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Why poultry farm needed better ventilation?


Ventilation is a very critical system within a wide range of intensive agricultural opportunities, providing sufficient transport (addition or removal) of heat, cooling dew, unsafe gasses such as carbon dioxide and healthy gases, such as oxygen. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why poultry farm needed better ventilation?

Why poultry farm needed better ventilation?
  • What's the ventilation?
  • Why are Poultry Farms in need of better
  • Why is that important?
  • Fan EM 50
  • Cooling (Humidity) Pads
  • 36" Fan

What's the ventilation?
  • Ventilation is a very critical system within a
    wide range of intensive agricultural
    opportunities, providing sufficient transport
    (addition or removal) of heat, cooling dew,
    unsafe gasses such as carbon dioxide and healthy
    gases, such as oxygen.

Why are Poultry Farms in need of better
  • Typically, open poultry sheds are stretched to
    warm weather requirements that suit the comfort
    of a bird.
  • These types of sheds are usually characterized by
    roof coverings and low-level boundary walls
    and/or mesh, arranging little to no form of bird
  • At these points, ventilation systems, including
    some local heaters, are not used as needed.
  • Closed poultry farm sheds usually introduce a
    form of airflow, either actively or manually, in
    an effort to regulate the interior climate.

  • Chicken development, safety and nature are
    largely dependent on internal factors, which, in
    effect, are largely a feature of ventilation.
  • Ventilation criteria turn to atmospheric factors
    (temperature, humidity, air), chicken production
    and bird mass, shed size and airtight environment
    and, as such, need safety.
  • Temperature Management of Poultry House-
  • Cooling Pad and Exhaust Fan At this point, given
    all the possibilities, you may have noticed that
    cooling pads and exhaust fans are a must for any
    poultry field.

Why is that important?
  • Poultry feed is very high in fat / calories (same
    as the sugar content of chocolate cake, without
  • The energy in such feeds is used by birds to
    expand, to create more eggs, to fly, as well as
    to support the key functions of life (breathing,
    circulating blood, sustaining body temperature,
    immunity, etc.).
  • Although we consider birds to be very efficient
    animals, the true statement is that only 25 per
    cent of the calories in the food consumed are
    used for these functions, while the remaining 75
    per cent are put off in the form of heat heat
    the bird has to get rid of in order to maintain
    normal body temperatures and survive.

  • Many poultry farms are fitted with cooling
    systems consisting of some sorting of cool cell
    pads at one end of the field, and large tunnels
    attract fans at the opposite end.
  • For the key reason of their evaporative cooling
    practices, poultry farmers must have an
    appreciation of the interaction between
    temperature and humidity and the impact it has on
  • The partnership needs to be both straightforward
    and complicated.

  • Ventilation-The harm done by excessive heat may
    be catastrophic.
  • Heat stress causes severe pain to birds, and high
    temperatures may limit bird production.
  • Evaporative cooling is a very efficient way to
    minimize heat stress and can decrease the
    temperature inside the poultry house by 7 to 8
    degrees Celsius.
  • This can also be seen in the disparity between
    mortality and habitability.

Fan EM 50
  • The shutter is usually a vulnerable point for
    modern fans.
  • In this fan shutter, however, the system that
    uses the centrifugal energy generated by the
    propeller to open the shutter has the following
  • Counter weights are not needed.
  • Shutters are not completely opened while the fan
    is in service and are not disturbed by wind or
    dust accumulation.
  • Shutters will not stick or hang if they are not
    periodically cleaned.
  • Shutters are tightly closed when the fan is not
  • Because shutters are fully opened when the fan is
    operating shutter pressure drop is minimized.
  • Shutter waving never occurs.
  • Shutters are in galvanized steel, which is much
    stronger than ordinary aluminium shutter fan

Cooling (Humidity) Pads
  • Description As airflow moves the air, the device
    passes through a wet cooling pad, and the
    temperature of the air rises.
  • The energy that is lost in the evaporation of the
    water decreases the temperature of the air.
  • Evaporative cooling is a natural process and is
    used around the world for the following reasons

  • high temperature reduction
  • low energy use
  • low purchasing and installation costs
  • Good efficiency even in areas where water quality
    is poor
  • low maintenance costs

36" Fan
  • Air cooling fans are used to maintain good air
    circulation and temperature in poultry farms. Our
    36 "air circulating fans can be used for a
    variety of applications, such as poultry farms,
    industrial buildings, etc., providing high
  • Such fans are available in both single-phase and
    three-phase motor variants.
  • In order to achieve aerodynamic air flow, this
    fan is designed with a wide inlet and outlet
    opening and aerodynamic blade form to split the
    air at the inlet and distribute it uniformly
    around the flow area.

Advantages of 36" Fan
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Low running cost and Low noise operation.
  • Statically and dynamically balanced body,
    resulting in low vibration and good stability of
  • Considering the poultry use, these fans have been
    designed and made to sustain in dusty and moist
    environment in the poultry house.
  • Running on as low as 1/2 HP (370 W) motor with
    960 rpm, which can reach the air at a distance of
    about 50 feet.
  • ?It controls the mortality rate during the months
    of summer

  • Wire guard safety provided on both side of fan,
    and designed to restrict the entry of big rats
    into the fan resulting in no damage of fan
    rotating parts.
  • These air circulating fans have non-corrosive
    housing and based on advanced working principle.
  • Fan is portable and can be made to stand even on
    rough surfaces.
  • Ensures high performance and longer service life.

For more details
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