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5 Benefits of PMP Course Online For Preparation in PMP


what the benefits of enrolling in the PMP course are online for preparations in PMP. With this blog, we aim at sharing the need for taking-up the PMP course online in your preparation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Benefits of PMP Course Online For Preparation in PMP

  • PwC, in one of their recent surveys, shared that
    project managers across the globe handles three
    fourth of the high performing projects. They
    added that organizations having more than
    one-third PMP certified managers have a better
    success rate than organizations have lesser than
  • PMI themselves in a recent survey have confirmed
    that by the end of 2020 around 15.7 million jobs
    will be generated for Certified PMPs. And this
    the reason why at present a certified PMPs
    average annual salary 109, 405. PMP (Project
    Management Professional) is a globally
    recognized certification that is offered by PMI.
    PMP as certification is popular amongst both
    professionals who are taking it up and with the
    organizations. Here are some reasons why
    recruiters while bringing a project manager
    prefer recruiting someone who is a certified PMP.
  • Clients of an organization prefer somebody who is
    a certified PMP It has been seen that nine in
    ten organizations prefer that a certified PMP
    leads their projects while getting it
    outsourced. And this is because a certified PMP
    works in a standard manner in carrying out the
    entire project and this is the only thing that
    makes them a reliable source.
  • Have a good understanding of the common language
    Concepts like the traditional and agile approach
    in carrying out the project is something that
    every Certified PMP is equipped with. This is
    only because it is a part of the PMBOK which is
    exclusively designed by the PMI. This even is
    reflected in the way a project is carried out,
    this makes a certified project manager more
    credible and a reliable source.
  • A certified PMP is high on self-motivation A
    project manager knows this that apart from their
    technical challenges other professional
    challenges may remain the same. This is so since
    a project manager most works with the same set of
    professionals in their team. Thus, the core team
    never changes for them and

when someone has spent years managing projects
with a single team they know what kind of
challenges they will be up against. This,
however, can be frustrating for professionals
beyond a point. However, project managers know
what they are in for and are highly
self-motivated to bring out the projects in the
desired manner. Thus, certification in PMP is
something that certifies that these
professionals dont break under pressure instead
they think at their feet and carry out their
plans in the right direction and ideal manner.
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  • Points like such have allowed organizations in
    developing a sense of trust in a certified PMP.
    Thus, there is a massive demand for certified PMP
    from organizations across industries.
  • With factors like such in play, a professional
    who is planning or is even thinking about taking
    PMP certification wishes to know everything about
    PMP certification before enrolling in it. Where
    amongst various important questions one of the
    most crucial and critical questions is what the
    benefits of enrolling in the PMP course are
    online for preparations in PMP. With this blog,
    we aim at sharing the need for taking-up the PMP
    course online in your preparation.
  • Here are some reasons that we think is important
    for somebody and thus, a professional should be
    taking up PMP Course Online for preparation in
  • Keeps a professional safe Of late with the
    Corona pandemic in motion nearly 900,000 people
    have lost their lives. And at a point like such
    when someone is trying to upskill themselves,
    theyre keeping themselves safe is equally a
    crucial task for them. Thats where the PMP
    course online is acting as a blessing in getting
    trained and certified in PMP certification.
  • Contributes to saving you time Since you are not
    bound to go to a specific training center you
    can save a lot of time traveling from one place
    to the other. This spares you with some time to
    spend with your family and friends.
  • Global access to the training Now that you dont
    have to spend hours of travel to attend the
    training. And, there is no need for you to stay
    in the best of your attires, thus, you can
    attend the training while traveling while
    boarding the train or while relaxing in a coffee
  • Keeps you calm After a hectic day at work
    professionals are usually found agitated and
    worked up. However, week-ends allow them in
    cooling things off

  • and develop a positive mind frame for the coming
    days at work. But if on the day when one needs
    to cool off they are busy hassling about things
    like traveling for the PMP training they tend to
    lose it beyond a point. Thus, the PMP course
    online helps you in staying calm without hassling
    about travel or any other circumstances.
  • Allows you to connect with your trainers While
    training for PMP certification, you are bound to
    have doubts. This can only be resolved by a
    trainer now thankfully PMP Course Online allows
    you to develop a connection with the trainers
    and get your doubts cleared.
  • With such factors in mind, I would personally
    recommend a professional to enrol for a PMP
    Course Online only with Mercury Solutions.
    Mercury Solutions has very smartly curated a
    course content for PMP Course Online where they
    have blended the official courseware with the
    smart add-ons like
  • Interactions with the trainers Mercury Solutions
    in their PMP Course Online has created a format
    for PMP aspirants where both the trainer and the
    applicant can interact with one another. This
    enables such professionals in getting their
    doubts cleared even in the middle of the training
    of online training.
  • Recordings of the training Mercury Solutions has
    created a Dashboard that has the recordings of
    every training session that is shared with an
    applicant within 24 hours of a training session.
    This allows a PMP aspirant to revise all that
    was taught in the PMP Course Online sessions.
  • Reference material and mock tests Mercury
    Solutions has created a dashboard for the course
    where you will get the recordings of the session.
    Also, here you will get some reference books
    (soft copy) to make your leanings better. Once
    your training is complete the dashboard will get
    updated with Mock tests. These tests will help
    you in getting a real feel of the PMP
    certification exam. Thus, by the end of it
    either you would have gained more confidence or
    have spotted your weaknesses.
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