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The Future of Renewable Energy


The world is getting up from sleep, and thinking about the future of renewable energy. Now, we cannot rely on the non-renewable source of energy like fossil fuels because of the high energy needs of global. Burning of fossil fuel destroying the Earth’s environment and making air polluted that we breathe. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Future of Renewable Energy

The Future of Renewable Energy
The world is getting up from sleep, and thinking
about the future of renewable energy. Now, we
cannot rely on the non-renewable source of
energy like fossil fuels because of the high
energy needs of global. Burning of fossil fuel
destroying the Earths environment and making
air polluted that we breathe. Renewable energy is
the future of the world and also a step towards
making it better for living. People who are
moving towards a renewable source of energy are
increasing every year according to the reports
and analytics, but we cannot say how much more
time it will take. Keep reading to know more
about how you can make a better environment on
earth for future generations. With the help of
data and analytics, we can control the use of
fossil fuels and an increase in the use of solar
energy to make the air clean and healthy.
What researches say about renewable energy future?
50 expansion in renewable energy is expected in
the next five years according to the
faster-growing global supplies of renewable
energy. According to the data and analysis of the
international energy agency, in the last four
years solar, wind, and hydro projects are
rolling at the fastest rate. According to the
prediction of their latest report, a new dawn for
the cheap solar power could expect the worlds
solar capacity glow by 600GW, almost doubled the
electricity capacity installed in Japan. 1200GW
of renewable electricity is expected to grow in
the next five years, almost the equivalent of
the total capacity of electricity in the
USA. The world is producing 26 of the
electricity today from renewable sources of
energy but according to the reports and analysis
of international energy, the agency is expected
to be reached at 30-35 by 2024.
The international energy expects that solar
energy will play the biggest role in the growth
of renewable energy because the decreasing cost
is already below retail electricity prices in
most of the countries. It is expected that cost
of solar power could be declined by 15 to 35
by the end of 2024. With the strongest per capita
growth in Australia, the residential solar panel
in Brisbane is also expected to be increased to
more than double to reach around 100m rooftops
by the end of 2024. From where will we get the
Energy in the future?
Solar energy and wind energy are the two main
sources of renewable sources of energy and
growing very fast. In the future, solar cells
made of silicon are likely to be used to
decrease the initial costs and that could result
in a large number of
installations. Research on better and alternative
designs for a more efficient but less expensive
solar power system in Brisbane will be
continued. We could see the alternatives to
silicon appearing on solar farms and rooftops,
which helps to provide clean and pollution-free
renewable energy sources. An increase in bulk
manufacturing of solar cells with the best and
new technology can improve and increase the
possibility of making the cells more efficient
but less expensive. Geothermal energy is also a
source or a renewable option but is limited by
geography. It will not match and the same as the
wind and solar power in the future. It will be
important and a better option for the source of
energy for some suitable places. Solar energy
Many countries are ready to invest in or
investing in producing solar energy. Not every
country gets sufficient sunlight for producing
solar energy and this prevents them from
harnessing Solar Power
in Brisbane. Cooking, heating homes, and water
are the three most common applications of solar
energy. One of the major tasks is the storage of
solar energy. People use solar batteries to
store solar energy for the use of energy at night
but this system is quite expensive. Many solar
companies are working on new technologies to
reduce the cost of storing solar energy so that
use of solar power will increase in the future.
But still, there is some improvement needed in
storing the system. Increasing the maximum
efficiency is also a major task. The silicon-
based solar arrays give only 33 of efficiency
and it means more than half of the solar
radiation is not used in the process of
producing solar energy. Conclusion Be a solar
energy user and save the earth from making a
balloon of pollution that will burst if we
didnt stop burning non-renewable sources of
energy. By going Solar Power in Brisbane you are
creating a security circle around you and your
family. Using fossil fuel is destroying the
environment and that directly destroying your
health while you breathe because burning fossil
fuels increases the greenhouse gas emissions and
it releases carbon footprints in the air, which
cause global warming. Going towards solar energy,
you are taking a good step in cleaning the
environment and making a better environment for
the future generations.
If you cant afford a heavy and big solar power
system in Brisbane, dont worry start with the
small one. Use solar energy in the day time and
shift to the power grid at night. For sure, you
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electricity bills that make holes in your pocket
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