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How To Edit Your Site - Classic Or Gutenberg Editor?


All the elements in the WordPress ecosystem have never frozen in time and so are the WP editors. A few years back, classic editors were popular and now Gutenberg. Both of them offer good editing experience but Gutenberg might emerge as a redundant choice if you are planning to use a page builder plugin for your site. Have you ever wondered what will happen to sites whose content is created with Classic editors? Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Edit Your Site - Classic Or Gutenberg Editor?

How To Edit Your Site - Classic Or Gutenberg
All the elements in the WordPress ecosystem have
never frozen in time and so are the WP
editors. A few years back, classic editors were p
opular and now Gutenberg.
Both of them offer good editing experience but
Gutenberg might emerge as a redundant choice if
you are planning to use a page builder plugin
for your site. Have you ever wondered what will
happen to sites whose content is created with
Classic editors? How hard it could be to keep
those sites as it is? Is Gutenberg apt for all
types of editing jobs? Well, let me tell you one
thing that Classic editor is still a feature in
WordPress and isnt going anywhere until at least
the end of 2021. But is this enough to keep
your site as desired? Or, do you need to take
other things in consideration? We will have a
discussion on this in detail in the next section
of this blog and also find out what you should
stick with. But prior to getting immersed in the
practical knowledge, its important for you to
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on rest for some time, lets grab a few chunks of
information about Classic editor vs Gutenberg
Whats The Difference Between The Classic And
Gutenberg Editor (Block Editor)? Speaking about
the classic editor, this was the platform for new
content creation for websites for many years. It
included one large area where you can add text,
images, and other media files to prepare content
for your site. The major drawback of the Classic
Editor was some elements like content columns
and tables that required a few lines of codes or
plugins to perform the actions. This made the
publishing process unnecessarily more
complicated and time-consuming than what it
should be. To address this issue only, the Block
Editor was designed. This particular editor
features blocks that can be used to create
content for WordPress websites. Each block
contains a particular type of content that could
be anything among a paragraph, an image, a
table, a list or any other element that you want
to add to your post or page. Simply understand,
it is easy to create more complex content with
blocks without the need to touch even a single
line of code. Just so you know, each of the
blocks in the editor has individual settings,
using which you can customize specific elements.
In addition to the connection, you can easily
change the positions of the content on the page
to create columns or other layouts. As far as
users perspective goes, the Classic Editor is
simple to use between both options. Do you know
why? Because it has a vision-friendly interface.
That means Classic Editor has just one field
where all your content is accommodated as opposed
to several distinctive blocks in the Block
Editor. However, the Block Editor is created
keeping ease-of-use in mind and it can be more
user-friendly as well, especially for new users
of WordPress. If you are a new entrepreneur
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development, social media marketing, and search
engine optimization. Now, lets move to the next
part of the discussion - how long will we be
able to use Classic Editor? Editor Support As
you might be well-informed of the fact that the
Gutenberg editor was released with WordPress
5.0. After its launch, there was a thin air of
uncertainties around, leaving all web
professionals concerned about how to approach
both new and existing websites. But the good
news is that the Classic Editor is still
available for users in the plugin form. This
makes it easy for website administrators to keep
their site as it is for the time being. Not
just now, you can be assured of its presence for
a few years from now since it is scheduled to be
supported till 2021. And its quite possible
that throughout this period its number of users
will increase drastically. Knowing that there
are still a few years of Classic Editors
existence, it may not be a bad idea to to use it
when building a brand new website. At least, you
can consider it in some specific
situations. So, if you want to design an
engaging web content for your site just like one
you dream about, you must consider using Classic
Editor. Alternatively, you can also reach out to
us to get your web page created including the
features and elements that you like to add.
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multiple old hands to take your online business
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content marketing, search engine optimization,
pay per click advertising and on and on. When
Should You Approach a Classic Editor? While I can
say this without a doubt that the newer editor is
the future of WordPress, having a choice to
utilize the editor in the desired way enables
users to mix and match different styles. Right
below we have listed out some cases in which
sticking the Classic Editor makes more sense.
Have a look at it and think yourself 1. To
Customize The Back End Currently, one of the
major issues with Gutenberg Editor is that it
doesnt work well with the custom WordPress meta
boxes. That doesnt impart a good feeling at all
since meta boxes are widely implemented and have
been extremely useful over the past few
years. They tend to be shifted to the bottom of
the screen and look like its not properly
placed or disarranged. This might make you a bit
frustrated if you have been a user of Advanced
Custom Fieldsor a similar plugin that helped you
to create a custom UI for your pages. So, if
you want to build a heavily customized site,
going for the Classic Editor will be a much
better choice since it offers a nicer visual
experience. When you will start using it, you
will find its easier to hide unwanted page
elements, leading to a more intuitive experience
for content developers. In case you doubt the
features, functions, or operations of custom
websites, we can clear it all in one swoop if you
give us a
  • chance. With extremely creative and innovative
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  • To Utilize A Page Builder
  • If you are not certain about the picture, let me
    tell you that if your site uses a page builder
    plugin or a theme with page builder functions,
    you may find that using Gutenberg is a redundant
    choice. Moreover, there is also a chance that it
    may not play so nicely with Gutenberg or work at
  • Just for an example, the older versions of Visual
    Composer plugin that consists of multiple
    commercial themes isn't compatible with
    Gutenberg. Of course, you might say why would
    anyone use outdated variants to get the job
    done? But, anyway if you want to use Gutenberg,
    make sure the Classic Editor is installed
    alongside to deal with any sort of issue.
  • To Deliver Clients A Simple Yet Beautiful Layout
  • Maybe the new block editor would be the best
    option for creating more compelling content,
    perhaps not everyone will need that advancement.
  • In this case, the Classic editor is more than
    enough to create amazing content. Just think
    this way, why cant we continue with what we are
    already used to or comfortable with instead of
    being forced to adapt to modern features or
    functionality. While this situation might last
    anytime soon, you can at least delay the urgency
    of Block editor usage for a few years.

