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VFX Career Opportunities - Arena Animation Tilak Road


There are lots of career opportunities in VFX field. To take advantage of this opportunity; learn VFX course from Arena Animation Tilak Road. It is the best VFX institute in Pune. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: VFX Career Opportunities - Arena Animation Tilak Road

VFX Career Opportunities
  • Arena Animation Tilak Road

VFX Career Opportunities
  • Growing up as a child, we all have loved that
    arrangement period where our faculty used to take
    us to show us the animated cartoon mythological
    movies. For many dreamers, that was the place
    where their journey to the VFX and animation
    industry started. Just like animation, the VFX
    industry is also bursting at the seams. However,
    one should know that both animation and the VFX
    are entirely different terms and have their own
    dimensions. If you are a new aspirant, dreaming
    of making your name in the industry, then you
    definitely need to be enlightened about both the

  • The animation is related to 3D and 2D.  Modeling,
    Sculptor, Rigging, Animator, Match move, EFX are
    some of the departments in the 3D field. Talking
    about the VFX, we have departments like
    Rotoscope, Compositing, and Paint along with
    special departments like motion graphics, Story
    Boarding, and Matte Painting.

  • As a young mind, you need to get yourself
    enrolled in the VFX course, and if you are
    looking for the VFX course in Pune, Arena
    Animation is all that you need for your bright
    future. As a VFX professional, the career options
    open for you are enumerated below

Layout Artist
  • A Layout Artist you will be taking the call of
    how the visuals will look eventually. It is a
    part of the previsualization process and the
    pre-production as you will be creating templates
    and transforming the script and storyboard into
    the visuals. From scene creation to camera
    angles, everything falls under this.

Compositing Artist
  • As a compositor, your job will be to ensure that
    there is a seamlessness between the VFX and the
    live-action. A single visual disturbance can ruin
    the entire game. It will be you who will be
    preventing the viewing experience by merging
    visual effects seamlessly with the background in
    a way that gives no distraction.

Lighting Artist
  • It is a very crucial role in the entire process
    of storytelling, not just in storytelling but in
    any film production. You will be responsible for
    illuminating the perfect amount of light to
    depict every scene crystal clear. Therefore,
    having an understanding of the behavior of the
    interaction of light with the real-world with the
    visual effects is essential.

Rendering Artist
  • Rendering Artists are the most demanding
    professionals in production houses and
    influential VFX studios. Their job is to
    transform 3D models in real world-visuals. It is
    highly technical and delicate, similar to the
    lighting artists. The only difference is that
    they are responsible for turning an idea to a
    high quality visual.

Roto Artist
  • As a Roto Artist, you will have to identify and
    trace all those points and areas where CG meets
    real life. It is quite a complicated and
    imperative task as it provides the foundation for
    VFX. These traces and framework are the beginning
    point for the compositors.

Matte Painter
  • Ever wondered about how such unconventional
    beauties and places are given life in VFX films?
    Thats the magic of the Matte Painter. A highly
    creative job of turning beautiful and magical
    tapestries by taking references from sketches,
    photographs, and paintings or the references can
    be from anywhere else as well.

Match Mover Artist
  • As a match mover, you have to ensure the seamless
    integration between the generated graphics and
    the movements, proportions, and the live-action
    footage to make it look natural. You have to an
    expert in both 2D and 3D as you will have to work
    in tracking movements and CGI.
  • These are the VFX career opportunities. To take
    advantage of this opportunity learn VFX course
    from Arena Animation Tilak Road. It is the best
    VFX institute in Pune.

  • Arena Animation Training institute in Pune,
    imparts quality education in Animation, Web
    designing, VFX, Gaming Multimedia. A spirit of
    innovation has led the evolution of Tilak Road
    Pune Arena in to a veritable institution in
    Digital Media Training in India. Arena Animation
    provides best Animation Courses in Pune.

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