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History of the modern kitchen: What is the trend in kitchen cabinet 2020?


In this article, we have shared the History of kitchen cabinets goes back to the 18th century when people started to preserve meat by coating it with salt and required a cabinet to put the special meal about inside the cooking space. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: History of the modern kitchen: What is the trend in kitchen cabinet 2020?

How Kitchen Cabinets Evolved with The Time?
  • Kitchen cabinets are small furniture that are
    used to store all kind of food, kitchen ware,
    utensils and vessels. Some other essentials like
    water purifier, refrigerator and dishwashers are
    also fitted with cabinets nowadays to give
    kitchen a symmetrical interior design. Many
    designer kitchen accessories manufacturers
    provide kitchen cabinets in several designs.
  • History of kitchen cabinets goes back to 18th
    century when human started to preserve meat by
    coating it with salt and needed a cabinet to put
    the extra meal somewhere inside the cooking area.

  • By the early 1900 wooden furniture called as
    Hoosier cabinet came in to the market and sold
    over ten thousand cabinets per year. To speak of
    proper wooden and other integrated cabinets
    started to have places in kitchen came in to
    light in 1900 only after the first Hoosier
    cabinet introduced to the market. We can define
    some designs as per the time line after that like
  • 1910-1930 these were the times when the world was
    just about to move from basic needs to luxury
    lifestyle and started having different rooms for
    different needs like dining room, kitchen and
    pantry room to store the food and edibles. Most
    of the vessels and dishes were also stored in
    these places along with food.

  • 1930-1940 were the times of industrial age and
    this started mass production of almost every
    essential human needed to survive and show the
    status of their luxury lifestyle among society.
    This started an unannounced war of marketing
    which proposed people to have more and more
    useful essentials for their houses and specially
    kitchens. That was the time when people realized
    to have more use of their kitchen space which
    gave architects spaces to use wisely and so the
    designs of inbuilt cabinets came in light. These
    cabinets were smooth on upper surface and would
    usually be used to put essentials inside while
    could be used to work upon them. This also worked
    as the early models of modern-day kitchen

  • 1940-1960 were also called as post world war era
    of reformed designs and artifacts. The industrial
    age had begun with the start of world war two and
    so many inventions had been done by the
    government in war times basically in search for
    durable materials for weaponry systems and many
    more subjects. These inventions had no practical
    use once after the war was over and so many
    foundries redirected themselves from making
    weaponry systems to household products. Formica
    was one of the products introduced after world
    war era and was more durable and compatible then
    former micas used to put on cabinet tops. These
    Formicas were coated with ceramic kind resins and
    were easy to place on countertops. Improved
    designs of frameless cabinets were soon adopted
    all over the world and shaped the modern kitchen
    cabinet history.

  • 1960-1990 were the times when the world economy
    was grooming and prospering together with ease of
    travel after the invention of airplanes. New
    materials and designs were introduced almost each
    month by one competitor or another. It gave
    consumers a number of options to redesigning or
    decorating their kitchen spaces on different
    modules like space saving or expensive and
    attractive modules. Thick countertops and
    lightweight appliances for the high ceilings and
    integrated oven to get installed in to cabinets
    and larger fridge sizes to give more space for
    food storage.
  • 1990-modern days kitchen improved enormously with
    almost every material in use with millions of
    colors and designs. The choice of products is so
    many that no two kitchens in todays time can
    look exactly same if not chosen to be. From
    refrigerators to the tabletop stoves and
    dishwasher or oven choices. Everything and
    anything can be integrated with any color and
    design inside the kitchen cabinets. Pullout
    garbage cabinets hideaways or quietly shutting
    cabinet drawers. One can ask for anything he
    could think of having inside the kitchen and it
    is possible with small or almost no changes in
    the exterior designs.

  • Cabinets are usually made of hardwood but also
    the plywood and particleboards are commercially
    more accessible and in value for money segments.
  • Three most used types of cabinets are
  • Face-Frame Cabinets are the traditionally built
    cabinets with a frame made of strong materials
    like hardwood. It uses the frame to give the
    cabinet an accurate and desired shape and to make
    sure that the shape doesnt get deflected. It
    also gives a strong base to the hinges and
    mountings to be put on the walls easily. Covered
    with narrow strips or a lighter material to give
    it a proper style and color of choice face frame
    cabinets have a long and glorious history.

  • Frameless Cabinets are the mordent day cabinets
    which uses the most space available in modern day
    kitchen. Frameless cabinets gives the modern
    kitchen all those endless possibilities of
    maximum space with desired designs accessible at
    any place and space available.
  • Custom Cabinets are the cabinets built
    specifically to cover a specific space given by
    the customers. Theses cabinets are a little
    expensive than usual ready to fit cabinets
    available in markets. These cabinets can both be
    frameless and frame faced to make full use of the
    space available. You can get them from any
    supplier who deals in designer kitchen
    accessories throughout the world.

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