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Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Blackburn - Sleep Dream Smile


At Sleep Dream Smile, you can sleep through your dental fears and anxiety. At our award-winning dental clinic, you will be treated like a VIP, because you are. We aspire to excel every day and provide everything dental, all under one roof with sleep dentistry. Sleep Dream Smile follows the motto of comforting the highly anxious or scared patients with patience. With the help of our expert team, we handle complex cases with ease and assure you to leave you with a sparkling bright smile on your face. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Blackburn - Sleep Dream Smile

  • No one should ever go through life suffering
    dental anxiety or fearing visits to the dentist.
    The premise of Sleep Dream Smile is to be able
    to help patients who struggle to cope with normal
    dental procedures to have an option to be able
    to be gently put to sleep or have a general
    anaesthetic so that they can relax and be able to
    go through dental treatments. Our team has been
    handpicked, not only for their professional
    acumen and expertise in their field but their
    commitment to live by our principles of empathy,
    exemplary care and patients first philosophy.

Helping you navigate the complexity of sleep
dentistry all under one roof
We hope to be your partner on your journey to
optimum dental health and
preventive care for the rest of your life.
WHY CHOOSE US We treat people... not teeth.
Trust is the key to long term dental outcomes
for our patients and we never take this
responsibility lightly. With an ethical
treatment approach and phased treatment plans,
our patients are always in the driving seat when
it comes to making decisions about their dental
health. Our goal is to be a friend by your side
and help you make informed choices. Whatever
decision you make in the end, we will support
it. Our team consists of expert dentists with
experience and specialist anaesthetists who
prioritise patient safety and best outcomes for
them. We deliver treatment only after our
patients fully understand the risks, pros and
cons of all options.

100 TRANSPARENCY is our motto
Expert and Experienced dental team which can
deliver any treatment under Sedation and General
Anaesthetic All our dentists at Sleep Dream Smile
and Healthy Smiles are experienced and committed
to your best dental treatment outcomes. Highly
trained and cross referring to each other, we
make sure the dentist which is most suited to
your treatment needs, helps you achieve it.
Specialist of Anaesthetic Care Registered
specialist anaesthetists with experience in
dental treatments and handling of patients with
anxiety and phobias. Also advanced qualifications
in anaesthetics for children as young as 3 years
of age.
Medicare Rebates for Anaesthetic Services Up to
80 (Minimum 30) Medicare rebates apply to
anaesthetic fees as an out patient procedure at
Sleep Dream Smile. This means less financial
stress and upfront understanding of your out of
pocket expenses compared to going to a hospital.
Accredited dental practice - Quality in Practice
(QIP) for peace of mind for our patients in
regards safety and quality Healthy Smiles and
Sleep Dream Smile is an accredited practice and
adheres to strict quality control protocols when
it comes to management and delivery of dental
treatments for our patients. No stone is left
unturned when it comes to our patients expecting
the best from us. As such we will always treat
you as family.
Contemporary modern rooms with Specialised
Equipment to provide any dental treatment needed
- ALL UNDER ONE ROOF Sleep Dream Smile has been
fitted with the most advanced dental and
anaesthetic equipment to provide any complex
dental treatment, such as wisdom teeth removal,
All On 4 dental implants, dental
veneers/crowns/bridges, advanced gum treatment
and Root canal treatment all in one place
without you have int to go to multiple
specialists or dentists elsewhere.
Registered Facility with Anaesthetic
Accreditation from Department of Health and Human
Services (DHHS) One of the first Day Dental
offices to provide General anaesthesia for
patients for all kind of dental procedures from
3 year old onwards.