If you have got our message neat and clear, its
time to get to work. And if you dont want to,
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more. Usability of Classic And Gutenberg
Editor Sometimes you might get into a situation
where using the Classic editor in specific areas
of your site seems to be helpful. Like the one
mentioned above customized backend tasks of your
site. So, if you have some custom fields that
have to be added to a few pages or post types,
you have the option to carry out some
experimentation with editors to check out which
fits your needs best. Optionally, the classic
editor will allow users to switch between the
editors to let them make the most out of it. This
is a good solution and if you want to gain a
little more control over the Classic editor,
what you need to do is make use of the free
Disable Gutenberg plugin. This will provide you a
lot of flexibility since you become able to
disable Gutenberg on anything just from a single
page to all post types or pages. This means if
your site can harness the functions of a new
editor except specific situations, you can
still do that. However, its important to
mention a point here for you all if you decide
to install the Disable Gutenberg Plugin. When you
will bring it into effect, the plugin will
remove the front-end styles by default that
comes with Gutenberg. If you are still planning
to use it, you just need to go to Settings gt
Disable Gutenberg and click
the link right below the More Tools title.
Then, check the option saying Enable frontend
Gutenberg styles that will in turn allow you to
use both editors nicely. Just in case, your
visitors have stopped taking interest in your
site and you want to redesign stylish web
content, you can rely on us. Helping more than
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possible time. To name what you can find us
suitable for - SEO-friendly web design and
development, UX and Ui design, social media
management, copywriting, internet marketing, SEO,
PPC and so forth. Over To You - Classic Or
Gutenberg Editor? When building a brand new
WordPress website, there are many decisions you
need to make. You have to choose themes, plugins,
web host, layout and what not. However, you must
not forget that you are also a decision-maker
for choosing your editing experience between
classic and Gutenberg editor. Thats because, at
the end of the day you want your site to stand
out from the masses and deliver a great
experience. Unfortunately, as I mentioned
earlier the Classic editor won't be here for much
longer time but for sites that often get
redesigned every few years, this editor is of
big help. You can take it up as an opportunity
to continue doing things in your way as you
always have been doing so long. For any queries
or concerns, you can visit our website and drop
us an email explaining your expectations from us.
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