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Popular Prom Dresses Neckline


Popular prom dresses neckline: 1.Sweetheart/ Semi- sweetheart; 2.Straight; 3.Off-Shoulder; 4.Jewel; 5.Scoop; 6.V-neck; 7.Bateau / Boat Neck/ Sabrina; 8.Square; 9.Halter/ Halter Strap; 10.High Neck; 11.Spaghetti Straps; 12.Asymmetric / One Shoulder; 13.Queen Anne; 14.Illusion; 15.Cowl; 16.Grecian; 17.deep or plunging neck; 18.Crew – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Popular Prom Dresses Neckline

Top 18 Prom Dresses Neckline
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Sweetheart/ Semi- sweetheart
  • A strapless neckline that dips in the front,
    creating an outline that resembles the top of a
    heart shape. The side edges often converge on the
    neck, similar to halter necklines. Sweetheart
    necklines accentuate the bosom it is a appealing
    neckline and is ideal for giving the illusion of
    curves, a wonderful option for full-chest girls
    and look incredibly romantic, like this CUTE

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  • Straight neckline is a simple, strapless cut that
    flows across the chest. This neckline flatters
    many body types, but is especially nice on women
    with broader shoulders. This red prom gowns with
    straight neckline will make your prom night, your
    sweet 16 party memorable.

Off The Shoulder
  • Also known as Carmen neckline from Regency and
    Victorian Era and still popular today, a very
    feminine neckline which brings attention to the
    shoulder and neck. It sits below the shoulders to
    showcase collarbone and shoulders, with sleeves
    that cover part of the upper arm. Off-the-
    shoulder neck gives a sexy appeal without being
    too overt with show off the collarbone and the
    top of your arms.
  • It looks good on a variety of body types, but for
    those with slender shoulder this can look very
    appealing, and it is super flattering to medium
    or full-chested women. But if you are broad
    shoulder or got fuller arms, uncomfortable to
    bare your shoulder, you may not want to consider
  • We love this ultra-romantic flowy off the
    shoulder prom dresses

ultra-romantic flowy off the shoulder prom dresses
  • Jewel neck also called the T-shirt Neckline or
    crew neck, round and sit at the base of the
    throat where a necklace is worn. It is good for
    small-chested woman as it will make you look
    bustier. But if you are large-chested girls,
    avoid it, it will make them look bustier. Check
    this jewel neck short grey prom dresses.

  • Scoop neckline is rounded in the front, a curved
    U-shape, wider than the base of the neck, with
    the arms of the U hanging on the shoulders. The
    depth of the U can vary, ranging from demure
    styles to plunging. This scoop long wine prom
    dress is rounded in the front, creating a
    flattering, feminine effect. It is suitable to
    almost all body shapes, face shapes, depending on
    the depth of the neckline. Most of the body flaws
    can be camouflaged by this neckline for example
    a too wide shoulder can be de-emphasized with
    this neckline it can make a short neck look

Scoop Long Wine Prom Dresses
  • As the name says, V-neck dips down in the front
    in a V-shape, and sometimes as well in the back,
    originating from the Middle East. The depth of
    the V can vary too, ranging from demure styles to
    plunging. V-neck is usually paired with long
    sleeves or straps, and often a slimming option
    for many body types.
  • It is an almost perfect neckline that will look
    good on B or C cups, as far as I have seen, but
    for an apple body shape, it is a life saver. This
    V-neckline long purple prom gown can elongate the
    body, so it is the choice neckline for people who
    are short.
  • Anyone who have bigger or smaller cup B or C,
    V-neck maybe not a good choice.

V-neck Long Purple Prom Gowns
Bateau / Boat Neck/ Sabrina
  • Bateau neck also called boat neck or Sabrina
    Neckline, a high, wide, slightly curved neckline
    that follows the curve of the collarbone and
    hangs on both shoulders the bateau neckline
    features a wider opening reaches the shoulder
    line and sits very close to the neck, high in
    front and back, allowing your décolletage to
  • This neckline is also a royal favorite the
    Duchess of Sussex opted for an elegant bateau
    neckline for her walk down the aisle. It
    emphasizes the bust line so for most people this
    is a flattering style. It is a good neck design
    to choose with a pear shaped body with a small
    bust. But for those who well-endowed do not
    choose this one.

