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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script


Pulsehyip will provide you with a ready-made script for Peer to peer exchange development. The P2P exchange script includes Secured channel for transactions, Reliability, Customizable User Interface, High revenue from trading fees. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script


  • If an exchange platform has to be created, it has
    to be much evolved compared to the existing ones.
    The centralized exchanges are famously known for
    its successful run but people go in search of a
    platform which can provide peer to peer
    exchanging opportunities.
  • P2P and Other Exchanges
  • Before going into the P2P exchanges let us see
    what an exchange platform is about.
  • An exchange platform is a stage which enables the
    Crypto users around the world to exchange
    cryptocurrencies with each other The two known
    type includes Centralized and Decentralized. A
    Centralized exchanges involve intermediate
    facilitator to carry out the transactions.

  • The trade matching process is carried out by the
    intermediate person. During such a process a cent
    of charge is been levied while performing the
    trade. For the transactions to get processed the
    users have to submit the legal documentations for
    verification purposes.
  • Then comes the decentralized exchanges which
    allow exchanges without the involvement of the
    third party and acts just as a trade matching
    engine. DEX allows the user to do anonymous
    transactions with minimum information about each
    investor. The best examples would be Waves DEX,
    NXT, Open Ledger, Counter party. It provides the
    user with Blockchain technology to carry out the
    exchanges in a trust less way. The word trust
    less, is just that the involvement of blockchain
    technology makes the process permanent and
    transparent within the users on the network which
    is why its referred as trust less basis of
    exchange as no trust is required between two
    users in order to carry out a transaction.

  • Along the years there has been a change of wind
    current from CEX to DEX as larger number of
    people are concerned about their privacy and
    there has been a growing popularity for DEX. Not
    only that the Predecessors of DEX, but P2P
    exchange has once again found its own space in
    the Crypto sphere.
  • The best example of a P2P exchange supporting DEX
    platform would be BISQ. The other Centralized
    exchanges that provide P2P are Paxful, Local
    bitcoins, etc.
  • There are some different important statistics
    that aid to understand the trading exchanges
    revenue that are more profitable when compared to
  • Trading-Revenue
  • Peer to peer exchanges allows the users to carry
    out the exchanges among the known user
    counterparties rather than posting a trade order
    publicly. Now let us dig deep to know about P2P
    exchanges, its features.

  • P2P Exchanges
  • The Peer to Peer exchange is one of the old forms
    of exchanging Cryptocurrencies among the known
    parties. We can directly say it as a person to
    person mode of transaction. P2P platforms match
    the people who make the orders in order to carry
    out the process.
  • A buyer and seller in a P2P network post a trade
    ad in order to carry out a transaction at a
    specific price range at a defined location. It
    would be just like Quikr, eBay or Craigslist
    where the direct interaction between the buyer
    and the seller takes place. So, if the seller
    wants to buy a bitcoin at a specified place, then
    locally the P2P exchange will connect to the
    person who wants to sell a bitcoin. This method
    makes it easy for both the parties to carry out
    the transaction at the right time and the right
    place at a negotiable price with a payment mode
    which will be easy for both the parties.

  • The following are the reasons which signifies the
    P2P exchange model
  • Very Low trading charges
  • As most of the process is completed by the
    parties involved in a transaction, the exchange
    platform won't put up high charges for trading.
  • High Security
  • Since there is no third party involved in the
    process, the exchange does not hold any funds and
    supports only user pairing thus making it Secured.

  • Increased Privacy
  • Unlike CEX where they will ask complete about the
    individual while signing up to the platform, P2P
    doesnt ask any such details. No KYC
    authentication process is involved in P2P
  • No Government intrudence
  • The Non-involvement of third party makes it free
    from any government intrudance.
  • Free to select Cryptocurrencies / Multiple
    Cryptocurrency usage options
  • The users can exchange a wide range of
    cryptocurrencies among them if needed.
  • Transaction Sensorship
  • Even at one part of the country, the crypto
    transaction becomes restricted, the rest of the
    system remains unaffected.

  • Global marketplace
  • The exchanges may provide services globally as
    well as locally.
  • No withdrawal or Deposit limits
  • This gives the user to add or remove cash
    whenever needed
  • Use of Fiat currency for Buying
  • Unlike DEX, fiat currencies can be used to buy
    Cryptocurrencies and is much easy to use.

  • Peer to Peer Exchange Development features
  • Powerful matching Engine
  • Instant KYC and AML Verification
    system(Intuitive ID verification system)
  • Multi-laer security
  • Escrow System
  • Dispute management
  • Automatic swap
  • Multi-language support

  • Peer to Peer exchange enables quick transfer and
    provides considerable saving through its
    processes and people prefer P2P cryptocurrency
    exchange over Centralized exchanges as they are
  • Why Pulsehyip?
  • Pulsehyip is a topmost cryptocurrency exchange
    development company that is ready to reach out to
    you with ready-made cryptocurrency clone scripts.
    Pulsehyip will provide you with a ready-made
    script for Peer to peer exchange development. The
    P2P exchange script includes Secured channel for
    transactions, Reliability, Customizable User
    Interface, High revenue from trading fees.

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