Less cost More convenience
General anaesthetic We all know how intolerable
dental visits are. The mere thought of making a
dental appointment for that nagging tooth ache
makes a fair few of us break into a sweat.
General anaesthesia is the absolute solution to
get rid of dental anxiety or phobia, in which
you need not deal with any kind of stress or
anxiety of being hurt. General anaesthesia is
basically performed by the specialist
anaesthetists at Sleep Dream Smile who also have
experience in hospitals and day surgery centres
with approved anaesthetic equipment. The centre
at Sleep Dream Smile is purpose built with
specialist anaesthetic and dental equipment
which helps us deliver general anaesthetic in a
controlled and regulated environment with safety
as the utmost priority for our patients. It is
one of the first specialised dental day surgery
centres in Melbourne registered with Department
of Health and Human services to deliver General
anaesthesia for patients suffering from dental
anxiety and phobia. Particularly, General
anaesthesia is administered by the registered
anaesthetist and then the dentist is allowed to
treat the patient. At Sleep Dream Smile, General
anaesthesia is required when major oral
treatments like tooth extraction, dental
implants, advanced gum treatment, major cosmetic
treatments and wisdom tooth removal are carried
The anaesthetist initially screens patients for
their medical health and suitability and then
puts patients to sleep gently, using a
combination of anaesthetic drugs based on the
duration of anaesthesias needed and your safety
parameters. Your treating dentist then completes
the dental treatment as planned, all while you
sleep. When you wake up, you have NIL memory of
the procedure and you take your time waking in
our recovery rooms. Once fully awake, your friend
or family member can take you home within
approximately an hour after the procedure.
Thats it, all done.
Most Suited for
  • People with dental anxiety or fear who find it
    hard to cope with any dental treatment in the
  • People with needle phobia / injections who cant
    keep still in the dental rooms.
  • Children under 12 years old, who need major
    dental work done and have dental anxiety issues.
  • People who have panic attacks in the dental chair
    when they hear the drill noise or feel like they
    are drowning with the water in their mouth.
  • Patients with severe gag reflex, unable to lie
    back in the chair or keep their mouth open for
    long periods, which prevents the dentist working
  • safely in the mouth.
  • Adults who need multiple major/complex dental
    treatment done in long appointments without the
    need for coming back multiple times.

Laughing gas Our clinic uses a single use
disposable nose piece to deliver laughing gas to
our patients and monitor the patient with a pulse
oximeter to assess oxygen saturation and pulse.
Children under 12 years of age are most suitable
along with adults with mild anxiety and phobias.
As is it is an analgesic, it also helps reduce
the pain and sensitivity during treatment . The
prerequisite to using laughing gas is the ability
to breathe through the nose comfortably. Due to
this reason, this treatment is contraindicated
for patients who suffer panic attacks , cant
tolerate the mask around the nose or have a cold
or some form of upper respiratory
disorder. Laughing gas is relatively safe and
most patients can drive home by themselves 30
minutes after the procedure.
Most Suited for
  • Young children under 16 who have mild dental
    anxiety and are able to tolerate the mask and
    breathe freely through their nose.
  • Short procedures under an hour where laughing gas
    can provide pain control and mild reduction of
  • Hygiene appointments to make it comfortable for
  • Simple extractions under 30 minutes.
  • Simple restorative procedures such as fillings
    (1-2 teeth)

Every form of sedation option available for you
Penthrox Green Stick Penthrox is often referred
to as the green stick and is also used by
ambulance officers to provide immediate anti
anxiety and analgesic effects in case of
emergencies and accidents. It is used in the
dental setting for similar benefits. The drug
used is Methoxy fluorane in low concentration and
is delivered as inhalation through the specially
designed green device with a very short duration
of action. It is quite safe to use as it is a
single use, one-off medication and is quickly
eliminated from the body with minimal side
Most Suited for
  • Initiation of a dental procedure to calm the
  • Short procedures under 60 minutes.
  • Patients with mild anxiety benefit from use of
    sedation via inhalation as it is easy to use,
    non-threatening and patients are in control with
    the device in their hand.
  • Please note you are awake during this procedure