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  • these are characterized by three linear edges,
    the bottom edge meeting the side edges at right
    angles. The bottom edge cuts across the figure
    horizontally and the side edges pass over the
    shoulders. This neckline can be cut wider to show
    off more shoulder, or lower for a more modern,
    edgy look, and is often seen on gowns with straps
    or sleeves. This high low square prom dress is
    perfect for modern girls.

High low Red Square Prom Dresses
Halter or Halter Straps
  • The neckline features wide straps that wrap
    around the back of the neck, or a high neck with
    deep armholes or hook at the back of neck. It can
    features a V-neck or scoop front neckline with
    straps which wrap around and connect at the nape
    of the neck. it is great pick for girls who want
    to expose their shoulders, it look best on a
    broad shoulder or taller women. Halter necklines
    are stunning with backless as proven by this
    dramatic A-line halter prom gown. But it is not
    choice for narrow shoulder girl.

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High Neck
  • High neck is similar in appearance to a
    turtleneck, this refined neckline has become
    popular in recent years. High necklines hit at
    the base of the neck or above, offering the most
    coverage, it is a great option for girls who want
    to maintain a bit of modesty, but it doesnt mean
    stuffy, illusion netting and lace sheer details
    allow you to show some skin, too as seen on this
    short skater graduation dress. This sophisticated
    neckline is especially flattering for longer
    necks and faces its also a great option if
    youd like to accentuate your arms.

High Neck Short Skater Dresses
Spaghetti Straps
  • Spaghetti Straps neckline featuring thin straps,
    excellent for brides who want to show off their
    arms or rock a prom dress with a fabulous open
    back, like this green spaghetti straps open back
    prom gown.

Asymmetric / One Shoulder
  • This fashion-forward, asymmetrical neckline
    features a single strap that drapes diagonally
    across the chest nearly linear, usually from one
    shoulder to under the other arm. Depending on the
    style, a one-shoulder gown can feel glamorous,
    modern, or totally romantic, such as this mid
    length dotted one shoulder prom gown

Mid length Dotted One Shoulder Prom Dresses
Queen Anne
  • The Queen Anne neckline featuring a high collar
    in the back of the bodice but for the doed
    front it features a sweet heart neckline style,
    scoop or v-neck cut. It is choice of traditional
    bride, not popular for prom dresses.

  • Illusion neckline is compromise between a low and
    a high neckline, it combines a low (usually
    strapless) neckline with sheer fabric (sheer
    fabric or lace) along the top part of the bodice
    that extends to fit near the neck, thus creating
    a second, higher neckline offers more coverage
    and support. The neckline can be as detailed and
    unique as the girls, good for everyone like this
    illusion sweetheart short prom gowns.

Short Illusion Sweetheart Prom Dresses
  • A cowl neckline is one of those different types
    of necklines that have a bunched up circle of
    fabric around the neck and looks a bit like a
    scarf, only its attached in one piece to the
    dress or top and has no ends hanging down. This
    type of neckline would be fine if you have a
    large or small bust as it tends to cover or add
    volume to the are.

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  • This type of neckline comes out from underneath
    the arms to the center of the chest and is
    twisted one hundred and eighty degrees and then
    tied behind the neck like a halter strap. Grecian
    neckline is perfect for voluptuous women
    especially if the dress itself lends itself to
    the toga style. This style is rarely seen in
    modern times but it is romantic like this blush
    pink grecian prom dress

Blush Pink Grecian Long Prom Dresses
deep or plunging neck
  • These are low necklines, in either V, U or square
    shapes, that reveal various amounts of cleavage,
    and some even extending to the natural waistline,
    LIKE this sequin plunging prom party dress.

  • It is a round neckline which sits close to the
    neck, similar to Jewel neck, typically seen in
    t-shirts too. It is not a suitable neckline for a
    stocky figure with short neck, as it will make
    the neck closed in, or a person with a very large
    bust or a person with narrow shoulders. A person
    with thin long neck can look good in the
    neckline. You will love this red mermaid prom
    dress I am sure.

Long mermaid prom dresses with crew neckline
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