are many part time content
writing jobs where college students hire writers
to work on their research papers or
thesis.    Academic writing to be precise
incorporates scientific ideas and researches laid
out to the public in layman language and is also
known as scholarly writing. This writing follows
a specific style of writing and a very formal
vocabulary.    Your need for working as an
academic writer is for reviewing articles based
on research that have been conducted and
summarizing it. Sometimes you may also be
required to edit and proof read any research or
journal or dissertation.  Online content writing
jobs for majority of academic writers are
available more as a freelancer. 
8. Creative Writer
Professional creative writers reflect their
feelings, opinions, thoughts, originality and
innovation in their writing. The words are used
such to evoke the five senses of a reader. It is
broadly divided into fiction and non-fiction
writing.  Talking about trends in creative
writing, I would like to mention HAIKU which is
mostly prevalent in social media. It is described
as experimental writing. Another one would be
Flash Fiction which is about writing short
stories.    The most famous content writing
career opportunity within creative writing is of
a published author. You cannot decline the fact
that the published authors become talk of the
town. Exceptional writing skills of creating a
story based completely on experience or
observation or imagination is developed over
time.    Journalistic articles, feature writing,
screenwriting, drama, poetry, comics are the next
sub-branches of creative writing.
9. Social Media Manager
Every business today is active on social media
platforms. Business owners build their social
media sites and hire people to manage their
social networks to achieve active online
presence. Social media managers constantly
research, strategize, create, edit and publish
high quality content to market the
business.  Marketing tools like SEO come in
proportional use when working for a social site.
Social media writer could be one part of
the content writing job  however, most companies
fit in this responsibility under the position of
manager.    When Searching for online content
writing jobs , the job of social media manager
can also go by title of digital marketing
manager, community manager, or content marketing
  • 10. Content Editor and Proof-reader 

How do you make your content stand out in the
market? You need to have or become the best of an
editor and proof-reader to set your goal to the
final steps of achieving a great audience. The
job of editing and proofreading are not the same.
Editing is where you take care of grammar,
spelling, structure, flow etc. Proof-readers then
take a final look before publishing the content.
It is a saying, every proof reader can be an
editor but every editor can not be a
proof-reader.  The content writing jobs for
editors and proof-readers thrives you to be well
versed with grammar, SEO, marketing, sentence
structure and editing styles.    Media
industries, publishing houses, brand companies
everyone is in need of an editor. Online content
writing jobs are swamped with demands of editors
and proof-readers with extensive skills. 
Read more https//www.henryharvin.com/blog/top-1
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