We will never be like anyone else. We will never
be like anything else. We will always remain a
bunch of passionate, enthusiastic, empathetic
and analytical dental professionals whos sole
purpose is to do DENTISTRY DIFFERENTLY. Taking
the first step for you as a patient is the
hardest thing. From the time you make the phone
call, to completing your treatment with us, you
will be guided through the entire process by our
dentists and experienced treatment coordinators
who will make sure you are informed and cared
for each step of the way. From multiple
consultations to explaining various payment plan
options, insurance quotes and understanding
procedure details, we will always be here to
answer all your questions and help you navigate
the maze of sleep dentistry. When you need us,
we will be just a text message away. Thats our
Payment arrangements and deposit to lock in
date. Consultation with anaesthetist prior to
general anaesthetic.
2nd Consultation
1st Consultation Get to know you initial
consultation and digital radiographs.
With a trusted friend or family member. Discuss
treatment options and finalise plan along with
Diagnostic photographs and digital scans.
Thorough medical and health assessment.
Keep the problems away. Ongoing preventive care.
Consultation with anaesthetist prior to general
Review appointments and finalise minor
Complete treatment You sleep while we work.
Preparing for the big day.

Holding your hand..every step of the way
All On 4 dental implants is a fixed, long term
and predictable way of replacing ALL of your
missing teeth functionally and cosmetically ON
FOUR implants in as little as 48 hours. The
procedure originally developed in the MALO
clinic Portugal, has a very high success rate -
almost 98 when done with experienced hands and
certified laboratories.
Why Sleep Dream Smile for your All On 4 and
Dental Implants? All in One Place Sleep Dream
Smile has a team of experienced dentists,
specialist Anaesthetists and certified
laboratories all in one place so you dont have
to travel anywhere. Having In house general
anaesthetic facilities, means easy scheduling and
less out of pocket expenses compared to private
hospitals. In fact, we are the only dental clinic
in the Eastern region to have a speciality
dental general anaesthetic facility to service
the whole of the eastern region of
Victoria. Immediate Results With careful
planning, we endeavour to restore your smile in
as little as 48-72 hours after your procedure.
You will have your beautiful smile in the
shortest possible time. Nobel Biocare
Implants We use only Nobel Biocare implants which
are certified to be used in All On 4 implant
procedures. You are guaranteed originality along
with life time warranty on the actual implants.
Nobel Biocare implants are the only implant
system in the world which has been extensively
studied for an All On 4 procedure.

Always leading the way
with best outcomes and patient care
Trained Surgeons Our experienced dentists have
MALO All On 4 certification, having done their
advanced training from none other than Dr Paulo
Malo at the MALO clinic in Portugal, the
original creator of the All On 4 concept.
Computer Guided Surgery With the help of digital
3D radiographs and jaw scans, we can plan and
predictably place dental implants in the exact
position needed in 3 dimensions taking into
account your final smile, minimise trauma and
enhance recovery in shorter time frames. This
preplanning, also called key hole guided surgery
has revolutionised dental implant surgery and is
the most predictable and evidence based approach
to having dental implants.
Obligation free Initial Consultation We provide
an initial education session and assessment to
determine your eligibility for All On 4 and
dental implants, We want to ensure our patients
understand all their options so they can decide
whats best for them. By educating, we believe
our patients can make informed decisions.
Say Goodbye to Dental Fear and Anxiety We pride
ourselves on our empathetic and caring approach.
Having treated hundreds of anxious patients over
the past 16 years, the team at Sleep Dream
Smile, understands your need to be handled gently
and listened to. All our team members are
specially trained to provide quality dental care
personally tailored to your needs in a calming
and supportive environment.
Changing lives.. One smile at a time If you
have suffered trauma, broken, chipped, stained or
missing teeth over the years and want a one time
long term solution to your smile, there are
several procedures that can help restore your
confidence. It always starts with a digital
smile design and a trial for you to be able to
see the possibilities. There are a wide range of
treatments available under the banner of cosmetic
dentistry, from teeth whitening to porcelain
veneers and crowns to dental implants. Depending
on the severity of the problem, we will tailor a
treatment plan for you consisting of different
elements from our restorative and cosmetic
treatments to deliver a WOW result.

