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Which brand is best for a modular kitchen at home?


There are many well-known brands for kitchen baskets such as pipelines, faucets, sinks, etc. You can gain one of multiple kitchen hardware fittings in every kitchen. There is no common or new kitchen left that doesn’t have this hardware installed. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Which brand is best for a modular kitchen at home?

Some Kitchen Hardware Fittings Are Made Forever
  • Hardware is a common name used for machines or a
    combination of two or more machines working in a
    coordination to lessen the human efforts for
    doing a job.
  • A kitchen is a best example of hardware
    coordination in any common house hold. Every
    kitchen has some kind of kitchen hardware
    fittings which are already in plan of use before
    finalizing the interiors. These hardware are

  • Pipelines are a hollow tubular cylinders hardware
    used to get the fresh water inlet in the kitchen
    and also to get the waste water out of the
    premises thru sewerage system. Some of the
    pipeline types used in kitchens are.
  • 1). Steel pipes are a twentieth century
    inventions and are most likely used in plumbing
    purposes under the kitchen walls and floors.
    These are used commonly because of their
    anti-corrosive nature.
  • 2). Copper Pipes are a very good heat conductors
    and are mainly used in hot water in lets to keep
    the water warm during its inlet from geyser to
    kitchen faucet.
  • 3). Aluminum Pipe are used basically for their
    ease of shape bending quality in corner faucets.
  • 4). Plastic Pipes are also anti corrosive and
    comparably cheap in installation. These are not
    recommended for heated water lines.

  • Faucets are commonly called taps and used to
    regulate the water and gas flow in the kitchen.
    Types of taps are.
  • 1). Carbon steel taps are a type of iron taps
    used commonly in previous kitchen models, these
    are still in use with antique designs.
  • 2). Alloy steel Taps are the modified version of
    carbon steel and are anti-corrosive in nature.
    These taps are more likely to be present because
    of ease of modulation in different designs.
  • 3). Cast Iron Taps are mostly used as a valve for
    the main pipe inlet and outlets.
  • 4). Aluminum Taps are made of aluminum and were
    most commonly in use in nineteenth century
    kitchens. These taps were more effective than
    previous iron taps.
  • 5). Brass Taps are made of brass alloys and are
    the most common taps in use because of its
    strength and corrosion less nature.
  • 6). Bronze Taps are made of bronze alloys and are
    famously bought for their looks and authentic
  • 7). Plastic Taps are the cheaper in cost and
    anti-corrosive. Their quality of modulation makes
    them popular in fixation and designs.

  • Sinks are used to wash vegetables and dishes and
    are an essential part of kitchen hardware. A few
    Types of Kitchen sinks can be described as.
  • 1). Stainless steel sinks are light in weight and
    easy to handle.
  • 2). Granite or stone sinks are mostly custom made
    and are a little heavy. These sinks need a strong
    base to be put on.
  • 3). Copper sinks are mostly used for decoration
  • 4). Fireclay or ceramic sinks are made of
    vitrified materials and are very easy to handle.
    Theses sinks are fragile in compare to steel and
    copper sinks.
  • 5). Glass sinks are most authentic and attractive
    sinks of all and are hard to fix.

  • Cabinets are the modern day required hardware for
    a kitchen. Cabinets can be divided in to
    categories as below
  • 1). Custom made cabinets are the cabinets built
    specifically for a desired place in a kitchen.
    These can be made of wood, MDF, PVC, Iron sheet
    or Aluminum depending upon consumers choice.
  • 2). Modular Cabinets are pre designed and factory
    built cabinets, these cabinets comes in different
    sizes and materials and are easy to fix as well
    as cheaper in price because of the quantity
  • 3) Fixed wall Cabinets are the cabinets made of
    bricks and are fixed permanently in to the
    kitchen walls. These cabinets usually have
    shelves made of bricks.
  • 4) Custom modular cabinet Custom modular cabinets
    are the cabinets with steel structure and are
    built specifically for a kitchen designed. These
    cabinets are as neat and clean as modular
    cabinets and as strong in strength as custom
    cabinets built and fixed as per customers

  • Hinges are a hardware that is used to fix doors
    in to the cabinets. They are usually of four
  • 1). Iron hinges are made of cast iron and are in
    use since fifteenth century.
  • 2). Brass Hinges are made of brass metals and are
    a little expensive but highly recommended for
    their strength.
  • 3). Aluminum Hinges are less responsive to heavy
    weight but are good anti-corrosive.
  • 4). Steel Hinges qualifies for anti-corrosion and
    heavy lifting both and are also cheaper than
    brass hinges.

Cabinet knobs
  • Cabinet knobs are used to open and shut the
    cabinet doors in a kitchen. These knobs comes in
    several different materials, designs and colors.
    A few of them are mentioned as below.
  • 1). Wooden Knobs are made of wooden pieces and
    f\having a screw in one end to get fixed in
    cabinet door.
  • 2). Iron Knobs were the very first knobs in use
    and are still available in antique designs and
  • 3). Stone Knobs are made of stones carved
    beautifully in shape to be held easily and are
    fixed with a screw on one end.
  • 4). Steel Knobs comes in different colors, sizes
    and shapes and are joint mostly on two sides.
  • 5). Ceramic knobs are molded knobs with a screw.

  • 6). Glass Knobs are made of glass. These are
    mostly transparent and gives a unique look to the
    cabinet doors.
  • 7). Plastic Knobs are light in weight and easily
  • 8). Brass Knobs are the antique ones with mostly
    carved up shapes on them.
  • 9). Aluminum Knobs are the cap shaped knobs and
    fixed on two sides.
  • You can find one of multiple kitchen hardware
    fittings in every kitchen. There is no
    traditional or modern kitchen left that doesnt
    have these hardware installed.

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