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Furnished Apartment For Rent In Addis Ababa- In Convenient Yet Quiet Residential Neighborhoods


If you have decided to rent a furnished apartment, go to Ethiopianproperties.com–the No. 1 real estate portal in Ethiopia since 2008. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Furnished Apartment For Rent In Addis Ababa- In Convenient Yet Quiet Residential Neighborhoods

Furnished Apartment For Rent In Addis Ababa- In
Convenient Yet Quiet Residential Neighborhoods
Every expatriate wants their moving experience to
be smooth and stress free. Whether you have done
it before or not,determining what kind of
accommodation and which location would be
suitable to your needs is not always straight
forward because it depends on many city and
country-specific factors. That is why it is
highly recommended for expats moving to Addis
Ababa to find a professional and trustworthy real
estate agency, which can provide them with the
necessary guidance.
The Ethiopian real estate market offers a wide
range of accommodation options from lavishly
furnished apartments for rentin Addis Ababa to a
beautiful vacation house on a lake shore not far
from the capital.This article will discuss the
furnished apartment market in Addis Ababa
briefly.Findinggreat furnished apartments for
rent in Addis Ababa, thanks to the construction
boom in the city in the last decade,is not as
difficult as it used to be a few years ago.
Whether you need a short-term or long-term lease
or you are in a situation where youre not quite
sure of how long you want to stay in Addis Ababa,
renting a furnished apartment can be a more
preferred option for you to leasing a
villa.Renting a villa in Addis Ababa comes with
some serious obligations that you might not be
ready to handle.
Renting a standalone house means that you have to
hire a gardener to carefor the garden every few
days at least two security guards who work on
shifts a maid who keeps the house and the
premisesof the property neat and tidy at all
times. You will also be charged with the
responsibilities of paying utility bills such as
power, water and telecom bills every month. This
means that you will need to make at least3
unnecessary trips to the respective officesof the
individualutility companies and stand in long
linesto settle your bills. However, if you rent a
furnished apartment in Addis Ababa, you will be
spared from having to deal with almost all of
these because it is the landlords responsibility
to provide you with 24/7security, internet
connection, common area cleaning, garbage
disposal, and payment of utility bills. The other
advantage a fully furnished apartment for lease
in Addis Ababa offers is that you wont have to
spend a fortune on furniture purchases, which is
a must if you were to rent a villa (villas
usually come unfurnished). Good quality furniture
is quite expensive in Ethiopia as most of it is
imported from Europe and Asia.Locally
manufactured furniture is yet not up to
international standards. You may think that you
could use a duty-free privilege you are entitled
to as a diplomat(if you are one) to import your
furniture but that usually takes 4-6 months to
arrive, which means that your hotel bills will
skyrocket while waiting for your furniture.For
these reasons, furnished apartments have become
so popular among expats moving to Addis Ababa for
long or short stays in the last 3 to 5 years. As
the level of furnishing, size, finishing
quality,and location vary greatly, the prices of
furnished apartments for rent in Addis Ababa also
vary a lot.In general, there are good furnished
apartments, which go for anywhere between 1,000
to 5,000 per month. Professional real estate
firms like Ethiopian Properties can assist you in
identifying and securing a lease on the option
thatwould be the best fit for your pocket and
comfort. Below is a more general information on
the concept of furnished apartments that could be
handy for anyone looking to rent one in Addis
  • What Is a Furnished Apartment?
  • Perhaps the furnished apartments in Addis Ababa
    have no such clear standard. Some are entirely
    furnished, whereas some are partially-furnished.
    Mostof the furnished apartments you find in Addis
    are usually equippedwith the basics, which
    include beds, mattresses, dresser, kitchen
    appliances, living room furniture, and bathroom
    necessities. Where that is the case, it is always
    wise to ask the landlord whether he can provide
    you with all the missing elements or not before
    you sign a contract. That usually induces them to
    meet all your needs and you dont have to procure
    or move furniture during your entry or exit.
    There are also fully furnished apartments, which
    go above and beyond the basics and provide things
    like curtains, carpets,blankets, sheets,and even
    utensils. Here are a few advantages of renting
    furnished apartments.
  • Lower upfront cost The price of furniture in a
    landlocked country like Ethiopia, which has to
    import it from abroad, can be mind boggling.
    Renting a furnished apartment for rent in Addis
    Ababa will sure save you a lot of money. Check to
    see which option fits best with your budget at
  • Easy moving Moving to a new home with a couple
    of boxes and your suitcases make your relocation
    easy and hassle-free. You neither have to hire a
    moving company or hear complaints of your family
    members and friends about back problems they may
    get as a result of carrying heavy furniture.
    Instead, everything will be in the right place
    when you enter your new home.
  • Flexibility Furnished apartments are perfect for
    people who have to relocate for jobs or business
    every few months or for students who spend a few
    months in Addis Ababa to do an internship.

  • Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a
    Furnished Apartment In Addis Ababa
  • Do you have the list of the furnishings in the
  • Ambiguous descriptions of furnishings can be
    misleading. You probably may not have time to
    wait until you can see things. It is also
    impossible if the furnished apartment for rent is
    in the highly competitive area of Addis Ababa.
    Ask the property manager to provide the list of
    furnishings that come with the apartment. It will
    allow you to compare it with the rent of other
    furnished apartments for rent. If youre moving
    from another state or overseas, then viewing the
    apartment before moving can be impossible, ask
    the landlords and property managers to email you
    the detail list for furnishings and appliances to
    keep everything transparent.
  • Are there any other items included besides
  • Most furnished apartments in Addis Ababa provide
    furniture and appliances, such as couch, coffee
    tables, beds, dining table, chairs, coffee
    maker,lamps, televisions, toaster ovens,and much
    more. The furnished apartments for rent in Addis
    Ababa act more like mini-hotels for almost all
    tenants( Both short-term and long-term) except
    they come with added benefits and extra comfort.
    That is why they are also suitable for business
    travelers who need to spend a few weeks or months
    in the city.
  • Do you charge a separate fee for using the
  • In general, Ethiopianlandlords are likely to
    charge you a single rent for any kind of
    furnished apartment for rent in Addis Ababa.
    There shouldnt be any distinctive charges for
    the furnishings. The rent charged by the landlord
    usually covers everything to recoup costs on
    their investment for the furniture. You are
    required to pay only the security deposit, which
    you will get back when you move out.The standard
    security deposit is normally not more than one
    months rent.But it doesnt hurt to check with
    the landlord just in case.

How to look for Furnished Apartments in Addis
Ababa If you have decided to rent a furnished
apartment, go to Ethiopianproperties.comthe No.
1 real estate portal in Ethiopia since 2008.
There, you can find the most comprehensive and
the longest selection of furnished apartment
options in Addis Ababa. All you have to do is use
the filter to search for your dream apartment in
your desired location, contact a representative
of Ethiopian Properties, who can assist you with
the paper works and start a new chapter of your
life in your new home!
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