In Pursuit of Perfection
We will strive for excellence
process starts with initial consultation and
interviews. Each patient is unique and different
and there is no one solution that fits all.
Comprehensive photographs and 3D jaw scans with
an intra oral scanner helps us collect all the
information we need to start your digital smile
simulation on our smile design software. This
bespoke custom design of your smile is unique to
you. The 3D simulation helps us achieve what YOU
WANT, not what we want to deliver.
With your choice of sleep dentistry option
(General anaesthetic or otherwise) the entire
treatment is completed in a matter of hours and
the new provisional smile is transferred into
the mouth on the same day. Digital scans help
transfer the measurements to the laboratory in
real time and your final smile is then restored
with porcelain crowns/veneers within 2-4 weeks.
WE PLAN We then create 3D printed models of the
new smile and transfer the new smile with keys
into your mouth so you can see what the final
result may look like. For many, this is an
emotional appointment and we understand how
overwhelming it can be for some to see a smile
they had only dreamt of. We try multiple
configurations digitally until you are satisfied
with the outcome and we believe the smile will
enhance your face and give you your confidence
back. Once this is done, we then sit down and
work out a road map going over many options,
pros and cons and timeframes.
YOU SMILE Smile like you mean it. No more hiding
and covering up. A smile is the worlds most
powerful gesture. It reduces stress and makes you
feel great, which is why we also want to keep it
that way. We place a huge emphasis on preventive
care as it is the most important thing that will
keep the problems (dental decay and gum disease)
away. Active maintenance, along with diet control
and home oral hygiene measures should help you
avoid dental issues for a long time and help you
enjoy your new smile with confidence.
  • Dr. Ved Berani
  • Dr. Berani is a leading cosmetic and implant
    dentist and also the principal practitioner at
    Sleep Dream Smile. He is the co-founder of
    Healthy Smiles Dental Group and Sleep Dream
    smile and it has been his passion to change the
    face of dental delivery in offices so patients
    no longer have to dread visits to the dentists
    EVER. Treating patients with dental phobias and
    deep rooted psychosis associated with dental
    imagery, noise, smells and alike are his forte.
  • He is an accomplished clinician, undertaking
    continuous dental education and advancing his
    dental skills through achievement of the
    Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons and
    also Fellowship of the International Academy of
    Dento-Facial Aesthetics. Further he is a DSD
    (Digital smile Design) Member and Master Implant
    Clinician-gIDE which he has undertaken as part of
    continuous commitment
  • to excellent patient care. He is a member of
    Australian Society for the Advancement of
    Anaesthesia and Sedation and in Dentistry
    (ASAASD) which continuously works towards
    providing advancement in management of patients
    that need sleep dentistry.
  • He is an avid proponent of the Slow Dentistry
    movement and this philosophy helps him lead his
    team by imbibing the principles of
  • Patients first/take time to listen.
  • Painless Anaesthesia.
  • Transparent infection control.
  • Use of appropriate isolation/rubber dam when
    required for patient safety and comfort.

Dr. Claudia Beltran Associate Dentist (Oral
Surgery) Dr Beltran is a Colombian trained Oral
and Maxillofacial surgeon. She completed her
undergraduate studies and her post-graduate
training at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
with the degree of first-class
honours. Currently Dr. Beltran interests include
wisdom teeth extractions, complex extractions,
exposure of impacted teeth, implant surgery,
All-on-4 surgery and pre-prosthetic surgery.
Tim Scrivenor Registered Nurse Tim Scrivenor has
been a Registered Nurse since 2007 and has
worked in operating theatres throughout his
varied career. After undertaking a Post Graduate
Diploma of Perioperative Nursing at Deakin
University in 2009, he completed rotations in
scrub/scout and anaesthetics/recovery nursing at
Monash Medical Centre.
Dr. Rishi Mehra Specialist Anaesthetist Dr Rishi
Mehra is an anaesthetist, based in Melbourne at
the Alfred Hospital. He was trained through the
Austin Hospital and spent 18 months overseas in
Ontario at the University College Hospital (UCH)
in Canada. His is a senior lecturer with Monash
University, and was the convenor of the Monash
Perioperative Medicine Short Course (PMSC) for
2014 and 2015.
152 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South VIC 3130
1300 DENTAL 03 9877 2035 0420 676 456 www.sleepdreamsmile.c
Opening Hours, Mon-Fri 900am - 500pm
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